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Dating scammer Irene Zotoo


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Name: Irene Zotoo


P.O.Box GT 20545

Other Comments:
I believe she or another person using this name is posted here already ! But I just got off the phone with a man with about all the stolen pictures and things they have on the site !! And he took off many that I told him about !!!
And I got back on to see if he did and he didtake them off and I seen this profile and it was pretty good and she/he was online so I IM them there and they wanted to go to yahoo so we went !
I will put her profile first !
Sincere woman need true love and nothing else ..Catch me on IM if you can just drop me a chat if you see my wink or interest
IM me now!

32-year-old woman
New York, New York, United States
seeking men 50-85
in United States
I am a strong-willed and ambitious person. I fallow my dreams, never getting up with troubles and disappoints. I have a great dream to create a happy family. I am feminine and sweet and I know I will be good mother and I will be a good wife for a good man. I like to give people smiles and good mood :) Also I like walking in the park, I like looking at stars. I like to live well and take my health and fitness seriously, and enjoy the finer things in life although I consider myself to be pretty down to earth. I am romantic, passionate, sensitive and caring. I am always in good mood and try to see only good sides of things. I meet every new day with smile and hope to meet my beloved man. I am tender, nice, friendly, open, ambitious, devoted and romantic lady. I believe in miracles and to my opinion the greatest miracle of the world is Love…If only I can come up with the right words to describe myself in order you like me...Maybe...I'm like the best poetry ever composed, the best song ever played, the best picture ever painted...Smile!I just want to give the most wonderful feeling, my love, to the man who does want it!.I am like a little sun, always smiling, always happy, energetic and optimistic. I live happily every day of my life. I am sincere and open, cheerful and communicative. I value sincerity and honesty in people. What else? ;-)) I am dreamy and spontaneous. I am always ready to help anybody who is in need and I like to make friends and meet new people. I like to live my life and to make those whom I love happy. I want to meet a man who is strong, caring, family-oriented, honest and faithful. I want him to be sincere in his feelings and expressing his emotions. Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright. Find the one that makes your heart smile. I am waiting for a person who will share my life. My strong, kind and careful king, to you my message! You have a great number of different wonderful qualities for which it is possible to respect and to be proud of. I would like you to ask one simple question: - And are you able to love? Life is such short, let will meet rather

