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Dating scammer ekaterina pashkova


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Name: ekaterina pashkova


kalachinsk near omsk russia

Other Comments:
Same fake driver license as seen on this site with name and date of birth changed

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2007-03-29, 20:29:36
anonymous from United States  
This is a real shame,`cause she is fuc**** HOT!!!!!
2007-03-29, 20:35:33
anonymous from United States  
She didn`t get me for a dime.The real fun was writing back and saying,'Oh,my darling,I am gathering the money as we speak!!I can`t wait to see you..I will send the money soon..etc. ect. ect. Reverse pshychology at it`s finest.the real bit**,PAYBACK!!! You know, I would be very interested in geting a scam going where I play these bit**** all the way to moscow airport,letting them think I am sending the money...The problem is having somebody on that end ready to bust them!!!
2007-03-29, 20:46:49
anonymous from United States  
There were a couple of others,`cause I found a tracking cookie in my drive....So I wrote back and said to the others: 'Oh yes,darling I want us to be together forever...just remember to take plenty money with you when you 'traveling abroad',about 2000.00 US dollars,ok?And sweetheart,I am little bi-polar,so I don`t want to hear any sob stories about plane tickets,visa expenses,or family emergencies.I am sorry for this,my love,but you want honest man,well I be honest for you.I will think of you always--with hugs and kisses and dreams of you and truthfully yours,thinking of you always,yada yada yada--(my name) Oh, B.S. I get anymore e-mails with cookies of love I tell my father..He retired government,too...Pentagon official...he hack your internet cafe and crash whole fuc**** street!!!! And I say hi to brother for you...he F.B.I. special agent in charge--internet fraud...Ok I will end my letter now sweetheart, so I hope to see you soon....PEACE OUT!!!
2007-03-29, 21:00:36
anonymous from United States  
Dude,anyone got a worm virus handy? 'I am sending pics you asked for,my darling.I wait for your answer...' Download this,BIT**!!!!!
2007-03-30, 17:42:11
Thetoolman from United States  
Here's what I have on this one:
Site found:American Singles
Address:Sovetskaya St. 16-29 Kalachinsk,Ru
AKA's: Yulija Demanowa {on this site},Olga Fedotowkih,Yuliya Efremowa
Other email addy'
Uses 'thebat!'X=Mailer
IP's + They do not return to russia.Header's are probably forged.
It would be helpful to other's if everyone would post letter's{not all} with the header and
any other info you get,such as I have.You also don't need to post a photo that is already here!
2007-03-30, 18:15:33
anonymous from United States  
Ok....Yoy`re right.If the photo is already here,no need to show it again...except when this is really hard evidence that can be compared with other photosj---same or not,Take the license for instance...same except name and DOB. I`ll try to search my saved mail for headers and other info...I do not yet know how to attach them or getting IP`s for you guys.
2007-03-30, 18:24:13
anonymous from United States  
If this person keeps on trying to scam me and placing cookies in my files I am gonna talk to some people I know and crash his whole FUC**** system!!! So if the scammer is reading this, GIVE IT UP MAN!!!!!! You ain`t getting shi* from me but trouble! By the way,can somebody that knows a little about the legal aspects of this write in an comment on the date sites responsibility,or lack of,on which these scammers are scammin` to get them the hell off of their sites!!! And these bleeding-heart liberals want to give criminals serving time computers so they can facilitate their scams and tie up our system with their bar exams,paid for by taxpayers,and kill us with their appeals for murdering half a hundred people!!!!
2007-03-30, 20:37:14   (updated: 2007-03-30, 20:40:00)
thetoolman from United States  
Anon,point taken.All I meant is it's dumb to keep posting the SAME pix,new one's are alway's a help.Hair get's changed etc. Now maybe this stuff will help with the IP's/header's.These both break's down an IP and has alot of good info. or You may need to try the last without the html.This next one will trace an IP using the whole header,copy the header and then paste it in the box.after that it's pretty self-explanatory. For the cookie problem some spyware will help,these are all 'freeware' that I use:Spywareblaster,A-Squared free,Spybot Search and Destroy
Here's another tip for those that never tried...GOOGLE you can do names,email addys,
phrases from letter's too.All you need to do is use quotation marks.This is a real good example to try'I see it is very short letter'thay one will 'hit' about 25 times.
I'll look through the pix that are posted and add any I have that aren't.I have 18-20
of 'her'.If I can help more leave a post. I noticed the tracer link didn't come out right,it
should read apelord.
2007-03-30, 22:10:16
Thetoolman from United States  
Here's some more pix of Ekaterina
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Yulija Demanowa from Seversk, Russia
Dating scammer ekaterina pashkova

2007-03-30, 22:10:57
anonymous from United States  

Keywords: brunette blue jeans in snow tree
2007-03-30, 22:11:27
anonymous from United States  

2007-03-30, 22:11:55
anonymous from United States  

2007-03-30, 22:12:25
anonymous from United States  

2007-03-30, 22:14:15
anonymous from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer ekaterina pashkova

2007-03-30, 22:14:46
anonymous from United States  
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