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This category lists scammers who pretend to be single men and scam women, usually out of money. The typical story is a wealthy businessman who got somehow stranded in Nigeria and needs your financial aid to be able to come back to his home country where he promises to marry you.


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Dating scammer Mike Simpson

Name: Mike Simpson


101 King's Gate, Aberdeen City Scotland AB10 4YN (wrong mailing code at end of course)

Other Comments:
I met Mike Simpson on He fits the typical scammer profile. He is supposedly from Harrisonburg, Virginia, but is currently living in Aberdeen Scotland as a chemical engineer for Chevron. He has a 14 year old daughter, Marie Simpson, who goes to boarding school in Lyon, France. I even received a few emails from her ( Their birthdays are June 6. He gave me the story that he was widowed. His wife, Dian Simpson, died in a car crash 3.5 years ago. He said he was part Italian (to account for the accent on the phone) and that he spend the first five years of his life in Milan, Italy. He said he never knew his father and that his mom raised him singlehandedly (he had her last name). The mother died many years ago of cancer.

Not long after we started to IM and phone each other, he went on an oil rig off the coast of Scotland. When he got off, he was suppose to come for a visit, but kept delaying because of an investment he needed to take care of. He eventually asked for money to help him because this investment he made in petroleum chemicals was stuck in customs and he needed $22k to get them out. He had mortgaged his house to the hilt and (horrors!) might have to sell his Range Rover to cover it, but that would only net him $10k. When I refused, he tried to put a guilt trip on me. I ceased all contact with him. Obviously, the picture I attached was lifted off of some poor guy's profile and used.

contact info:
IP address
ISP ORG-SA57-AFRINIC-20050513, Assigned to Lagos dial-pool customers
Country Nigeria Nigeria

His telephone number is 011-447-045786066 (UK cell phone #)

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