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Craigslist Scams

A reader emailed me that a person tried to scam him. The reader had offered a room for rent. Someone emailed him, stating to come from the UK.

I don't know the exact offer, but scammers on Craigs List work like this:

  1. You want to rent the room for $500/month
  2. They offer to pay $1200 (first + last month, plus $200 overpayment)
  3. You will get the $1200 per Fedex or UPS, as a cashier's check or money order
  4. Then they ask you to send the $200 to a friend whom they owe the money. You are supposed to send the money to that friend with Western Union or Moneygram
  5. You use your own $200 for this
  6. Your $1200 check bounces (it was FAKE!)

You just lost $200.
And your bank is angry at you for depositing a fake check.
The smallest problem would be a $30 fine for depositing a "bounced" check. Worst scenario: you get arrested for this.

There is a slim chance that the person is real, but if he offered to send money upfront, I bet it's a scammer.

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