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Letter and photos from scammer


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From: Alenkan
Subject: Hello my dear Douglas!!!

Hello my dear Douglas
How are you?
My loved Douglas, I am very glad, that is possible next week official
registration of papers for arrival to you if you will send money will
begin. Every evening I fall asleep with such feeling, that one more
day is finished also our meeting to become even closer!!!
It's a very easy thing for me to do, you are so lovable and so
beautiful, how could I not love
you, it would be impossible. I am just so happy that you feel so
strongly towards me, I am very flattered and honoured. You would make
me feel so proud if I was walking with you.
I wait eagerly for that day when you wrap your arms around me, and I
hope that will result in a nice long kiss too, I want to taste your
lovely soft lips.
I wish there was a word that could describe you but there is not, the
word 'beautiful' just is not good enough but I'm sure you know how I
feel about you anyway.

I do not think I would need very long with you to confirm my feelings
for you, I already know what the result of us being together will be.
I will love you even more than I do already and I will never want to
let you go again.
I have already told you my only fears about us living together and l'm
sure you understand that, I would hate to lose you to another woman,
who is much more handsome and wealthy than me and with your beauty
there would be many women here who wanted you.
I will think of you then maybe I will get lucky!!
I love you very much and look forward to your next message.
Lots of love and kisses
Your Alena

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2007-04-24, 18:14:42
anonymous from United States  
That IP is a SATELITE service!!! MOST are also,Germany and UK and Isreal
2007-04-24, 18:15:43
anonymous from United States  
That IP is a SATELITE service!!! MOST are also,Germany and UK and Isreal
2007-04-27, 09:50:52
anonymous from United States  
what do you think about this ??
Enviado el: Monday, April 23, 2007 11:54:14 PM
Asunto: Hello my new friend HECTOR !!!

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Hello my new friend HECTOR !!!

I am very glad to see your letter!!! I have
Arrive after work and saw your letter, and has been admired to it. I
Are glad. I work every day from 8 mornings and till 18 o'clock, without
Free days. Work, not too complex, is pleasant to me. I ñäåëàëa
The photo from my dog has decided to send you, I shall send you
Photos almost in each letter, I hope, that you will not be against. I
Will tell to you about a life in Russia. I shall begin with my salary,
It does 350 dollars a month. It - is not enough, and me sufficient only to pay
The apartment and to buy products. So not all so are good, and in Russia
Gangsterism and a plenty of alcohol of people are very advanced use.
You like to drink, I drink very seldom and only in holiday. I do not smoke and
is engaged in sports meets,
I go 2 times to a week in an educational hall
Thus I observe a figure, and nevertheless I go to unite. You are engaged in
sports meets?
What do you like to eat, your favourite dish? What remove you a sight, to
What music listen? I wish to not study you because I never in a life
Transferred with the person from other country and it - very much
Interesting to me. And you can send me a photo of city where do
You live? It would be interesting to see as you, you live. I shall tell
To you in more detail about me. I have been born in February, 25th, 1978,
I have gone to school and after I have finished 11 classes, I have gone
Researches in institute. There I studied as the doctor and in the same
The place which I taught language and now it helps me to communicate with
You HECTOR After end of institute was certainly the cheerful ending
And then I already searched for work and have found it. I hope to
You it is pleasant to see my letters and my histories on me. To not pass
To answer my questions. I shall look forward to hearing from you, it is pleasant
For me to communicate with you.

Up to tomorrow, Olga.

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2007-04-30, 13:40:05
At me all was good! I also searched for the girl in Russia and I sent it of money that it arrived to me!
And I really it arrived to me! And I was very glad to it! So not all girls scammer!
I wish you that also have carried as well as me!
2007-05-07, 14:54:31
anonymous from United States  
Article on Russian Scam...

2007-05-27, 18:07:40
anonymous from United States  
WTF does that mean??? ^^^
2007-05-28, 08:59:23   (updated: 2007-05-28, 09:03:33)
anonymous from United States  
Anon USA, what's up with the language. Inappropriate and not at all necessary.

If you have a question, ask it.

Negativity helps no one. It may stop future posts.

Just one's opinion.

2007-05-29, 09:20:07
You guy's are too sensitive or something! CHILL OUT! I come here FOR INFO and to share it!!! NOT to argue or even read any,that's NOT what the site is for!

What I'd like to know is about the comment with the above pic...what does it mean? Is it refering to the girl IN the pic or what?And what is an '88 soldier'?
2007-06-06, 07:31:13
anonymous from Germany  
Calm down please, Bulgaria. Still nobody knows what you are talking about! It is an international thread here. Nobody cares about ethnics or religions. It is about dating-scams. So what do you want to tell us? And, by the way, dogs got different races, humans definitively not! (black poodle, white poodle = poodle)
2007-06-06, 15:46:12
[hidden] from United States  
2007-06-06, 20:26:16
anonymous from United States  
Just hit the spam button on em! Keep doin it til it's removed! I refuse to waste more time with someone like that!!!!

2007-06-07, 07:38:35
anonymous from Germany  
Most of us had been just looking for relationships in our neighborhoods when we got attacked by very nice pictures and even better letters. Letters you surely did not write. You are right, we have been all fools when we falled for this, but only for one time!
I repeat: In most cases, we were NOT looking for foreign girls. THEY were looking for our money! Our fault, that we have been to trustful. We have all been new at dating-sites and so we become victims. THEY FOUND US. Most of us learned now to stay away from internet when we wish to find a partner!
Got that, bulgarian heathead?
2007-06-07, 07:45:40   (updated: 2007-06-07, 07:57:27)
anonymous from Germany  
I had never mailed to a woman who is more than 10 years younger than I am and never to anybody who lives more than 2 hours away. I am sure the majority did exactly the same. We have been idiots, yes, but not more and no longer!
And forget your race shit. I am proud to live in a country where we are over with this. Maybe Bulgaria needs another 50 years to get that far.
2007-06-07, 07:59:06
anonymous from Germany  
I surrender...
2007-06-07, 08:17:58
What is a '88 soldier'?
What to you want?
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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