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Dating scammer Elena Yanchurova


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Name: Elena Yanchurova


Russian Irkusk Region
Tibelti Oktiabrskaya Str11

Other Comments:
I have received the same 3 emails from our person as the other folks that have posted on this site. However she is listing her birthday as April 11th and says her name is Elena Yanchurova.

She (they) have asked for Full name and telephone number a fool I sent it. Thanks to this site I have found that asking for money was next...shame...what a fantasy it was starting to be.

same old lines same old info...thanks again for the info...good job folks

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2008-03-19, 18:59:48
anonymous from United States  
I knew it was too good to be true. It was a pure fluke that I hit this site. Luckily she didn't get any cash from me, but I was sooo damn close to sending her $900
I have a question.......While she didn't get my money........she does have my name, address and cell number. What kind of damage can she, he, or they do???
Thanks in advance.
2008-03-22, 12:35:08
anonymous from Canada  
Hi I got a letter from { it } wanted 996 US dallor I told that we don't exchange Canadian dallor for US dallor when it is at par . Also told { it } Canada Post handles money not Westren Union .
2008-03-26, 06:23:22
Received this in a second email from a beautiful lady who I received from the Yahoo personals site, not the person on the site, but a 'friend' of the person.

It looks like the other postings in wording and layout.

Thanks for your reply so much!!! I got your nice photo, thank you very much.
I hope soon I will be able to come to your area by my birthday and we will meet each other!
This time I will write you more about myself. I've never been married, don't have kids but
I love them and they love me! I don't smoke, drink occasionally. And I want to tell you that
I always wanted to find an older man. I think older men are much more serious and they can take
care of me, they are more experienced in life and can teach me many things.I think you should
know more about my life and my hobbies so you will know if we have any common interests.
I'm 28 years old, not that young I suppose? My birthday is on 3 of April. I'm 166 cm tall (5.5.)
and 51 kg weight (about 120 pounds, I'm not sure how much it is in pound but I'm not fat which you
can see from my photos!). I don't know exactly my bust-waist-hips measurements,
I don't have a reason to measure it because I think it's OK and my body is proportionate ))

I take care of my body, I do aerobics three times a week and two times a week I go to a swimming
pool. I have an older sister, you can see her with me on photos. She is 32 years old now.
She recently divorced and she had 4 years old daughter. Her husband cheated on her.
We live with our parents in 3 room apartment. The name of my city is Laytamak, it's near Tyumen city.
Laytamak is quite small city unlike Tyumen which is a large city, the main city in our district.
I graduated from Tyumen Humanitarian University few years ago, the dance faculty.

Yes, we have such faculty in Humanitarian University! So I'm a professional dancer.
I don't want to have a dancer's career because I will have not much time for my private life
and for relationship with a man. I work as a dance teacher, I teach children from 12 to 17
years how to dance! Also I have a certificateof fitness instructor, this is my another hobby.
So it would be perfect if later I can find a work as a fitness instructor or teacher of dances!!!
I think it's a very good job for a woman, I'm always in a good shape and I keep myself not that busy!
Do you know how to dance? If not I can teach you! I can dance many different styles.
When I come to your city I will work as a waitress in a restaurant.
I would like to work as a dance teacher but I think you understand it'snot possible to arrange
such work by Internet because they want to see the level of my dancing.
Anyway I will try to find this kind of work when I come over there.
Or maybe not a dancer but aerobic( fitness) instructor, I think it's also very good job.
I'm sending few photos for you today! I hope you are not tired to look at my photos?
I'm sending few pics of my city from different seasons so you can see where
I live. You can see pics of the building where I live, the building where I work.

In winter I like skiing, although we have cold winters...
Our summers are warm usually. Mom is much younger then my father and they are very happy together.
My mother is a teacher of music in the school. I can play piano also, she tought me to play piano.
I finished music school and I still play piano about once a week. My father is retired engineer.
I cannot say I enjoy one particular type of music. It might sound strange for you but I can listen
to almost everything. The list is endless actually. But anyway, there are a couple of things I have
always enjoyed to listen to. They are Enigma and Deep Forest. I adore their music. It is so sensual and
helps relax a lot. I also like classic music, jazz, rock, lounge.
I want to try how to ride a motorcycle someday! I've never tried it!
By the way, do you have an International Airport in your city?
Please write me the name and the code of it.
Or write me the name of the nearest airport to you.