Now our Yahoo !!!!
xxxxxx: Hello again
xxxxxxxx: I'm here
Irene Zotoo: So tell me how long have you been on
xxxxxxxx: about two or 3 months ! And you ?
xxxxxxxx: Your name is Irene?
Irene Zotoo: Well today is my first time as well
Irene Zotoo: Yes and you ?
xxxxxxx: I really enjoyed reading your profile
Irene Zotoo: Ohh i see
Irene Zotoo: It's my plasure
xxxxxx: And you are a very pretty woman too ! If you dont mind me saying ?
xxxxxxx: Have you always lived in New York?
Irene Zotoo: Well am mic race my dad is from USA and mum is also from Ghana now i lost my dad so am with mum now in Ghana
xxxxxx: How long have you been there ?
Irene Zotoo: Well since i was ten years after my parents seperated my mum decide to take me down to Ghana since my dad is no more interested so we can relocate as well
xxxxxxx: What do you mean ?
xxxxxxx: You are wanting to relocate?
Irene Zotoo: Yes and am ever ready to relocate to any where my x
Irene Zotoo: Well i dnt know yet
xxxxxx: I'm sorry maybe you dont want and I'm wanting to fast
Irene Zotoo: and i will like us to get to know more about each other and see what will happen
Irene Zotoo: Sure dnt worry we just have to get to know more about each other and see what will happen okay
Irene Zotoo: fell inlove with each other as well
xxxxxxxx: ok
xxxxxxx: When did you last have boyfriend?
Irene Zotoo: About 3yrs now
xxxxxx: Or how long have you been single?
Irene Zotoo: Well about 3yrs now
xxxxxxx: 3 years !!! Why ?
Irene Zotoo: Yes since is not easy to find the right man and also all am looking for is true love and nothing else
xxxxxxx: Is all your family live there in Ghana?
Irene Zotoo: Yes
xxxxxxx: Where did you live when you lived here in US ?
Irene Zotoo: New York with your m
Irene Zotoo: Sorry with my mum and dad
xxxxxxx: What did your dad do for work? there?
Irene Zotoo: Well my dad was a plumber
xxxxxxx: and your mom work too ?
Irene Zotoo: Nope
Irene Zotoo: So tell me what do you do for living as well??
xxxxxxx: How did you pay for school ? If you dont mind me asking?
Irene Zotoo: Well my step dad who helped me
xxxxxxx: I supervise 22 stores for big company in Nashville TN
Irene Zotoo: Ohh i see
Irene Zotoo: So tell me do you live in your own house??
xxxxxxx: yes I do
xxxxxxx: And you ?
xxxxxx: do you have your own house ?
Irene Zotoo: I live with my mom and step dad as well
xxxxxx: Do you have car ?
Irene Zotoo: No
Irene Zotoo: You ?
xxxxxx: oh yes many !! Too many
Irene Zotoo: Ohh i see
Irene Zotoo: waht cars ??
xxxxxx: What ?
xxxxxx: What do you mean?
Irene Zotoo: whats type pf cars??
Irene Zotoo: Ohh i see
Irene Zotoo: So tell me witch one will i use when i get there??
xxxxxxxx: How do you get around?
xxxxxxxx: I dont know ???
Irene Zotoo: take a taxi
xxxxxxx: Maybe have different ones by then
Irene Zotoo: Ohh i see
Irene Zotoo: so tell me how serious you are and want me to be your wife or ?
xxxxxxx: Well how would you answer that about me?
xxxxxxx: we have only talked for maybe 1 hour now?
Irene Zotoo: Yes i know
Irene Zotoo: i just wanted to know how serious you are
xxxxxxxx: I am serious about finding the one for me
Irene Zotoo: Ohh i see
xxxxxxxx: and you ?
Irene Zotoo: So tell me about your past relationship please
Irene Zotoo: Well am also looking for the right man to spend the rest of my life with as well
xxxxxxxxx: been married for 12 years and now single for 10
Irene Zotoo: Ohh u see
xxxxxxxx: I want to be sure this is the last one for me
Irene Zotoo: The same as me as well
xxxxxxxx: too old to play games
xxxxxxxx: dont have time for it
Irene Zotoo: Yes i think so thats why am looking for someone at that age coz i think the young ones are only into games
xxxxxxxx: maybe you are right ?
xxxxxxx: But Im not a boy ! I wont hurt or lie to anyone ! Even if it hurts to say the truth
Irene Zotoo: Yes thats true
xxxxxxx: Do you have a job with hospital that you will start soon ?
Irene Zotoo: well i have not got my result yet am still waiting
