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Dating scammer Josphine L


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Name: Josphine L


FULL NAME:Josephine Cudjoe

Other Comments:
She pretends not to speak fluent english claiming her father is from US who has since passed away and that her mum is a Ghanian. But her pics tells u otherwise. She asks for money so skillfully for travel, air ticket and passport, shopping and buying a new phone coz the one she had broke down so she can communicate with you properly.


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2007-10-15, 17:52:52
anonymous from United States  
what, no pictures?
2008-12-08, 18:10:59
anonymous from Turkey  
Thak you very much for this inform about Josephine.I am sure she make chat many people,one day I want from her identity card.She send me vote card but I am not quite sure this card is real.she said me same story her father from US but dead mother from Ghana and she was dead one year ago.She has one brother name is Richard.He playing football.divim team.
2008-12-27, 12:40:57
anonymous from Finland  
Today she, 'Josephine' wrote to me that her father is from Finland and her mother is still live. Josephine is graduating medicine doctor and she is coming to work, live and get married to Finland! WOW!

2009-12-22, 04:20:45
Someone with the same name in 'Norway' apparently (Pretty836 on AFF)

no pic yet, but there is one on the hotmail account
2010-03-11, 04:29:44   (updated: 2010-03-11, 04:36:14)
She also has many emails, one of them is

She is also on Facebook and Hi5.
2010-03-11, 05:56:09
Her many emails:

She also has alot of the same on Hotmail and Gmail.
2010-03-13, 04:40:16   (updated: 2010-03-13, 04:44:55)
This person goes by the name “Honey” on Hotmail, Messenger, Yahoo and Gmail, and everything else and she is from Ghana. She was sweet but after a couple days she started to ask me to buy her things like an I-Pod , Cell Phone, because she lost her I-pod and she could not listen to music or could not cope without one and she lost her phone and could not talk to you or communicate with her until you sent her one. She also started to ask for things that are very expensive, I got suspicious and found this site. thanks

This woman is cunning and beware of her beauty, she uses it to get things from people, very expensive things.

MEN BE CAREFUL !!! Josephine Cudjoe only wants your money.
2010-03-16, 04:40:48
This is another Ghana scam, beware. This one pretends to be a God fearing well brought up girl. Not so. Works with partner male when a male voice is needed. Contact name is Josephine Cudjoe cashes Western Union checks under that name. Pretends to be white but sounds black. Pics are fake. They use prepaid cell phones which are not traceable. Email is , and Website booted off of Marrige scammer, money for 4000.00 in expenses then the day she is to fly you get a call from a doctor saying they need money to help her for an operation as she was hit by a car at the airport. Its her partner of course fake doctor of course. He is easy to detect as he knows nothing of medical terminology ad he calls on a prepaid cell phone.

They also can generate some very impressive government documents as well. So beware. They are fake!!!!!!!! Complete with government stamps? If you want a picture write to me and i will pull one out of my file and send you one. Also i will tell you of a gold scam these two crooks are running too. I have pictures of that too. Beware beware beware, these two are very slick, and they are good actors, and know what to say.

2010-03-16, 04:51:02
Today Josephine Cudjoe ask me 1000 euros for pay the Visa and other documents. When I aggreed she then directed me to contact an agent who will help with the documents and Visa, by giving me his email address.

The agent also looks like he is a scammer himself and cannot be trusted, because he promises that he will send you a copy of the documents when they are finished, but when the documents are finished he says he has no scanner to scan the documents so you can see what you paid for.


Now Im in a another relationship and I realized I threw away and wasted my time on Josephine Cudjoe
2010-03-18, 03:33:41
Thank you for much for this invaluable website. I was contacted through an online dating service by a 'Woman' purportedly identifying herself Josephine Cudjoe. Her pictures are the identical ones shown on this website. In addition, the picture of her that was sent to me is consistent with the picture given to me and here on this site. However, she has now started asking me for money 4000 Euros. I have asked her to send me her invalid US Visa and her Ghanaian Passport and ID Card. But she keeps making excuses all the time, that’s when I knew I was being scammed
2010-03-18, 03:34:50
Another that pesters for western union money transfer for overdue electric and for internet fee so she won't lose you by disconnecting...she wanted 200 to start then when things sounded as if I might she asked for 850 then just 600 if I couldn't send the 950...kept it going for a week but made another id on yahoo with another name and contacted her and first thing she wanted was 200 western union for internet fee's.....send many pictures and claimed she loved me etc etc....don't fall for it fella's. I said ok I will bring the money there and she said no meeting there first but then when I wasn't sending western union she said come to Ghana to meet her....I bet I would've gotten clubbed in the head fast......beware!!! Stay away from this woman Josephine Cudjoe that asks for money...PERIOD!!!!
2010-03-18, 03:36:28
About Josephine Cudjoe, this son of a bitch contacted me back in Febuary of last year. I meet this person on This person used the name 'Honey'. To make a long story short, back in Febuary (actually around October of 2005) I tried online dating for the first time. Back in Febuary, Josephine (Using the name honey inlove) told me that she lived in California, but went back to Ghana, where she was born and her parents moved there because her father got a job there, but now dead, for her mother's funneral. She told me that she would like to come back to the U.S to see me and professed a lot of love emotions to me. She also said she needed help with getting an air line ticket back to the U.S. Another kicker, I fell for was she told me her mom left behind a case of 200 bars of 24k gold. She said If I helped her with the travel issues she would come to the U.S where the gold would worth 3.3 million dollars. This is where the trouble started and it was less than two months later where I found out that this was a hoax. But it was too late and I was pissed and still am.
2010-03-18, 03:37:43
Josephine Cudjoe got me good because, back then I didn't know this scam existed. I lost a great deal of money to false documentation they used. I say 'they' because I also have a copy of the second picture of Josephine, which she sent me, using e-mail adress: '' and also have five other bikini pictures of Josephine. I sent these pictures to a Yahoo anti-Romance scam forum group, an a representive told me that this person is a stolen model picture used by a 'group' of people I was actually talking to. 'All males' the Yahoo group rep. quoted. something to take note about on this person. I already reported Josephine Cudjoe to the FBI IC3 department. It seems that Josephine is really getting around and trying to screw people over. This S.O.B must be stop. Any body who knows some thing about this person please report it.
2010-03-18, 03:38:17
I have been talking to a Josephine Cudjoe from Accra, Ghana. Of course she wants to come to me in the US and needs help with money for visa, passport etc. She is much younger than I am and I want to believe her, but it is so difficult to believe. God, what do I do. Western Union says, don't send any money at all. I haven't yet.
2010-03-18, 03:42:42
Don’t send any money mate to the lady call Josephine Cudjoe from Accra Ghana, she will bleed you dry, trust me. You cannot trust any woman from Ghana they have a bad reputation they are just interested in your money, this lady from Ghana are just greedy hungry vampire suckers who is just after to suck your money. They are evil and wicked, both her and the man I always speak to when I always call her, she claims he is her uncle, but I’m sure he is her husband and he is telling her and forcing her to ask for money and make empty promises to come to other countries and live with you as your husband, but they’re only asking for money so they can live the good life in Ghana.
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