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Dating scammer Linda Gant


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Name: Linda Gant


Little America Wyoming

Other Comments:
She is a missionary in Nigeria. She retired from the mission and want to come home and don't have any money of course.
She need money for airplane tickets and then asks to pay for border fees, a terrorfee and transportation fee. If you deny she makes you feel bad and it is all your fault. There is a Mr Sunday the cafe manager and her supperier Esther Bales inwolved.

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2008-11-23, 23:11:17   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-11-29, 09:15:44
anonymous from Salt Lake City, United States  
I got the same scam email from this person asking for the same thing saying that she was a missionary. She used a different photo, but the story was the same. She found me on yahoo personals.
2008-12-15, 05:25:24
anonymous from Lakeville, United States  
I got a similar scam e-mail from this person saying she did missionary work. Different picture. She deleted the profile before I could save the picture. My e-mail had a twist and was VERY religion orianted. She quoted scriptures and promissed if I e-mailed her she would give me 'his' word. She was constantly blessing me etc. She found me through yahoo personals also.
2009-01-13, 13:46:18
anonymous from Quitman, United States  
i got the same scam form linda gant she e-mail me saying she was a missionary she asked me for money to help kids she got my e-mail form yahoo personals if you see this woman on any e-mail stay away form hear people like hear need to be stop any way thay can....!!!! she said she live in little rock ar.
2009-06-06, 19:54:53
anonymous from United States  
Yeah, boy, what a relief! Thanks people. I do not have anything against Yahoo, but when
can they show a little bit more authenticity about their Yahoo Personals? Can't we figure
out a way to screw these scammers?????? Come on guys, this isn't the 70's anymore!!!
2009-06-06, 20:46:26
anonymous from United States  
Anonymous from the US

Yes we are screwing with scammers.
Its called scam baiting there are many things posted on the subject
on this site.
Many victims choose this as a form of getting back at them.
It is illegal to actually scam them in return.
Unlike in the Country's these thieves operate out of Our Government
would bust, Us for doing what they get away with.
I know that sucks but that is the way it is.
So most guy's let scammers contact them and just play along
with them.
Using up the scammers time. LOL When it comes down to time
to send money they are sent fake Western Union invoices.
Making the scammer make repeated trips to collect money that
never comes. LOL Then at the end when, Your done wasting their
time there is a nice selection of Fuck You messages to choose from.
So in the end wasting a scammers time help's in several way's.
# 1 Wasting their time it prevents that scammer from actively scamming
someone else while, You tie up their time.
# 2 Gather photo's e mail's all the information about the scammer
then posting it so the whole World can be warned.
# 3 Sometimes some of the photo's are a nice prize to keep. LOL
# 4 My personal favorite part is to directly piss the scammer off and tell
the low life anything, You want and getting to mock them is a reward
in it self. LOL
This form of retaliation isn't for everyone.
First it is not recommended to use, Your primary e mail address
as the scammers tend to try to destroy your computer in return.
But that risk is very minimal if, You have learned to protect, Yourself
before getting into any such activity.
Definitly not for the Nancy's who can't handle a Bull fight. LOL
I personally do not do that as, My hands are full of fighting scammers
who make postings on this site.
Good Luck to, You no matter if, You join the battle in some way.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

I am always watching for more scammers LOL
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2009-08-25, 22:40:05
anonymous from Singapore  
be careful, she's changed her emailed to
it's really crazy and sad how much effort swindling has gone to!
2009-09-05, 12:37:12
[hidden] from United States  
Esther Bales is still out there working still stuck in nigeria.
Is any being scamed by a anastisia from russia?

2009-11-17, 21:09:55   (updated: 2009-11-17, 21:12:02)
Esther Bales is back. Look at her profile on Yahoo. Esther has posted a profile in Boulder colorado. Watch out people
2010-03-29, 10:01:06
pressontothemark from United States  
I Met esther bales a couple of days ago. I made a profile for and saw a pic of this beautiful girl named esther that lived in louisville ky, which isnt to far from me. I messaged her back in november.. i deleted my account shortly afterwards. I reactivited it about a week ago and immediatly got a message from esther... saying she had 'subscribed just to get in touch with me'. She told me to email her at told me she had a yahoo messenger. I saw soooo many red flags from the very beginning, i could see the inconsistancys in her emails. Parts of them were so fluent, well written..and other parts were obviously written by some one that had learned english but their grammar was horrible. I knew they had to be taking paragraphs from somewhere and copying and pasting them. I got a couple of pics from 'Esther'..she was amazing! Of course she was a missionary at an i asked her for some pics...she sent me one with an orphan and a woman that was supposed to be her but looked nothing like the other pics i saw of her. I knew what was going on..kind of. I looked for a facebook page for her, and a myspace page but found nothing...I got on yahoo messenger this morning just to see how 'she' would talk to me, and how they would answer difficult questions! The first the i said was 'hey' and put a smiley face...she responded with a frown face...i said 'whats up with the frown' she said 'a little boy at the orphanage was attacked by a hyiena and needs to go to a better hospital in the city, but she was out of funds'...'could i help' lol....i let it go on for a little while then i called them out....i actually gave them the link to this website so that they would know they were busted..they immediatly signed off yahoo that ive had a litte while to think about it i wish i would have not been so hasty to inform them i knew what was going on ...but wouldve drug it out and made life hard on em for a couple the guy said about sending fake western union invoices and stuff.. o well..if anyone wants any more information email me ill forward the
2013-01-27, 01:23:11
anonymous from United States  
goes by esther gant now. she found me on quickly deleted her profile after a day
2013-02-13, 15:54:40
anonymous from United States  
She is using the name esther gant. with the email
2013-02-21, 02:19:51   (updated: 2013-02-21, 02:29:12)
I found esther Grant on match while deployed recently and reported her thanks for the help here attached is a pic of her profile still using the email
2013-02-27, 10:01:57
anonymous from United States  
She has changed her yahoo IM tag isn't now estabragg.



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