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Gold digger Valeria Novitskaya from Ukraine


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Several users on this web site posted comments about
Valeria Novitskaya from Ukraine, after they found out that she is a gold digger.

Here is some identifying information:

Valeria Novitskaya
12 Prodolnaya Street
House 44
Flat 91
Nikolaev City
Mobile number +380633513531
D.O.B.. 30th October 1985 

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2014-12-28, 16:21:14
The cute little ass can be yours for lots of cash
2014-12-28, 16:21:15
The cute little ass can be yours for lots of cash
2014-12-28, 17:03:58   (updated: 2014-12-28, 17:16:45)
Obviously, Valeria learned the value of her assets at an early age, but the devil made her do it ! LOL

2014-12-28, 17:42:17
You are right she made a fortune selling her soul to the devil.. She deserves to rot in hell. I feel sorry for the fool that is with her now believing all the bullshit she tells him. She could never be trusted in a million years..
2014-12-28, 17:44:02
2014-12-28, 18:25:18
She sells her body to for $500
2014-12-29, 13:50:18
She is in as Analisua also on FuckDate to.
2014-12-29, 14:36:59

Are they dating sites..? Do you have her profile numbers..? She never gives up.. She needs to be taught a lesson..
2014-12-29, 14:40:54
Post a link to her profiles.
2015-01-04, 09:52:27
Scammers like Valeria and the many others that scam, see kindness and generosity as a sign of weakness and will use your kindness and generosity to extract as much out of you as possible. Cash, Gifts, Clothes, Jewellery, Vacations etc.
Do not be fooled when they tell you that they love you even when you are having sex with them . It is part of their two faced personality which they are very good at.
Stay safe and keep your wallet and credit cards closed.
2015-01-08, 12:21:09   (updated: 2015-01-08, 12:22:56)
Valeria is essentially an independent operator working within a culture which is accepting of fraud and theft by dating. Far more important is to go after the organisers of the scam rings that operate in Nikolaev, Odessa and Kherson. These are the “translators” who groom the girls in how to separate men from their cash and who profit greatly from simply organising and being paid to translate on dates (often unnecessarily). The cash generated by the “translators” and their mafia bosses (who run most of the agencies) by translation services, transport and apartments dwarfs the minor gains made by individual scammers such a Valeria.
    These translators often operate behind a façade of legitimacy offered by companies such as AnastasiaFRAUD. When informed of their criminal activities Anastasia ban the tethered goats, but the organisers are left free to carry on their scams with new girls. To expose these criminals and hopefully constrain their behaviour, I will give four examples here.
Irina Kukurudza
    Irina is unique in that she setup and controls her own agency in Odessa without the support or backing of Mafia. This agency is a partner of AnastasiaFRAUD. Much of the income arises from having girls profiles on the site (the girls are paid for putting up their profiles, Irina is paid for every active profile) and harvesting money from video chat (canned videos are used by this agency with paid employees doing the chatting). Investigation of this agency, revealed that the girls are given instructions on how to write frequent short letters that keep male interest, the girls are rewarded for the number of letters they write and solicit and further rewards are given for enticing men to come for dates in Ukraine.
    Irinas addiction to the ready cash afforded by the criminal lifestyle is readily displayed on her vk and instagram pages. It can be clearly seen that she likes the good life her criminal lifestyle affords.
The Nikolaev scam gang.
    There are several local agencies in the scam business in Nikolaev and Kherson. One of the most effective scamming gangs is the husband and wife team of Yulia Marchenko and Dmitry Ratushny who work alongside their behind the scenes partner Anna Butuk. The agency they work for works through AnastasiaFraud and is owned by the mafia. Most of its profits come from the dating business (translation, transport and apartments). This agency has the distinction of having put Valeria on AnastasiaFRAUD for a short while.
    Yulia Marchenko acts as both a date and translator. She hides from her “fiancés” the fact that she is in a relationship with Dmitry and has a child by him.
Dmitry Ratushny makes his money from taxi and apartment services. He is a mafia associate and supporter of the separatist terrorists in Ukraine. Part of any money you pay to him for “services” goes to the separatists via the agencies mafia owners who support the separatists. He is listed officially as translator for the Nikolaev agency, but his English is so poor the translation is in fact done by others.
Anna Butuk (aka Anna Patanova) is the eminence grise behind the agency. Is diligent in trying to keep her picture and name off social media. Acts as both a translator and a date. She has a long history of fraud and scamming daters. Nowadays her looks and figure have gone completely to seed after having children (which she does not declare to dates) so she grooms the tethered goats and writes letters for fake profiles. Her speciality used to be collecting “fiancés” via 8 star. Her old profile is still up because she forgot the password to be able to remove it!
    These people are dangerous! Investigations reveal that they are allegedly strongly suspected of involvement in the disappearance and presumed death of a visiting American dating tourist. The police in Nikolaev do nothing because they are in the pay of the mafia. Likewise, multiple crime reports about these fraudsters to the police have been shelved and not explored for “technical” reasons.
    The AnastasiaFraud organisation has had full knowledge of this scamming ring and agency for over a year, but refuse to take action because the Nikolaev agency is such a good earner for them

2015-01-08, 12:23:27
anonymous from United Kingdom  

2015-01-08, 20:17:13
anonymous from United Kingdom  

Cheers for the good and valid information and good links.
Valeria made a fortune for dating sites especially AnastasiaFRAUD and HRB-FRAUD. Her 2 main sites, both mafia run.
When HRB were informed of Valeria's own scams by me they did nothing for a while until she became to much of a problem for them.
Valeria worked for some 20+ dating sites as well as having her own scams.
She does not care about any retribution because she has protection. guess that 1 for yourselves.
Valeria is an incredibly wealthy women who in 4 or 5 years on the dating scam scene made a fortune more than she could ever have made in a lifetime of honest work.
She use to have a VK profile which was deleted some time ago.
It would be interesting to know what she is doing these days.? Probably coaching newbies how to scam as there is more money to be made from scamming than working.
It is time governments around the world closed these sites down permanently.
Take my advice and stay away from dating sites unless you have lots of cash to throw away.

2015-01-08, 20:19:10
I heard she was dating 3 Pauls from the UK at the same time. She is smart that's for sure.
2015-01-10, 12:29:14

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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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