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Name: Vincent.J.Fogarty

Email: (Removed upon request)

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Other Comments:
Vincent J Fogarty is a 53/54 year old New Zealand currently residing in XXX,YYY & has done so for approximately 5 years. For the last several years Mr FOGARTY has being presenting himself as a Diplomatic Representative/Agent for the Bougainville Government in Thailand referring to himself as 'His Excellency & Honourable Vincent J Fogarty' He claims his appointment was authorised by Bougainville's Royal King, King Pei 11 who is a close friend.
Mr FOGARTY has been endeavouring to get different parties involved in an alleged US$1.0 million business he states he owns called FTLOM Inc/Tile Lite Co Limited on the basis whoever buys into the Company must purchase at least a 24 percent shareholding valued at over US$70000 while he retains a 25 percent shareholding-the remaining 51 percent shareholding to be held by a Thai citizen/National friend of his.
Mr FOGARTY we understand works as a part-time English Teacher & does not appear to be financially stable.
The Bougainville Government has confirmed the following:
(i) Mr FOGARTY is definitely not one of their legal Representatives or Agents, never has been.
(ii) King Pei 11 who FOGARTY states gave him his Diplomatic appointment is locally known criminal/fraudster & conman residing on Bougainville.
(iii) Pei's real name is Noah MUSINGKU.
(IV) MUSINGKU has previously set up a huge Ponzi scheme on Bougainville known as U-Vistract & in that time, has defrauded a large number of Bougainville residents along with overseas people of millions of dollars.
(v) MUSINGKU apparently has Agents operating around the world to operate on his behalf & administer U-Vistract.
(vi) Mr FOGARTY claims to have set up a legal Bougainville based Company which was authorised by MUSINGKU called FTLOM Inc (in his words 'For the love of money')
Mr FOGARTY in his attempts to sell the shareholding in IFLOM Inc or any of his other Companies produces an assortment of allegedly legal documentation supporting both the fact the Companies exist & also the fact anyone who invests in his Company will reap huge rewards after 12 months.
Going through Mr FOGARTY's documentation, the best the majority of the information supplied in these documents would be best described as is farcical.
If approached by Mr FOGARTY do a full and aggressive review of any documentation he provides as the documentation will not get past Step 1.
Mr FOGARTY could best be described as suffering from extreme delusions of grandeur whilst appearing to be very plausible & knowledgable.
Anything FOGARTY states should be treated with the greatest of caution as any monies paid to him may well be the last you will ever see of it.
Any deals with FOGARTY will be a huge risk.


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2013-11-12, 10:02:49   (updated: )
[hidden] from Indonesia  

