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Dating scammer Mary Bruun & Mary Hansen


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Name: Mary Bruun & Mary Hansen



Other Comments:
Hello dear Please tell me your name? My name is Mary Hansen i am 34 years single, have a one Son lives with me. I am the lonely woman and I search good man for creation of family. About me: height-180cm, weight-64kg, slim enough a pleasant appearance, blue eyes, a fair, beautiful, educated, successful, attractive woman. I deal with Diamonds. I am looking for a real man-friend for friendship/ marriage, kind, compassionate, merciful, with big loving heart, wishing to give all your love and all that he have to his loving woman, who which will help a difficult minute and will be near. I search man who is kind, hard working, financially stable, generous, optimistic, without harmful habits and manners. I hope to meet you soon. I am a optimistic person, I love the live, I love to smile. I am a tender, kind, loving, caring, sociable and intelligent lady. I listening to good music, reading and cooking. I lead the healthy life style. I go in for sports - swimming and skating. I like to attend cultural events, to go to the theater, to the cinema, to the concerts. I always try to watch the political, cultural and social news. In my free time I like going to beach to wine and dine.I'm creative person. I enjoy by beauty and I try to make beauty around me. I dream about a happy marriage and strong loving family. I have wonderful one child, and if you have one child, I am ready to become a kind, caring and loving mother for him/her. I would like to meet, and to share my live with a kind, caring, dependable, responsible, loving, romantic, sensual, man. I want to become his/her best friend, tender lover and faithful and devoted wife. I dream to devote myself to my future family, to care about the home, to make family coziness and to keep the home hearth. I like everything in life, music, traveling, love a high standard of lifestyle, sport, keeping fit, healthy lifestyle, family life. I am things interested, house keeping, read, nature, physical training, automobiles and lots different, family-oriented. I am a serious, intelligent, practical, romantic, honest person, have a stable character, without harmful habits and manners, warm. And also I find many concurrences of your outlooks on life to mine. I hope for the answer I have some photos to share if you will like to see them you can contact me at mbruun34( Remove the 2 brakets to get my mail address.

Sincerely Mary!

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2008-11-15, 14:47:50   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  

2008-11-15, 14:47:50   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  
2008-11-15, 14:47:50   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  

2008-11-15, 14:47:50   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  

2008-11-15, 14:47:50   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  
2008-11-23, 07:27:40
[hidden] from Brisbane, Australia  
I have been incontact with this woman for the past few months. I can't believe what i am seeing when finding this page. I have just been crushed,but the thing is i know where she is staying in Malaysia. If there is anything that can be done i would be greatfull in knowing. I have the same letter and same photos, i can't believe what a sucker i am, i guess some of us that are true learn the hard way.
2008-12-05, 20:19:47   (updated: 2008-12-05, 20:20:27)

Mrs Abdul Esther, Demark Lout Street, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak,Malaysia Beloved Friend, I am writing this mail to you with heavy tears In my eyes and great sorrow in my heart because my Doctor told me that I will die in less than two months time. Based on this development I want to will my money which is deposited in a security company. I am in search of a reliable person who will use the Money to build charity organization for the saints and the person will take 20% of the total sum. While 80% of the money will go to charity organization and helping the orphanage. I grew up as an Orphan and i don't have anybody/family member to take care of my wealth. The total money in question is $3.5million dollars. I will provide you with other information's once you indicate your willingness. Please contact me on my personal email: (estheradiu@yahoo.c om)I find it difficult using this site. Yours sincerely. Mrs Abdul Esther

2008-12-17, 07:14:19
anonymous from Australia  
i to have been conned by this woman mary hansen or mary bruun she got $10000 aus from me with all these wounderfull letters of her true love for me she should be put in jail she is an expert in conning men out of money
2008-12-17, 14:51:39
anonymous from Australia  
she tryed to rip me off she is good at what she does this is one email i got From: Mary Bruun <>
Subject: My Truest
Received: Friday, 14 November, 2008, 7:55 PM

Dear Handsome,
Here is my chance to tell the world how lucky I am to have found an amazing man like you. All my life I felt like I was meant to be alone, as if my someone took a wrong turn over a bridge before I could meet them. Then came you... suddenly my eyes went from clouded storms to small blue beacons. I was so sad, and you took away all that pain just by smiling.

I will do anything you ever ask, so long as you promise to never leave me. Without you, my heart would seem empty and useless. I need you, want you, and love you, and will as long as I live and beyond. Thank you for changing me, for making me the proudest woman alive to have you. I love you....