I write you my emails from Internet cafe, I don't have my own computer.
I suppose in few days I will leave for Moscow and start my trip!
There is no any messenger in this Cafe so we can only keep emailing
each other. I hope you are not getting bored to read my emails?
My address here is Russia, Laytamak, Lenina 5 street, flat 6.

I just can tell you that I enjoy life and I try to live to the fullest, I like to try new things.
I'm not that smart.. I was not that good in mathematics, physics, biology and so on!
But I'm very tender, caring, artistic, faithful, decent person.
Sometimes I can be not well organized, I think everybody had it's own minuses and pluses.
I don't look for any special qualities in a man.
I just hope he will be faithful to me and ready to create a happy family with me and I will
do everything to make him happy. I'm looking for a soulmate! OK... it's time to finish my email.
I'm sending a kiss by the wind to you and if I sent it to the
right destination you should receive it by evening ))))
I hope you will catch my kiss somehow )))

Kisses to you and have a good day!!!!

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Keywords: two girls black top
2008-03-26, 06:39:16
This is the first email received via yahoo personals Svetlana which she said was not her, but a friend. I only looked at the profile once and did not initiate contact.


Hi! I'm so happy to receive your reply! It was good to meet you on
dating site! You made my day! Why I chose you? I found you at the
site by chance. Telling from the beginning of the story I know a
woman who is on a dating site. That profile wasn't mine, it was a
profile of that woman, but she let me find someone from the dating
site from her profile. I don't know how to use the site, so I found
you by chance and wrote you. I didn't know what will happen, I didn't
know if you write me or not. But I am glad that we met each other.
I've never tried to find someone in Internet but soon I will come to your
country to work there, so I will have a work visa and a permission to work.
My friend worked in Australia somewhere near Sydney two years ago.
She worked in amusement park from 11 am till 6 pm and from 7 pm till 3 am
she worked in a bar. Of course she was always tired but she made very good
money! I think I can do it too! Now she is in Europe, working for 3 months.
She wrote me she liked to work in Australia better! I want to find a man who
can tell me about the life over there and maybe of course something more
then just a friend!!! I don't have a boyfriend so I'm open and ready for
new adventures!!! I'm in Russia now, but soon I will leave Russia to make
my trip so you can forget about our distance. I've never been abroad, only
in the South of Russia, the Black Sea, Sochi (where will be Olympic Games).
I like warm climate )) According to my visa I can work in your country for
3 months, I can prolong it to 6 months if I want. I think my level of
English is not so bad, but still it is very simple. I can't read philosophy
books in English or business books))) Anyway I want to improve my English
while staying over there. I write and speak English by myself. We have
Discovery channel here in English (my friend has cable TV, so I come
to watch it!). I like this channel so much! Very interesting! I'm sending
two pics, I hope you will like them. I will send more next time.
I live in small town here in Russia, and I decided to find someone by
Internet not to be alone when I make my trip. The life is different in
every country and I think it's hard to live there when you don't know
anybody. I can do some simple job as a waitress, or to work in some shop.
And later when I improve my English I want to find a better job!
I will start my trip from Moscow, I will go there to pass English
tests and have an interview. I think everything will be OK!
Working program helps me to get the visa, permission for work and
all travel documents and they will help me to get job. It's a special
program for young people who is not lazy and make some money.
Also they can settle me with another girls from Russia and Brazil who
came to work there too, it's very cheap. Here I can earn only about
100-150$ a month to work from mornig till late evening (my city is
really small). I think I can change my life and see many wonderful
things and just different life. I am full of plans and different dreams.
I am sure you will be not disappointed to meet me in real life!!!
I don't have a special plan or something like that for a new
relationship, I'm open to everything! I don't want to be an abuse for
you, if you don't want me as your woman, we can be just friends!
But I hope you'll like me and my photos! I had a boyfriend, but
it was nothing serious and we broke up one year ago because he moved
to Ekaterinburg. OK, I will finish this email... I don't know what else
I could write you in my first email. Please reply to me even if you don't
like me, because you are the only man I am responding to. If you don't
like me I will continue my search. I hope so much to receive your answer!!!
I hope we can have a nice communication by emails so I will know
somebody is waiting for me over there! Not so long time to wait for me,
really!!! I hope you are my soulmate and we can match each other!
Tell me about yourself and the place where you live! And send me
photos! Sorry for being too talkative!!! Please write me back here,
I write you from my private email address now.