2013-11-12, 10:02:49   (updated: )
[hidden] from Indonesia  

2014-06-06, 12:03:28
anonymous from Thailand  
This blog was writen by Mr Michael J Lockett from Lockett Group New Zealand Ltd.
Mr Lockett seem to be rambling about a failed business trip made by him to Bangkok Thailand where he failed to meet his promisses and obligation in a business formation.
Instead Mr Lockett chose to stay in his hotel with a prostitute for four days and not attend the business meetings. I have also learned that the prostitute has HIV !!!!
Which means Mr Lockett needs to be truthfull with his wife
2014-06-09, 19:11:46
anonymous from Thailand  
WoW This guy Michael Lockett must be an IDIOT to make acusations against such powerful people He obviously has not talked to his lawyer about the Vienna Convention that protects these people from guys like him .
Has the prostitute tried to contact him so he can go get help there are treatments for HIV and yes I agree he should man up and tell his wife
2014-06-10, 00:23:05
anonymous from Thailand  
2014-06-10, 00:25:15
anonymous from Thailand  
2014-07-18, 12:37:17
anonymous from United States  
Sounds the same as a scam Fogarty engineered to defraud investors in the LA (California) area. He took their money (last name of one family is Geffen, I believe, nice folks), and used it to open a business in Conyers, GA (Project Design USA). The investors were defrauded, and the equipment, including 210 and 280 ton moulding machines, wire EDM, sinker, mills, etc. (mostly Mitsubishi equipment sold by Tommy Thompson, who lost a lot) was never paid for, and almost no work was ever done, even though the equipment was stellar for the times and the business could have been an amazing success - the equipment sat still for a couple years, save the very occasional odd project. EVERYONE in business with him lost everything they put in. Tell us, Vince, how did you find your way to Thailand from the States, and to the US from New Zealand before that? We felt sorry for your former wife, Margaret, and the abuse and demands she endured from you.
2014-07-26, 05:07:27
Robin Geffin ( VitaBlend ) invested in Project Design USA, He presented himself as a credible business man. Robin Geffin was arrested for drug related offences and put in prison. with out his support the company failed as he had promissed as part of the agreement. Mr Tommy Thomson never lost a penny he was paid his commission for selling the machines and he made money on the resale. Geffins family through a hostile illegal move tried to close the company without going through the proper legal chanels, they were taken to court and lost there case. Fogarty was cleared of any wrong doing. As for Geffin - after he was released from prison he returned to his Vitamin business ( VitaBlend ) which he still is running today in northern California.
Fogarty now lives in Asia ( Thailand ) were he works in the Plastic Tooling manufacturing business.
In 2010 Fogarty was featured in a documentary in Albania, regarding an incident that happened in 1982 that was beleaved to be backed by the CIA and MI6, this would explain his being in the USA for so many years. many of Fogarty's, business partners were X gov agents. I am not surprised that Geffin was arrested and sent to prison. As for Margaret ( Fogarty's X Wife ) she did very well out of the experience she is remarried and lives a quiet life, she stays intouch with Fogarty from time to time.
It would apear that people like Lochett and Geffin had no idea who they were dealing with, and that Fogarty has had more training than we give him credit for, depends which side you are on.
2014-07-29, 08:20:09
anonymous from United States  
How dare you, Vince?!? No one who knew you would dispute your ability to tell occasionally plausible, yet thoroughly dishonest stories, or that you possess a good general knowledge of plastics and tool and die. If not for the chaos you create and wake of destruction you leave, no one would care.
Your assault on Robin's character is characteristic, for you. But, consider some things. He had a wife, children, and parents who cleaned up the mess you made while he was away, and who were also involved in VitaBlend, but never faced charges. Robin is not a recidivist, and went right back to what he was doing after his term, with his family. He never fled, but you did. Being used by people around him definitely contributed to that, but you would know.
Driving limos, conning people and working at Mattel brings many x-goverment agent partners, huh? Any of them (who, of course, aren't real) would love it that you disclose so much, but people actually involved in that type of thing don't kiss and tell. Delusions of grandeur is right. So Albania is now on the list?
The Geffens didn't bother to sue you, as there was nothing for them, or Margaret, to take, only to try to salvage - even at that there was nothing left. You used the investment to finance your own lifestyle, and when they called, wanting to know where the return on investment was, you put off and hid from them for months, eventually fleeing the business before they flew out to shut down things.
The only reason people would not be on your 'side' is because of the damage you do.
2014-08-30, 08:45:46   (updated: 2014-08-30, 08:48:06)
Sounds like you are the most miss informed person, and not a good researcher. Everything you need to know about Fogarty is available through the Freedom of Information act. The documentary made about him was broadcast many times in Europe. He has definately taken down a few people and it is well advised that crossing him in business is not recomended As for Geffin, Yes he did his tme and returned to his former business, his family covered for him while he was in prison, this is all public record - Very hard these days to pin anything on Fogarty, the fact that he had bad business partners is nothing compared to his official record, which he seems to be revelling in.
2015-01-06, 12:32:54
anonymous from United States  
Dont worry be happy

2015-01-11, 06:57:24
Courtesy of Mr Peter Tiemann
Terrorist Group Supporter
2015-01-11, 11:48:35   (updated: 2015-01-11, 11:49:09)
DOC from United States  
@2015-01-11, 06:57:24 anonymous,

You must be ashamed of your country, make postings showing your country you coward....

2015-01-11, 19:03:12
DOC from United States  

2015-01-11, 19:05:17
OJAS from United States  
Thanks DOC, LOL! :-D)
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