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Embedding perl into HTML files like JSP or php


Is there a way to embed Perl programs in HTML the way PHP can do?


  • HTML::Template
    Simple, does a good job of separating the content templates from the application logic; not as flexible as some others
  • HTML::Mason
    Puts the Perl right in with the HTML, like PHP does. This makes it very popular with some people, but is seen by others as defeating the purpose of using templates to begin with -- the idea being that you should always keep logic & presentation strictly separated.
  • Template::Toolkit
    Probably the most flexible framework, TT can be tuned to work in modes similar to both HTML::Template and Mason, and more. It's also suitable for non HTML/WWW work -- generation of about any kind of document, from ascii to LaTeX to PDF to Word & Excel, either dynamically on demand or statically in batches. TT is nice...
  • Embperl
    This one I don't know much about, but some people like it.

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