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2008-03-26, 06:43:59
2008-03-27, 16:25:58
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I have heard from this person too. Same story. Same pictures. Used email address and the name Tatiana Ozornina.
2008-03-27, 18:44:50
What a Creepy deal. Now she(Elena Yanchurova) is She/He/they were on She e-mailed using her girlfriends profile from Pennsylvania. Anyway, I just googled in her fake humanitarian (clue #1 that it is BS), and lo and behold it was this cool website.

Be careful with this weird on-line dating sh##!

2008-03-27, 22:05:55
anonymous from Melbourne, Australia  
Received exactly the same emails as above. Glad I did some research! Not that I would've given her any money of course! She was using the email
2008-03-28, 07:25:46
anonymous from Fern Tree Gully, Australia  
Received this next -

Hello Daniel, Im very glad to see your photo, its very good and nice, i like it very much.
I am glad to get a reply from you and I think I am a lucky one because I met such
a wonderful man like you in the Internet! And I also hope I will be lucky to meet
you in real life soon!!!!!! You know yesterday I told my parents about you.
Now I guess they don't worry about my trip so much, at least I hope so.
I was tyring to calm them down because I don't want them to be nervous
about me and though I am almost 29 years old, I am still a little girl for my
parents and I will always be. Now they know that you are a kind man
and help me if I need your help. You can show me your city and surroundings
and tell me about the culture of your country and about the life over there.

I don't remember if I told you that I love cooking. I will cook some tasty Russian
food for you and you'll tell me what you think.
Most famous food in Russia are Pelmeni, vareniki, blini, borsch, okroshka!
I bet you will like it!!! I also like Italian and sea food.
I love lasagna and pizza!!!!!!! Yummy! I am the best in cooking lasagna,
this is what my friends and family say. I also love Mexican food because it is spicy,
though I don't cook Mexican food too often. I like cooking cakes and try something new!
My favourite is cheese cake with raspberry!!!
Hm, you know when I talk about food I am getting hungry:).
I eat everything and I am not on any kind of diets, I just don't eat after 7pm.
It also helps me to be in a good shape. I can cook many tasty things for you when we meet!
Ok, enough about food!
You know ...almost all Russian men are like bears, they are very rude and dishonest.
They can't be nice and polite. They can't be jentlemen!
They don't want to work and they don't want to have families since it is a big
responsibility to have a family. Judging by your letters you are absolutely not like
them and I happy to know that!!!
I like to go to the cinema! I really like to watch a good movie with
my friends. 50 of movies in our cinemas are Russian and about 50 American.
Yesterday I was watching 'Pirates of Carribean' (part 3) I really like such kind
of movies!!! If you didn't see this movie yet, I would advice you to watch it!!!
Could you recommend me any American movie so I can watch it?
What is your favorite movie and actor?
Some time age I watched 'Perfume' (by a novel of Patrick Zuskind).
I've read this novel and I like it so much! Breathtaking! Anyway I think
the book is better then the movie.
Soooooooooooooooo......... what else could I say?
I have a driver's licence but I don't have a car. My father has a
Russian car and he gives me his car sometimes. I like not only the cinema!
I like theatre and opera too, I like ballet.
Unfortunately there is only one small theatre in my city and there is
nothing interesting. If I want to go to ballet, for example, I should
go to Tyumen, there sometimes can come famous Russian actors and
dancers but I can't go there often because it's quite expensive.
And now I have some good news for you! After sending this email I will
go home, take my bags and go to Tyumen! From there I will fly to
Moscow! I was on a plane only two times in my life and I'm afraid to fly!
I hope my plane will not fall down! I'm really afraid! So it is several
hours from Tyumen to Moscow and I will come to Moscow late night. I don't
think I will live in hotel there, it's very expensive. You know, due to
statistics Moscow is the second most expensive city in the world after Tokyo.
I will rent a room in apartment, it will be cheaper then renting a room
in a hotel. Of course it will be very modest but it's OK for me!
When I come to Moscow and settle down I will write you an email.
I will write you as soon as I can!!!
In Moscow I will spend a week or maybe even more, I should make all
final arrangements with my documents and after that I will come to you!
I've never been to Moscow before and I'm so nervous now... I've never
went somewhere alone and now I should go alone to such big city!
You know... I had such great desire to start my trip already.. and now
I feel myself like a newborn kitten who has even didn't open his
eyes... I just want to hug my mommy and don't want to go anywhere...
but I know that's my dream to start a new life and I will try to turn
in to reality! Soon you will hear some news from me from Moscow!!!!!!!!

