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Name: Vincent.J.Fogarty

Email: (Removed upon request)

(Removed upon request)

Telephone No/s: (Removed upon request)

Other Comments:
Vincent J Fogarty is a 53/54 year old New Zealand currently residing in XXX,YYY & has done so for approximately 5 years. For the last several years Mr FOGARTY has being presenting himself as a Diplomatic Representative/Agent for the Bougainville Government in Thailand referring to himself as 'His Excellency & Honourable Vincent J Fogarty' He claims his appointment was authorised by Bougainville's Royal King, King Pei 11 who is a close friend.
Mr FOGARTY has been endeavouring to get different parties involved in an alleged US$1.0 million business he states he owns called FTLOM Inc/Tile Lite Co Limited on the basis whoever buys into the Company must purchase at least a 24 percent shareholding valued at over US$70000 while he retains a 25 percent shareholding-the remaining 51 percent shareholding to be held by a Thai citizen/National friend of his.
Mr FOGARTY we understand works as a part-time English Teacher & does not appear to be financially stable.
The Bougainville Government has confirmed the following:
(i) Mr FOGARTY is definitely not one of their legal Representatives or Agents, never has been.
(ii) King Pei 11 who FOGARTY states gave him his Diplomatic appointment is locally known criminal/fraudster & conman residing on Bougainville.
(iii) Pei's real name is Noah MUSINGKU.
(IV) MUSINGKU has previously set up a huge Ponzi scheme on Bougainville known as U-Vistract & in that time, has defrauded a large number of Bougainville residents along with overseas people of millions of dollars.
(v) MUSINGKU apparently has Agents operating around the world to operate on his behalf & administer U-Vistract.
(vi) Mr FOGARTY claims to have set up a legal Bougainville based Company which was authorised by MUSINGKU called FTLOM Inc (in his words 'For the love of money')
Mr FOGARTY in his attempts to sell the shareholding in IFLOM Inc or any of his other Companies produces an assortment of allegedly legal documentation supporting both the fact the Companies exist & also the fact anyone who invests in his Company will reap huge rewards after 12 months.
Going through Mr FOGARTY's documentation, the best the majority of the information supplied in these documents would be best described as is farcical.
If approached by Mr FOGARTY do a full and aggressive review of any documentation he provides as the documentation will not get past Step 1.
Mr FOGARTY could best be described as suffering from extreme delusions of grandeur whilst appearing to be very plausible & knowledgable.
Anything FOGARTY states should be treated with the greatest of caution as any monies paid to him may well be the last you will ever see of it.
Any deals with FOGARTY will be a huge risk.

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2015-03-01, 06:55:33
DOC from United States  

2015-03-02, 14:07:52
2015-02-26' 06:21:32 'His Excremency' speaks
2015-06-28, 12:38:32
Photo uploaded by Peter Tiemann - Site Admin
2015-06-28, 19:46:09
DOC from United States  
Photo uploaded by me! I am NOT Peter Tiemann! Your such a idiot Fogarty !!!!
2015-09-09, 17:57:16
FOGARTY's photo brings back memories of another seriously self deluded scammer & conman-Idi Amin from Uganda.

Wonder how much it cost FOGARTY to hire that uniform from the Costume Shop!

2015-09-09, 22:26:48
Miss Marple from United States  
According to Vincent J Fogarty:

Bragging rights:
Original Inventor of the ADA Tile (1990) and more recent the 'InfoPath' Tile.

According to Wikipedia:

The original tactile paving was developed by Seiichi Miyake in 1965.[1] The paving was first introduced in a street in Okayama city, Japan, in 1967. Its use gradually spread in Japan and then around the world.


Originally instituted at pedestrian crossings and other hazardous vehicular ways by countries like Japan, the United Kingdom and Australia, among others, the United States picked up the standard in the early 1990s, after passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Canada started incorporating the use in transportation first in the 1990s then added them to the built environment in early 2000s.

2015-09-11, 05:54:58
that ma is a scammer i have mails and numbers pictures etc...