xxxxxx: What kind of nurse did you go to school for ?
Irene Zotoo: Medical nurse
xxxxxxx: yes but what kind did you go to school for ??
xxxxxx: Theres many different nusring jobs
xxxxxxx: nursing
Irene Zotoo: Yes work in an hospital as well
xxxxxxx: In your country must be alot different than here !!!!!
xxxxxxxx: But thats ok !
xxxxxxxx: When is your birthday ?
xxxxxxxx: You said it will be soon?
xxxxxxx: Irene???
Irene Zotoo: Did you get my last message??
xxxxxxxx: no
Irene Zotoo: What did you ask me ??
xxxxxxxxx: When is your birthday ?
Irene Zotoo: 15th Nov
xxxxxxx: May I have your address please ?
Irene Zotoo: Address for what please?
xxxxxxx: I thought I would send you a card for your birthday
Irene Zotoo: Sure i will like that so much
xxxxxxx: If you dont mind if I have your address ?
Irene Zotoo: Okay i will give it to you as well okay
Irene Zotoo: wait
Irene Zotoo: Full Name : Irene Zotoo
Address : P.O.Box Gt 20545 Accra
Country : Ghana
Zip code: 00233
xxxxxxxx: thank you
xxxxxxxxx: May I ask you something please?
Irene Zotoo: Go on
xxxxxxxxx: Why do you have post office box ? And not street address ?
Irene Zotoo: Here that's how it works
xxxxxxxx: This is new to me because it is mostly companies here with P.O. Boxes
Irene Zotoo: it's diffrent over here coz of the settlement
xxxxxxxxx: What settlement?
Irene Zotoo: Irene is very hard to find someone with a home address that's why we use P.o.
xxxxxxxx: WOW ???
xxxxxxx: Are you talking to other men Irene?
xxxxxxx: Its ok if you are
Irene Zotoo: No am not
Irene Zotoo: It's only you please
xxxxxxxx: I dont own you
xxxxxxxx: Your free woman
Irene Zotoo: Are you mad with me?
xxxxxxx: no ! Not at all ! Why you ask?
Irene Zotoo: Coz you ask if i was chatting with someone
xxxxxxx: I ask because when we start talking it take you long time to asnwer me is why I ask
Irene Zotoo: Ohh no
xxxxxxx: But no Im not mad
xxxxxxx: just talking
Irene Zotoo: Ohh i see
Irene Zotoo: So tell me do you have any kid??
xxxxxxxx: yes 5 !!!!! Now you will run away !!!!
Irene Zotoo: And how old are they ??
xxxxxxxx: 25 23 21 18 11
xxxxxxxx: What happened?
Irene Zotoo: Sorry i lost connection again am here
Irene Zotoo: i think it's okay now
xxxxxxx: Why your internet just having trouble today?
Irene Zotoo: Well dnt worry it will be okay
Irene Zotoo: i dn't know it's a problem
xxxxxxx: Do you use headset to listen to music on your computer ?
Irene Zotoo: No
xxxxxxx: what kind of computer do you have?
Irene Zotoo: old vision
Irene Zotoo: 95
Irene Zotoo: windows 95
Irene Zotoo: dell
xxxxxxx: Dell !! they are good
xxxxxxx: 95 works pretty good too
Irene Zotoo: Yes
xxxxxxxx: How old is it?
Irene Zotoo: Well about 2yrs now
Irene Zotoo: what computer do you use also ??
xxxxxxxx: dell also
xxxxxxxx: I just bought it 4 months ago
Irene Zotoo: Ohh i see
Irene Zotoo: Does it work better ??
xxxxxxxx: pretty good
Irene Zotoo: Ohh i see
xxxxxxxx: I still have my old dest top too but I like the laptop better
xxxxxxxx: desk
Irene Zotoo: Ohh i see
Irene Zotoo: it's taking you so long to answer why?
xxxxxxx: sorry I was searching a part I need on ebay for my truck !!
Irene Zotoo: Ohh i see
xxxxxxx: but Im here now
xxxxxxx: Im done
Irene Zotoo: Ohh i see
xxxxxxx: What kind of internet do you have?
Irene Zotoo: Let's chat better and get to know more about each other as well ?
xxxxxxx: What ?
Irene Zotoo: I use tigo pay as you go internet link
xxxxxxx: What is that hun?
xxxxxxx: What is company name?
Irene Zotoo: Yes is an internet company we use here
Irene Zotoo: Tigo
xxxxxxx: I see
xxxxxx: Is it very exspenive?
Irene Zotoo: Yes it's very expecsive
Irene Zotoo: Pay as you go
Irene Zotoo: the more you browse the more you credit keep going
xxxxxxxx: I see
Irene Zotoo: and what about you ?? what link do you use??
xxxxxxx: I have wireless card for mine and I like it mush better than phone line I use to use
xxxxxxx: much
Irene Zotoo: Ohh i see
Irene Zotoo: You did not tell me the name of your kids