Many kisses to you!
I hope I'm the one for you!

From nervous and excited Svetlana
2008-03-28, 07:27:25
anonymous from Fern Tree Gully, Australia  
I'm drunk and lazy, so I haven't read all the previous posts, but I'm wondering, has anyone ever played with her? Now that I know she's a scammer, let's see what I can get from her?
2008-03-28, 20:18:08
anonymous from Crystal Beach, Canada  
Elena had me going as well - same letters and all that - Her e-mail is

2008-03-29, 01:21:08
anonymous from Australia  
To Ferntree gully, go for it mate, all the rest of us have, trouble is she has that many blokes on the go that the law of averages is that she will get a few 'kills' every now and then which keeps him/her going. Fuck them around by all means! The more we stuff with them then the more people like you and me will be able to let other guys know about these leechs.
Cheers Mad Mick

2008-03-29, 07:27:43
anonymous from Crystal Beach, Canada  
ELENA - she has not quite caught up to herself yet! I have already told her to show me her tits, so I could at least get something out of this! She obviously has not read them yet because I just got a fresh letter from her - and you'll never believe it - she's in Moscow! She had to stay with an old lady for cheap rent - the old lady was nice enough to tell her to 'watch out for bad people' - what a bummer - I should take a cruise over there and track her down - might have to tear off a piece!
I am sure glad I found this site by chance! By the way her last name is 'VORONINA' - I am sure she can change that at a whim - funny though she keeps using 'ELENA' - maybe they aren't as smart as you would think! I scrapped all my pics of her - you guys had a few extra anyway.
2008-03-29, 11:01:40
anonymous from Australia  
Here you go Canada, cheers Mad Mick
2008-03-29, 20:19:04
anonymous from Canada  
Well, hello my dear Tony!!!
I'm so excited to write you again!!!!!!!!!! I'm in Moscow! You can't
imagine how happy I am that I already started my trip to you!
I still cannot believe I've done it! WOW! As I wrote you I was scared
to fly on the plane but everything was OK and I'm still alive ))))
Moscow is really a big city! I've been told the population of Moscow
is about 10 million of people! From the Airport I went by bus... it
was so long way... about 1 hour and 30 minutes. I've seen so many nice
places in Moscow while going by bus! When I got off the plane in the
Moscow Airport policeman asked me about passport and he looked at me
like I am an enemy ))) I think all people here (and everywhere) are a
little crazy because of terrorism.
Everything here is very expensive, not like in my city...
and everywhere are big crowds of people! Everywhere is so many people!
I'm still uncomfortable about it but I feel soon it will be OK. I've been
to few shops here today and I see goods are much more expensive
here then in my native city. I found a place to stay, I rent a room from
an old woman. She is about 70 years old. She said her husband died 2
years ago and she has two grown up children but they are already married
and don't come to visit her very often so she is alone and she has not
much money so she give in rent rooms in her apartment. She is very nice
woman )) She said I have to be very careful. You know... she said many
girls from small cities come to big cities... or even abroad...
they are looking for a better future and fortune but because they are
from small cities they didn't imagine their way to find the happiness
can be not as easy as they thought... and some of them can end up as
prostitutes or something like that. She said I should be careful when
I meet you!! But I don't worry about you! I feel with all my heart you
are really nice man! And I think I'm enough educated not to end up as
a prostitute and I will find my happiness! Sorry I wrote you about my
worries.. I have nobody to write about it. My parents and my sister
are worried enough about me and I don't want to make them worry more.
I think that's really good I've met you! I can write you about everything.
I miss my parents... but I'm getting better with every hour ))
Now I'm very hungry and I will go and eat something.
Please confirm the name of airport and be sure you wrote it correctly.
Please confirm me your full name.
Please don't be mad! I just want to be sure I have your contacts!
This way I will feel more confident.
I am afraid to make any mistake... I hope everything will be fine.
My last name is Voronina. So you already know my full name.
I've been told I may have all further information about my trip
tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. As soon as I learn it I will
write you an email!!! I don't have enough time now to write more things.

With great excitement and many kisses from Moscow,

Your Elena Voronina
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

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