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Dating scammer shaku mathew


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Name: shaku mathew


accra, ghana box 338tf

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met on singlesnet , here address was in flint Mi. when we talked said she was in a bad relationship and moved back to ghana , she is a very good looking women but dont be fooled.She will want to come to live with you , just buy her airfare, turns out her dads friend is a travel agent and you could send the money to him , also she may tell her son and father died in a car crash , I was ready to do it but research all her stories and yes it was a scam >

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2011-12-31, 22:05:26

2012-01-01, 20:12:16
this mariam aliu just came on my page an laughed an said she wasnt afraid of the FBI.she said what a joke an was very vindictive WATCH OUT FOR HER.alias moore IS STILL ON MYSPACE AN REGISTERED ON 75 OTHER SITES.CLAIMS ADRESS IS 547 KANDA HIGH WAY COUNTRY;GHANA,CITY ACCRA,ZIP CODE 0023.
2012-01-03, 14:59:29
SHE SENT ME MORE PICS TODAY,uses a list to ask many questions.she is very sweet an polite.moore
2012-01-03, 15:03:45
more pics
2012-01-03, 17:16:46
2012-01-03, 19:24:57
Josie Model. Lay your hands on this saucy young girl. Josie Model brings you a hot new site filled with her barely 18 nude body. She loves to put herself on display in 20 000+ pictures, tons of videos and her live webcam shows. Josie Model even has a boutique where you can check out some of her hottest DVD's. Join Josie Model now and you get access to her whole network.

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2012-01-04, 01:18:13
[hidden] from Latvia  
Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy Nice
2012-03-18, 17:19:11
ok im gonna put my 2 bits in on this after being scammed by yes the people or person using that asian girls photo,the photo of her sitting on that carribean looking guys lap makes you wonder is this her manager,boy friend,husband,or pimp a few guys wrote in some blogs that she did porn movies and has since retired and had a few kids by her husband who managed her career one guy said she is now divorced,but makes apperances at this gentelmens club called back door bambi on 17th street in miami florida u.s.a,the owner of the sex club says men can do anything they want with the girls,funny thing is the police can set up chat lines to capture men who think they are talking to underage woman,but cannot look into this woman who may be scamming men around the world out of thousands of dollars,men have sent in her work address,and im sure the police are reading the blogs they go back to 2007 of the same girl.its either 1 west african men using her picture 2 she and her ex husband scamming guys or 3 the miami florida sheriffs or miami police are using the photo to make a few bucks for themselves.
2012-03-18, 18:40:59   (updated: 2012-03-18, 18:56:03)
DOC from United States  

Sorry you were scammed.

Hundreds of West African scammers use her pics.

Police here in the US cannot do so much to criminals in other countries!


2012-03-19, 00:29:32
012-03-18, 17:19:11 anonymous ok im gonna put my 2 bits in >>>

Oh yeah, you're probably right on all three of your observations ! It seems just 3 or 4 years can be an eternity for some of these porn girls then they're washed-out. If they're lucky not to have too many health and drug issues by then, many will migrate to the strip clubs where they can still pickup plenty of cash, by freelancing doing lap dances and/or trips to the private club rooms for set fees with the VIP guests.

Ahh, a classical example of the old adage 'money breeds corruption'. Sure they all make bucks because sex sells ! So when a few hapless street noodles are arrested or some horny old man gets caught in a sting talking to an underage female, it makes the headlines providing good PR for law enforcement ...

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2012-03-28, 15:09:20
my reply to the other 2 bits,hey your probably right about our indentured servants all known as the police,i suppose i should tell you the african fella won all that euro on a bet,hahaha,but in actuality he did,he bet his comrads hed could swindle fools like us to send him the euro ,and now he wants to send us his greetings chaps,
but it looks like the person loves warm climates 1,phillipinos whores are at all the hotels in west africa,the miami woman may have connection back there setting up multable address,she may be washing the money thru western union,we wire our money to this ghost woman we ll never see,then team 2 wire the money to the united states so this woman can live it up in miami beach
she aware of all the dating sites in the u.s.she gives all the dating sites to the team in west africa to scam unsuspecting guess.
my last guess is it could be the exhusband using her photos to scam for money and pay child support or they are working as a team since shes over the hill in the porn movie scene,and there paying off the miami police or the dade county sheriffs to look the other way my guess.
2012-03-31, 20:42:50
anonymous from United States  
mr doc i have a question for you,how on earth are all these west africans knowing about this womans picture,its just amazing how guys 8000 miles away know about a small time porno star living in miami beach florida,ok any guy familiar with any hot porno star way off in another country,this whole thing is fishy any guy reading this do you know any hot porno star in west africa that got picture,movies and working in a local gentlemens club in west africa send in some,im dying to see it,
2012-03-31, 21:00:39
hey mr other 2 bits nice photo of the women at the back door bambi,if the woman are standing up to pee im running for the border,till i hit china one thing i never seen was a gay china man and im not lookin either keep sending me new matches via msn,once scammed and im done with online women,ill go to africa and meet a girl in person at least i know it a woman.these scammers should work for cnn since they like photography and good strories.
2012-04-01, 03:42:18   (updated: 2012-04-01, 03:48:08)
2012-03-31, 21:00:39 anonymous [ im done with online women,ill go to africa and meet a girl in person ] >>>

Every year in September thousands of young 'Zulu Maidens' gather at King Zwelithini's royal palace for the Zulu Reed Dance [uMkhosi woMhlanga] and present themselves for marriage. The Reed dance is a colourful and cultural celebration that promotes respect for healthy young women of child bearing age, and preserves the custom of keeping girls as virgins until marriage.

Since you're thinking of going to Africa to seek a traditional relationship with a woman that hasn't already been deflowered; you might consider a trip to British Zululand in a few months, but you must first make your wishes known and present a meaningful gift to the tribal chief for his blessing. After which you may engage in conversation only with any of the young maidens, but you must be careful not to engage in any sexual activity with any of the girls until the appropriate time.

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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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