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Dating scammer svetlana belonosova


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Name: svetlana belonosova


128/49 stachek prospect st petersbug,russia 198207

Other Comments: profile #9349 activ scammer!

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2012-08-05, 18:40:20
anonymous from Russian Federation  

2012-08-05, 20:22:35
This is all very interesting. If I were rich I can probably find someone in my own country to love.
2012-08-05, 22:55:25
OJAS from United States  
Remember you were masquerading to be Australian, but could never write like Australians, despite your 17 years of "Russian English?"
Not that you are capable of writing like Americans, but don't flaunt your "spelling prowess"

You seem upset possibly because an American refused money, did he piss on your face… again and again?
Go to tourist hotels in Sankt Petersburg like Azimut, stick your face in toilet bowls, you might find some American dollars you can lick and take home. And yes, that is also not a crime, neither is prostitution run by your mafia pimp!
2012-08-05, 22:56:02
anonymous from Russian Federation  
Mikie,why you are writing this shit about me? Don't you know I love you?
Let's meet at a cosy restaurant and talk about everything
2012-08-05, 23:03:07
anonymous from Russian Federation  
Yes,all business and capitalistic practice is based on scamming people, you lure the customer in with one word, 'SALE' and 'pretend' to give them some discount on the purchase,of course only you know they are still paying more than double what you paid for it)))))) Even when shop say 50% discount they still make big pofits Maybe I will open some business in the near future ))))))
As for crimininals belonging in jail,one of the investigators in this case was also scamming and he is in jail,Alexi Belkin )))))) You can read about this on Russian website.I helped set him up )))))) I am innocent it was never proven I did anything wrong ))))))
Do you like my hairstyle? Are you envious of me, Marple? :))))))))
2012-08-05, 23:06:38
anonymous from Russian Federation  
lol, Miss Marple writes...'sunclear' lol yes,the sun is clear )))))
2012-08-05, 23:53:20
Miss Marple from United States  
There is nothing i envy in you ,believe me ! you do not need to start up new business
you are running business already ..prostitution and it is illegal in Russia...because there is no proofs of crime it do not mean that you are totally innnocent ...and we all know that be spare me from your comments that anyone wants to be you please! You have no pride,self respect or not that good looking either will never be an proper lady even if you took classes at the university for the rest of your life... you are just simply cheap ...your future is nevsky prospect ..where other prostitutes belongs in St Petersburg...
2012-08-06, 00:25:19
anonymous from Russian Federation  
My future is as a doctor, but I already am an actress, am Marilyn Monroe :))))))
2012-08-06, 00:31:50
anonymous from Russian Federation  
There are many prostitutes all over SPB but I am sure there is even more in Sweden,lol, they like to sleep with the immigrant from Somalia lol)))))) for free ))) it's not rape just, service)))
2012-08-06, 00:40:26   (updated: 2012-08-06, 00:40:59)
anonymous from Russian Federation  
I see,you also are a scammer,Miss Marple, is ths not some famous detective you pretend to be? ))))))
2012-08-06, 06:25:49
anonymous from Russian Federation  
Miss Marple, it is you now who is silent? lol, I think you are out selling yourself to earn some money lol)))lol))) Now,to more serious talk,you know what,I already told that I helped to put this Russian policeman into jail,he was against me in the case so I had to punish him for this, now he is very happy there in the prison,I love him, I told him I will wait for him when he comes out many years from now )))Read it and learn to never mess with me))))))
You see I always am telling the truth)))

Here is the link to his arrest ))))))


2012-08-06, 06:35:10
anonymous from Russian Federation  
I am on top of the world!
yours, Sveta :p
2012-08-06, 06:36:22
anonymous from Russian Federation  
I love this site :p
2012-08-06, 10:51:00
? ? ? ?  

You seem upset possibly because an American refused money, did he piss on your face… again and again?

No she did it to her self see pics. below its Svet.

Perhot' podzalupnaya.

S'ebis' Shalava.

2012-08-06, 12:50:47
anonymous from Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation  
I have comment 600 )))))) Sveta with an 'S' :P
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