xxxxxxxxx: no let you and I get to know each other first ok hun ?
Irene Zotoo: Why ??
Irene Zotoo: it's all about knowing each other ..knowing much about you or?
xxxxxxx: I dont like to use their names on internet because they are my kids and I want to protect them
Irene Zotoo: Did you get my pictures i sent you as well ?
Irene Zotoo: No problem
xxxxxxxx: yes I got pictures and thank you they are very nice
Irene Zotoo: Hope you can also do the same as well
xxxxxxxx: I will
Irene Zotoo: and send me some of your self
Irene Zotoo: ?
xxxxxxx: Wait 1 minute ok?
Irene Zotoo: okay
xxxxxxx: How far are you from Mamleshie Rd ?
Irene Zotoo: what Rd??
xxxxxxxx: ok maybe Abose-Okai Rd
Irene Zotoo: very far
xxxxxxxxx: I see your internet server is not far from there
Irene Zotoo: Yes
Irene Zotoo: But from my house is very far
xxxxxxxx: yes I understand
xxxxxxxx: Kantamanto Market is not far from there either
Irene Zotoo: Yes
Irene Zotoo: Where are you watching that from ??
xxxxxxx: IP address
Irene Zotoo: Ohh i see
xxxxxxx: When do you wake up in the mornings ?
Irene Zotoo: So tell me am i the first person you talking with from Ghana and also on ?
xxxxxxx: no
Irene Zotoo: Well about 10 .00am
xxxxxxx: I have talked to three people and I dont know how but two out of three are there in Ghana
Irene Zotoo: Ohh i see
Irene Zotoo: and do you still chat with them?
xxxxxxxx: oh no
Irene Zotoo: Ohh i see
xxxxxx: If you wasnt here now I wouldnt even be home
Irene Zotoo: Sure??
xxxxxx: yeah
Irene Zotoo: where will you be by now
xxxxxxx: I was going to go to my brothers
Irene Zotoo: Ohh i see
Irene Zotoo: i see
Irene Zotoo: Ohh i see
Irene Zotoo: Ohh i see
xxxxxxx: I see you start to write but you stop
Irene Zotoo: Me ...Yes
Irene Zotoo: I was about to ask waht time do you go to bed and what time fo you wake up as well
xxxxxxx: I go to bed at 10 and get up at 6
Irene Zotoo: Ohh i see
Irene Zotoo: Can we chat in the morning before you go to work ??
xxxxxxx: Do you have cell phone ?
Irene Zotoo: Yep i have it but is with my brother now since he came for it
xxxxxxx: I cant I have be at work at 7
Irene Zotoo: But soon i will have it can you give me your phone number please
xxxxxxxxx: So may I ask about your mom and dad?
Irene Zotoo: My parents got seperated when i was 5yrs so my mum decide to come back home and relocate with me as well
xxxxxxxxx: I see
xxxxxxxxxx: Is your dad from here?
Irene Zotoo: Yes
xxxxxxxx: Cool !!!!
xxxxxxxx: Then your a US citizen
Irene Zotoo: Yes but since i did not grow up in USA
xxxxxxxx: that makes no difference !!!
Irene Zotoo: Sure
Irene Zotoo: Sure?
xxxxxx: yes
Irene Zotoo: So tell me what will you buy for me as a surprise for my B-day ?
xxxxxxxx: it wont be subprise if you know !!!
xxxxxxxx: Irene your mixed race ?
Irene Zotoo: Yes
Irene Zotoo: Do you have any problem with that ?
xxxxxxxx: I only ask because you have so beautiful blonde hair
xxxxxxxx: no
xxxxxxx: And brown eyes are so pretty on you WOW
Irene Zotoo: Thx
xxxxxxxx: Irene ?
Irene Zotoo: Yes
xxxxxxxx: why are you not being truthful with me?
Irene Zotoo: Whats wrong??
Irene Zotoo: Why are you asking ?
xxxxxx: I know
Irene Zotoo: Feel free and let me know what ever worries you okay please
xxxxxxx: Your at internet cafe
Irene Zotoo: No am home
xxxxxxx: I tracked the computer your using !
Irene Zotoo: Sure??
xxxxxxxx: Oh yes
Irene Zotoo: And what does it say
Irene Zotoo: ??
xxxxxxx: I also know your a man and you dont even know the color of the girls eyes in picture
Irene Zotoo: Please what are you talking about ??
xxxxxxxx: why are you stealing some poor girls pictures and using them ?
Irene Zotoo: what are you talking about?
xxxxxxx: What color are your eyes?
Irene Zotoo: brown
xxxxxxx: no sir !!!! Not the girl in that picture
Irene Zotoo: Please i dnt know what you talking about i have to go please bye
xxxxxxxx: thats my niece and I wanted to see how far you was going to use this
Irene Zotoo has signed out. (11/11/2009 7:05 PM)

