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Dating scammer svetlana belonosova


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Name: svetlana belonosova


128/49 stachek prospect st petersbug,russia 198207

Other Comments: profile #9349 activ scammer!

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2012-08-05, 08:05:47
anonymous from Russian Federation  
Who wants a meeting? Call me ))))))
2012-08-05, 09:36:40
anonymous from Russian Federation  
Mikie,stop writing this rubbish and confess you love me ))))))
2012-08-05, 09:38:09
anonymous from Russian Federation  
I also work on Nevsky,come and see me dancing tonight )))
2012-08-05, 09:39:09
anonymous from Russian Federation  
You can have me with Olesya in the bathtub ))))))
2012-08-05, 09:40:39
anonymous from Russian Federation  
So,whoever it is writing as me,stop this ))))))
2012-08-05, 09:42:21
anonymous from Russian Federation  
I am Svetlana, the REAL Svetlana and I want your money ))))))
2012-08-05, 09:43:01
anonymous from Russian Federation  
I will post another sexy photo of myself to prove this ))))))
2012-08-05, 10:09:12
? ? ? ?  
'Na kaleni, suka'

Соси хуй для Вашей жизни ( Хуй тебе в рот ! Svet )
Сука (Suka ) Zalupa

Заткнись, иди на хуй

2012-08-05, 10:33:56
anonymous from Russian Federation  
LOL,who is this ugly monkey?? This is not me, I am like Marilyn Monroe ))))))
2012-08-05, 10:35:03
anonymous from Russian Federation  
Let me alone so I can send my sexy picture please ))))))
2012-08-05, 10:35:59
anonymous from United States  
I have no money to give
2012-08-05, 10:50:40
anonymous from Russian Federation  
Steal it first then give to me )))))) And we can be together ))))))
2012-08-05, 11:09:16
Miss Marple from United States  
Svetlana ...

Have anyone told you that you are suffering from Megalomania? How was your childhood? Did your parents loved you ? when i look at the photograph posted here with flowers on the dress ,you look like an little girl not like an mature must be very lonely in your own you know what it is like to be really loved ?? someone who is there and gives you comfort when ever you need it,someone who loves you unconditionally ...i do not think so...

Svetlana even if you have bought the police and the friends you say you have ,it is only temporary ,everything is temporary even life, we only have life once and it is short...even if the court can not do anything ,there is an court of life one day waiting for you see when you become old and ugly and have lot of shrinks and you might even get sick ,you maybe become dement...who is going to help you? the guy from Mexico??? will he change diapers on you when you have peed in your pants? maybe he will leave you in the bed for days and you are laying there in your own exkrement ..and screaming for help...

So what do you expect to get back when you make postings like this? Do you think you can scare people? do you think you can manipulate people to silence?? i am sorry your ruble and kopecks are not good enough here..i am not american ,but i do live here in the land of freedom ,where we have the freedom of speech and you can never take that away or even manipulate me with your bullshit ....the guy you abused from Australia how do you think he feels now? and all other guys you have manipulated and abused too as well,do you feel good about your self? do you love your self?

yes you are an scammer and scammers are known to be manipulative and mean to the victims and steeling the victims hard earned money ...scammers have no remorse or guilty feelings towards anyone...everything to just gain them selves...scammers lives in greed ..the greed for money..but you know what you can not take your money with you to heaven or hell..and they do not take credit cards either what are you going to with all money? buy more police ??

personally i do not care who you are and what you are posting here to me ..but i do care about the people who are scammed by you ..they do not deserve the cruel and mean actions you put them trough...and it is not enough to scam them you have to brag about it in a public forum .. you know damn well that you have done wrong ...and you do admit also what you have done but not that you have any guilty feelings just like an work of an real psychopath....yes Svetlana you are an psycopath....

Yes there are many scammers in Russia..but the real people of Russia would never humiliate them selves like you ..the real Russians would never ever dream to be like you are..yes Svetlana i know couple of Russians from my home country ..they are good people with dignity and self respect and also have respect for people....


Megalomania is a psycho-pathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of power, relevance, or omnipotence. 'Megalomania is characterized by an inflated sense of self-esteem and overestimation by persons of their powers and beliefs
Historically it was used as an old name for narcissistic personality disorder

2012-08-05, 11:23:27
anonymous from Russian Federation  
Go away American ,who cares about some ugly Australian who can't find love so he come to meet with me?
He deserved to get scammed he is very rich and it was destiny ))))))
And yes, I am a scammer and I love myself very much )))))) Many men love me))))))
2012-08-05, 12:04:53   (updated: 2012-08-05, 12:10:40)
Miss Marple from United States  
oh noooo...i have come here just to stay..i have all the time in the world what would be better than spend some hours on you ??? you know my biggest interest is actually human psychology and finding an suitable patient like you makes my day just...
i have patience you are going to work for human rights? UN?? or are you going to work for Amnesty international...?? That sounds like an splendid idea !! I know many places you could work for ,but the thing is that you do it voluntarily and do not give so much pay ,well you will get richer in experience of course..that is not to bad,dont you think? you are such an great and good person that suits you good,you even want to go one step further in your carrier and work even for the Nobel Peace Prize ..your such an ambitious woman!! ..i really envy you ....omg i get almost tears in my eyes that i can get to know a person like you ...i really get touched...OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Svetlana ...where have you been all my life??????? please do not get modest over my writings here...what woman you are ,such an grace and dignity ..i bet there are many women in Russia that must envy you tell me Svetlana where do you buy your clothes?? do you send for them from America ?? from New York?? do you order online?? or has the police given that dress to you?? i just loooove your dress !!!
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