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How to find the best available domain name

You have this idea for an online business and you just need to find the right name to get it started. It can be a challenge to build an online identity.

In selecting your domain name (that is hopefully an available domain name), you have 3 strategies:

  1. it can match your existing business.s name (, if you have already yourself offline
  2. your specific product or type of business ( . this may be difficult because in the dot-com boom years, people bought all kinds of names already
  3. or just a cool snappy word (

The objective is to find an available domain name that gives people intuitively ideas about what kind of business you are in. You can start by making a list of the products / services you offer and think a bit into the future (you will try to stay with that name for years, and your business may expand - so a generic name is good!
If you go with the 3rd strategy - the cool snappy word - then make sure that your word does not mean something offensive in other languages or cultures. Remember that the Internet is a global market, and what you consider allright may be offensive to another culture, even if they speak the same language.

Another strategy is to look on the internet for what already registered domain names become available right now (because the owner forgot to renew or is no longer interested).

Once you have established your domain, follow these steps to keep it yours:
  • Get a trademark registration to minimize the risk of loss (in other words, before you register, make sure you are not going to violate an existing trademark!)
  • Keep your Whois information current
  • Check your Whois and DNS information frequently
  • Make sure to pay your registration fees on time

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