Last message received on 11/11 at 7:05 PM

IP off email
And watch her emails too ! The first one came in spam as bulk message !!! I dont know enough about this stuff !!!
From Irene Zotoo Wed Nov 11 22:56:36 2009
X-Apparently-To: xxxxxxxxxxxvia xxxxxxxxxxx; Wed, 11 Nov 2009 15:03:21 -0800
X-YMailISG: iUpsZcwWLDu4j0n4LDJFjJb.62NbdZJ6EZKY82KEKGTlYz3uq2zKzuSia8j_skh1ELjIlW1Un9gHEsjzBxoQuPtKibYP6DfEwUuah8Pg9GEwIkvx3W43PZ528T1OG8SbRjEMLiH3ty..QoADSHF9GXz3VK.l6mrTG5ruE4FHQp1waFwj5IxQGUikK1WpFsHMiI_4WBiROx15ScnjmMgxWzNy.L2s2jxzUvZpBCLqZT4CSmPHe_0tpb.5ieKqg.z2VPgxBFpCYMzHEurY9vud2q6VHu7lsP98TRktrBJ1f68WejQY0MKw6vgS7PdD9knIpVtDqbp49EHyXhQV9EdNMUXq35EpN0dai23ltJ3IrWaC3bHTGOPjyaYqwsKM5muhGFP5ZQjZa9HWHR7JyBVUCfFGC1rPnmVyiKFp4WboIGRnJar5hOmK9ZMUy1lJkW9Q77y13R99nKvpwRQxKaSYc_2J.9h0gXYY8w6tnsVj8074shKcW7SHq6_T5ZYEE5ihvTvQp6ywgOVrWJ7XA0K4TUaGJps-
X-Originating-IP: []
Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=pass (ok);; dkim=pass (ok)
Received: from (HELO (
by with SMTP; Wed, 11 Nov 2009 15:03:21 -0800
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 11 Nov 2009 23:03:17 -0000
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 11 Nov 2009 23:03:16 -0000
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 11 Nov 2009 23:03:16 -0000
X-Yahoo-Newman-Property: ymail-3
Received: (qmail 77074 invoked by uid 60001); 11 Nov 2009 22:56:36 -0000
DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=s1024; t=1257980196; bh=XXLVhqvB4L/HkFkwxxrQgb1mBSMmDXKBPnp20PqB/5I=; h=Message-ID:X-YMail-OSG:Received:X-Mailer:Date:From:Subject:To:MIME-Version:Content-Type; b=CLdYQZJxMQoGfQlDMPZkNL4B+nNbWQGnJA8W0ZbhyKFaFR8o0876ZXI4QnGU6PKdKuxNMLClIJsnQrNQS9bbPwLt3Q3wzYU6SkOjUDDVZkpt2S/GGZTl/3ZP7jee2NkPgPN7qn199tzMuGYzSCcvhplfAR85UB+QqWV5mdIc+u0=
DomainKey-Signature:a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws;
Message-ID: <>
X-YMail-OSG: yMhU2b8VM1l5CYtbhod5DTY5mHM5I7ISO4fpBxf1kj2ky5wlbtwIczLINy8vFZQtBWrTKNsTdRbIUPjyBaRCc52z7XcMsI.qCQ9omdZgkQFpJMRzTyE21H1G6tPRGjF9FHcXomSPgoVmetDYKnu8Tr2vJ28mIjDIFtWlF6RGZBtyFn5uUpVXohPWG5az0NRDuBzsJzbRBfAp87p.5L2LaiPAvIdJlRa3uwtqGB9c6Vv1SBbG1pSrCRkToeb0mO2txbbtCYLBZpD9TWXk.jjffZsQJR_NtljrNDtQfOagHD4-
Received: from [] by via HTTP; Wed, 11 Nov 2009 14:56:36 PST
X-Mailer: YahooMailClassic/8.1.6 YahooMailWebService/0.7.361.4
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 14:56:36 -0800 (PST)
From: Irene Zotoo
Subject: This is my pictures and i hope you will like them as well
To: xxxxxxxxxxx
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary='0-910787438-1257980196=:76461'
Content-Length: 518345

Content-type: text/html


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[hidden] from United States  

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[hidden] from United States  

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[hidden] from United States  

2009-11-14, 08:52:50
anonymous from United States  
Bravo!!!!!!! Caught that one with the hand in the cookie jar!!!!!! Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009-11-15, 12:43:06
OJAS from United States  
2009-11-15, 14:45:08
Standingtall from United States  
Thanks OJAS from US ! I found her name many times but couldnt find pictures !!! But the name is posted on other sites the very same name !!!!Irene Zotoo !
2009-11-15, 22:44:37
scam buster from United States  
i got him too he said i was going to die the nezt day
2009-12-20, 19:01:30
anonymous from United States  
comes on as irene fada

2009-12-20, 19:06:31
anonymous from United States  
anothere of socall irene fadah

2009-12-22, 20:42:51
anonymous from United States  
hello men out there
warning watch out for irene zotoo
she wont chat she will say sorry and bye she will say that to you on messenger so watch out for it.
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