2015-09-11, 09:08:39
[hidden] from Indonesia  
SAYA PAK,ANTON INGIN BERBAGI CERITA KEPADA KALIAN SEMUA ,dulunya sy seorang guru honor yg hidup susah dan banyak hutan ,krn gaji yg tdk cukup untuk menghidupi ke luarnga sy ,ahirnya sy coba untuk menghubungi AKI MUPENG dan dgn senang hati AKI mau membatu sy untuk memberikan angka hasil ritualnya ,dan angka yg diberikan AKI MUPENG benar-benar terbukti tembus dan saya mengucapkan banyak terimakasih kepada AKI MUPENG yang telah menolong saya dalam kesulitan ini tidak pernah terfikirkan dari benak saya kalau nomor yang saya pasang bisa tembus dan ALHAMDULILLAH kini saya sekeluarga sudah bisa melunasi semua hutang2 kami,sebenarnya saya bukan penggemar togel tapi apa boleh buat kondisi yang tidak memunkinkan dan akhirnya saya minta tolong sama AKI MUPENG dan dengan senang hati AKI MUPENG mau membantu saya..,ALHAMDULILLAH nomor yang dikasi AKI MUPENG semuanya bener2 terbukti tembus dan baru kali ini saya menemukan dukun yang jujur,jangan anda takut untuk menhubungiya jika anda ingin mendapatkan nomor yang betul2 tembus seperti saya,silahkan hubungi AKI MUPENG DI nomor 0852 9445 0976 ,INI KISAH NYATA DARI SY TEMAN” ,terima kasih
2015-09-11, 22:41:44
Another photograph of FOGARTY he's such a prize idiot apart from being a scammer as it's obvious this photograph is a PHOTOSHOP or similar product, you only have to look at the Bahasa on the frame along with the background where the picture is supposedly sitting.

2015-09-12, 15:40:34

I was contacted via (not their fault). He used the ITSMYTIME as a header and says and writes taht his name is RAYMOND PORTLAND.

At first, I fell for his story.

He wants to email you directly because his membership was going to expire. That is ANOTHER HINT he is not legit.
He says he is a widower with a son, Christopher who is attending Oxford in England and his mum is in England as well and older and alone but name says her name or the city in England that she lives in. ANOTHER HINT.

He states that he is an ARCHITECT/DESIGNER/CONTRACTOR and that he has designed and built beautiful high end homes for over 26 years. He kept reiterating that his wife died in a terrible car accident 3 years prior and he was lonely. He never mentioned her name. ANOTHER HINT.

He his very proper, well spoken, gentle and kind during our conversations.

ISSUES that raised RED FLAGS:

#1/Never sends more pictures when you ask for them. ANOTHER HINT
#2/Keeps putting off meeting. ANOTHER HINT
#3/Says he must travel immediately. He had to leave to Milnerton, Cape Town, South Africa because he got a contract to design a new school and hospital. PLAUSIBLE
#4/The email with a copy of the award letter says RAYMOND PORTER not RAYMOND PORTLAND. ANOTHER HINT
#5/Not found anywhere on social media with any variations of the 'NAME'. IF he is a well know architect he would have shown up and there would be pictures as well of himself and mention of his work. Everyone leaves a foot print somewhere on the internet. ANOTHER HINT
#6/The son, Christopher doesn't appear anywhere on social media sites. REALLY? All kids live there. ANOTHER HINT
#7/Time frame to fly from home base to South Africa did not match up. ANOTHER HINT.
#8/Never mentions the name of airlines or hotel. ANOTHER HINT
#9/States he TRUSTS you and asks you to TRANSFER monies from an investment account and keeps asking for the balance. ANOTHER HINT
#10/Asks you to use YOUR CREDIT CARD/MONIES and he will reimburse you. HUGE HINT

A) Took snap shots of all his account information, including the transaction history.
B) Checked public record. Address on this so called INVESTMENT account, not his, telephone number disconnect, his bank representative's telephone number was disconnected.
C) Used social media to reach the names that appeared on the transaction history of his INVESTMENT account

When he asked me to purchase 5-IPHONE 6 units for him and I said NO, his demeanor and tone changes and he became ANGRY, UPSET, FLUSTERED. ANOTHER HUGE HINT

Keeps reassuring you that MONEY is not a PROBLEM and to LOOK at his account for the balance repeatedly. ANOTHER HINT

OBVIOUSLY...I KNEW HE WAS A SCAMMER. MY INTUITION TOLD ME SOMETHING WAS NOT RIGHT FROM THE VERY BEGINNING. I told him okay and that I would be leaving to make the purchase.

I BLOCKED HIS EMAIL: and his cell numbers as well.



Best of luck and I hope this may help someone.

2016-09-03, 13:38:32
Michael Lockett is probably wishing he never opened the blog about Vincent Fogarty - His RExcellency has benefited both financially and through recognition on the the internet - after all if no one writes anything bad about you how can you be real !!!
All you have people have done is high lite what he wants - Ignoring him would have served you better
2016-10-27, 20:59:07
C'mon, Vince. You are delusional scum. What happened to you when you were young, or perhaps it's genetic?
2016-11-28, 22:42:29
anonymous from United States  
Hey, Vince, are you kneeling on the tiles you supposedly developed 30 years ago, while wearing the same fruit boots I always saw? Get a new con!
2016-12-04, 21:17:12
Fogarty is a dangerous and conniving fool who hurt a lot of people in the States. No one in Thailand should trust him. He is there because he had no place to turn in the States without exposure and no one with any money to screw, because technology has gotten so good and they would do a background check that showed most everything.
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