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Letter and photos from scammer


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From: Alenkan
Subject: Hello my dear Douglas!!!

Hello my dear Douglas
How are you?
My loved Douglas, I am very glad, that is possible next week official
registration of papers for arrival to you if you will send money will
begin. Every evening I fall asleep with such feeling, that one more
day is finished also our meeting to become even closer!!!
It's a very easy thing for me to do, you are so lovable and so
beautiful, how could I not love
you, it would be impossible. I am just so happy that you feel so
strongly towards me, I am very flattered and honoured. You would make
me feel so proud if I was walking with you.
I wait eagerly for that day when you wrap your arms around me, and I
hope that will result in a nice long kiss too, I want to taste your
lovely soft lips.
I wish there was a word that could describe you but there is not, the
word 'beautiful' just is not good enough but I'm sure you know how I
feel about you anyway.

I do not think I would need very long with you to confirm my feelings
for you, I already know what the result of us being together will be.
I will love you even more than I do already and I will never want to
let you go again.
I have already told you my only fears about us living together and l'm
sure you understand that, I would hate to lose you to another woman,
who is much more handsome and wealthy than me and with your beauty
there would be many women here who wanted you.
I will think of you then maybe I will get lucky!!
I love you very much and look forward to your next message.
Lots of love and kisses
Your Alena

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2006-05-29, 15:41:58
phllpsfa@aol.comanonymous from United States  
I have been writing a girl in kazan yulia. she said she had no phone but called me from post office. she wants to come over but wants me to send money for visa,passport,etc I have not sent any because i am sure it is a scam. Is it true that she cannot get a tourist visa. or could she be this stupid. any help would be appreciated.

2006-05-30, 08:49:35
anonymous from Canada  
phllpsfa@aol.comanonymous, tell your friend to search on the site below for all info required for Visas...

I am Canadian
2006-06-03, 08:33:20 from United States  
I met this scammer through agency. Beware as she is a waste of time and is not serious; just trying to get to the U.S.

Scammer name: Maryna Oxsenenko

49 Oleksandr Zubarev St.
Apartment 15

2006-06-03, 09:46:45
girlbeautyy / At / mail (.) ru  
2006-06-03, 13:07:10
[hidden] from United States  
i think i have a girl triing to scam me , some of these stories are the same as whats going on ,im triing to get more info from her , but shes not to forthcomeing ,shes sent about 5 emails before saying she needs money to come to the U . S , at first she said she had money now she needs money , how we catch this one in the act , and is she on the black list ?

2006-06-15, 13:46:26 from Canada  
Got the e-mail asking for help with the visa.Little does she knowntheat my father works for canadian intelligence.Now if my son can just get a full name form her .........she is busted Seem like a nice kid to

2006-06-15, 16:17:10
anonymous from United Kingdom  
She will give a full name when she asks for the money to be sent through Western Union
2006-06-18, 20:42:44
[hidden] from United States  
I think this same girl has been writing me for over a month now, does this photo look familiar? It looks like the exact same outfit to me. I was thinking she was the real thing until I saw your post. Did she give you a last name?
This image was also posted here:
Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers

Keywords: brunette red top skirt on armchair stereo
2006-06-19, 19:12:30
anonymous from United States  
same outfit and same camera
look at the date and time stamp she went outside 10 min later.
but look she could sell that radio for money to come see you

maybe she went outside to give her eyes a break from all the fabric patterns.

ok I know I'm being catty..meow
Mrs. C
2006-06-24, 12:28:49 from United States  
I provide a service swindling people who have been victimized by the Russian con artists. What really do is proceed to swindle them again! I pretend that knowing the IP address of a Bulgarian internet café is worth a crap and that the Bulgarian authorities actually care. I am soooooo full of sshiit!!

The Bulgarian police could care less if some Bulgarian con screws a Horney American trying to turn our Bulgarian beauties in to a bunch of whores. They will be happy to help you when you come to Bulgaria. They will give you three hots and a cot in one of our finest Bulgarian prisons you bunch of sic-perverted assholes.

Keywords: joke
2006-06-24, 23:51:28
anonymous from United States  
Think about this, you Bulgarian dickbrain. You know why all these beautiful babes have all this time on their hands to do these scams. Yeah, because all you dickless Bulgarian and Russian men are either drunk all the time or giving each other BJs. What else do they have to do? There are no real men over there.
2006-08-17, 17:27:09
hello for all the world I am trés happy to turn into to knowledge avc a Russian. here are my e-mail

2006-08-20, 05:01:04
anonymous from Turkey  
2006-09-21, 08:15:23
anonymous from United States  
I have many photos from many russian women, i have had numerous emails and the big giveaway is that they are rushing into a relationship with you. Since this site I have grown leary of russian women especially the young ones. Let your common sense be your judge, most of these women use an internet cafe, and translators that has to be costing them cash.
2006-09-21, 19:17:10
anonymous from United States  

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