Love always,

MARY> wrote:

From: Mary Bruun <>
Subject: Pictures
Date: Sunday, October 19, 2008, 12:18 PM

I am a danish/mexican. My late mother is from denmark while my late father is from Mexico. I just did a change of name to Bruun from Hansen . The Bruun came from my late mother's father. I have lived all my life in Mexico city in Mexico. I was in Australia couple of weeks ago for my business and i found it interesting there. I came to Internet dating because i really want to settle my life down with a man who is looking for the real love and who is honest and trustworthy. Someone i will love with all my life. Right now, I am in Malaysia with my son i am here for my business trip and will be done in few days time. After which i will have my 3 weeks vacation which i don't have any plan yet of where i will spend it or whom to spend it with. I really like your gesture and will like to know you more about your interest and every other things. You are not too old for me due to some bad experience that i have had early with young men.

for fun:
I like movies and concerts. I like exploring new restaurants to inspire me for my own cooking and entertaining. I love yoga and volleyball and basketball. It is fun for me to go to sporting events. I like biking and hiking around the lake/beach.
my job:
I buy and sell diamonds,i am self employed legally, Work is important in that it provides my livelihood. As long as I work with good people that is the main priority. religion:
My faith has been my center. I am balanced with my faith. It has been an important part of my life and has provided me a deep foundation. I am moderate with attending services but am close to my God and that relationship everyday. I
my education:
I worked hard for my education and graduate work and it has provided opportunities for me and I am grateful for it. I believe education is very important.
favorite things:
Favorite color is green. On a rainy day making a hot chicken soup with movie or book. I like my smaller places to shop. I love clothes and shoes and victoria secrets. Music Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain and Sheryl Crow.

More About Me...........

I am a whole hearted person. I am very happy and I feel very grateful in my life. I am educated, athletic and love to create a comforting home and cooking and entertaining. I have a creative side for writing. I love banter and light hearted humor. I like to have fun and be out in the world. I like restaurants and sporting events or just walking to art festivals or farmers markets. I am a one woman man for the right man. I am a single mom and have a good balance of time with my 7 years old son (SAMUEL) and time for my own adult life.
When I am cherished by my man it brings out the best in me as a woman. I am deeply appreciative of the way a good man thinks and respect he is self-made. It does not matter the position held, it is the energy behind the position that turns me on. I admire when a man is good to his friends and even though I like achievements I like if a man maintains the closeness of special relationships. A man that can balance between both of those is very attractive to me.

I haven't getting any one here yet. As i am new to this and you?

Do you have msn messenger so that we can chat?

How long have you been on internet dating?
What's your goal in life?

Looking forward to hearing from you

Ps; You look good in your picture. you can call me or send me an sms on +60132993054

the country code is 60

you can also give me your mobile number i think it will be easy for us to keep contact that .

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2009-01-08, 15:51:40
anonymous from Serbia  
Mia Osmond (
It is spam
2009-02-07, 12:02:19
I meet a woman on the internet , and she called her self mary hansen.
I do not know if it is the same woman as the poeple talking about here in this forum, bud it is posible.
she call her self mary hansen.
She lived in mexico, and she is a daimond retailer.
She buy and sell daimonds, and she have a doughter called becky.
We chat a wile and we whrite a lot of e mail and we call our selves.
She offer me the idea to come over from malaysia where she was for buisnis.
If i pay her same money for the airplane ticked she wil come over for a hollyday.
so i did .
i send her money, and when she recived it , she say she was not alowed to travel because she have to pay the border travel alowens, a rate of money that you have to show the gard people to pass the passport control to fly to holland.
so i send her money again.
after she frecived it , she send me flight scedule to amsterdam airport.
I whas waiting for a phone call from her when she arrived there, bud it never come.
when i see her online, i ask her about it, and she say she have to frebook her airplane ticked.
so i send her money again.
she answer with a new flight scadule to amsterdam, bud she never arrived.
She say that she have to pay taxes to pass the customs in malaysia airport.
i refuse to send her money again.
I recived e mail from her lawyer that it whas urgunt to send her the necesory money, because she was a woman in bad problem.
i recive e mail fromm alaysia customs to send her the money to pay the tax.
she told them i whas her husband.
so i did.
i send her again money.
she promissed me that she wil come.
she send flight scadule gain.
and again i whaited for her phone call if she was irrived on the airport.
no calls .
i meet her again on the ,internet.
she say she was blocked again because the amount of money i send her whas not good to pay the necesory taxes.
i refuse to pay again.
I lost a lot of money to her.
she prommisewed that she wil pay back my money soon she arrived here in holland.
i know her ID , and she show by mistake one time her face on webcam when we chatt like lovers.
she is 155cm to 160 cm tall
she have dark blond to brouwn hair till her shoulders.
I have her pasport number.
I have also the photocopy of the ID of a person where i have to send the money to in malaysia.
it is a buisnis man, a frend from her.
meby tghis woman is a differand woman as the woman in the reactions here in this forum, bud meby it is the same woman.
if so pls cach her
she talk with a english accend
meby australian
i think she is involved in a network of face internet daters.
same people who say it whas the hotel host, they talk with a african accent.
i had in the passed a relation with a wonderfull nigerian woman, so i do reconice this accent emidiatly.
i am shure i lost a lot of money to her.
I am shore i wil never get it back from her.
Who is the next fictim.

2010-05-25, 09:11:54
anonymous from United Kingdom  
she is very good at what she does she has to be stooed and i would say that she must be picked up gan given a good beating the likes of her must end up in a wheal chair this will give her time to think of what she is doing to other people when i find her i will inform you.9753
2010-05-31, 04:56:42
anonymous from Ensenada, Mexico  
I can't believe this. are you sure someone is not using her picture to hurt people? Maria is not this type of person. I need to get her informed about this post here
2010-05-31, 04:56:53
anonymous from Ensenada, Mexico  
I can't believe this. are you sure someone is not using her picture to hurt people? Maria is not this type of person. I need to get her informed about this post here



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