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Dating scammer Yulija Demanowa from Seversk, Russia


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Name: Yulija Demanowa
Location: Seversk, Russia
(near Tomsk)


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2007-03-16, 15:07:29
anonymous from United States  
I contacted the powers that be at yahoo trying to get them off their asses and do something about this bitch. It would real nice to setup a sting and get her going to the money pickup in russia or where ever. Internet fraud is solid jail time.
2007-03-21, 15:45:54
lasvegas4me2007 from Bellingham in Washington, United States  
WOW! I am sooo freakin happy I did a search and come up with this site, I almost felt bad for this chick. However, my chick's name is Anastasya Kaniska and I'm hoping she does come for a visit I'm sure I'll be waiting at the airport waiting to pick her up. I have a few more photos she sent me than what we have here and will try to paste them. So the bottom line here all you freakin perverts is NEVER, NEVER trust a woman, If her lips are movin she's lying! Oh by the way guys, if you check the properties info on the pictures most of them have a 2002 date, did anyone think of that and the fact that this chick shaves her underarms?
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2007-03-22, 16:53:44
anonymous from United States  
i found a new scammer bitch from russia ....guys be careful
Hello! I was so glad to receive a message from you!
My name is Ekaterina.
It is really new experience for me because I never wrote e-mails to
someone from another country, its a first time! So you see, I'm a
usual girl without any secrets and I also have only good intentions!
First of all I think I should tell you about this: I will work abroad
for about three months so I would like to meet a nice man, who could
be my friend and who will show me around. I think that its very
difficult to live alone in a foreign country without friends, besides
I have never been abroad before.
I don't have a boyfriend so when we get to know each other better we
can be more then friend. We will see...
You know, I live in small town in Russia, so for truth I'm just afraid
to be lost abroad. So now you understand that I just want to see real
life and as I'm travelling alone I wish to find someone to be my guide.
I want my man to be kind, open-hearted and truthful.
You know, I'm truthful also, so I want to tell many details about
As I told you, I live in a small town, but I really don't like to live
Maybe you heard that its very difficult to find a work in russia,
especially in a small town, so I just don't have any opportunities
In russia also many girls are trying to find a work abroad. I heard
about it in the news. So I also decided to work in another country.
My job is instructor of modern dancing.
I already started to register documents so I will be able to work in
any state of USA (Canada). So now I need to choose in which city I
want to work. For truth it is the most difficult problem.
As I`m travelling alone I want to find a friend abroad and make a city
where he lives to be my destination. I think you understand that its
the only chance to change my life.
I'm 25 years old and I'm full of energy! I have many plans and dreams!
I think that I'm pretty enough to have a better place.
I hope you won't be disappointed if you decide to meet me.
Ok, I will finish my e-mail, but I hope to get a reply from you soon!
I will leave my town in several days so I just want to be sure that
someone waits for me there so I could feel more safe.
I will work all days long and I would like to find a man to spend
all free time together to get to know each other better.
I hope you will have an interest in meeting me, from my side I will be
more then happy to meet you too.
I hope you were not tired to read my e-mail? I could tell you more
details about me and my life in next e-mails.
Also pls tell me if you like my pictures and if you want to meet me!
I will wait for your answer! Write me here at my private email
With best regards, Ekaterina

here she is

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Dating scammer ekaterina pashkova

2007-03-22, 16:58:35
anonymous from United States  
new scamer bitch Ekatrina
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Dating scammer ekaterina pashkova
Dating scammer ekaterina pashkova

Keywords: brunette couch sofa
2007-03-22, 17:00:08
anonymous from United States  
scammer bitch ektrina
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer ekaterina pashkova

Keywords: blonde black jeans jacket white red striped top
2007-03-26, 14:38:38
anonymous from United States  
I have been chatting with this girl. Does anyone in here know her. She has not asked me for money as of yet. But I'd like to know.
2007-03-31, 09:56:36
anonymous from United States  
Dude,I hope you get this!!! I am talking to her now. She just played the same song and dance with me.Asking for 985.00 for 'expenses'!So I wrote back two days ago:'My darling Ekaterina, I will send you 2000.00 US dollars,as I want to help you soooo much..I want to make sure that you arrive safely!' HA-HA..who`s the player,now? Today,3-31,I got another message from her.She actually must have read the mail!!(somebody call Guiness BOR) She/he said not to send 2000,just 985.00.Maybe there is a law I don`t know about that makes fraud with amounts over 1000 really serious.So I wrote back:'I love you so much my Ekaterina...And soon we will be together!!!I will send you the 685.00(not 985.00) that you asked of me..I am glad to help you so we can be together forever!!!'(puke) I am going to play this bitch/asshole all the way to the frieking airport,if I can!!! This is soooo much fun!!! I also said to her/him:' Please send me more pics of Russia,my beautiful of city,people,and museums you go to.' I hope this asshole/bitch goes and gets more bullshit photos and catches hell loading all of it.OH,by the way---check your files,man.I found a tracking cookie in mine.
2007-03-31, 10:18:52
anonymous from United States  
I`m with the other guy that wrote in.Get a sting going! But who knows...The Russian govt. probably helps them do it!!! Isn`t freedom of speech great!!!! You know how every other country in the world LOVES America......
2007-04-05, 02:34:21
anonymous from United States  
to whom it may concern:

if you guys whos handling this stuff (the site or what ever you call it) please totaly stop this scam, find a way to track them and to inform them that we are not an ass hole to get on to there trap.... because like the other guys posted, i really brakes there heart and hopes for a better partner, and how about those really honest guy that are very desperate to help and now being deceive? we know money is very hard to earn... if im only good enough on computer as well as tracking them, i will do and stop them... they send me to this kind of stuff but im not stupid to send them money... so please stop them....
2007-04-14, 08:26:58
anonymous from Fort Wayne in Indiana, United States  
2007-04-15, 18:43:55
anonymous from United States  
Yulija Demanowa contacted me through me through with the username dillaron on 2-12-07. From what little I could see of her profile, she was from Cocoa, Florda ( she could be located anywhere depending how she fills out the initial personal information.) She responded back to me using her email canttakemyeyesoffof When she asked for the $980, I told her I could not give that to her. I have not heard from her since ( 2-26-07). The emails and pictures she sent match what I have seen on this website. Thank you guys for this website and let's hope whoever is behind this is caught.
2007-04-19, 10:09:19
Guys, watch out there is another out there.. I knew it was a scam by asking questions.. Never answered anything.. Told her a freind just died.. No, well nothing back.. I told her just now that i sent the money.. Of course never will.. Next I will reply telling her that she gave me a heart attack.. Check this one out..
2007-04-19, 10:10:48
2007-04-20, 10:05:18
Good way to really see if it is a scam.. Once they ask for money for the trip.. Tell them that you are a travel agent and will get the tickets for her.. You will not hear back.. I have sent various letters asking what happened.. No response..
2007-05-02, 07:36:24
anonymous from United States  
'elena' tried to scam me also; She useing this picture.
Message sent:
Hello my dear Patrick
I have so many thoughts running through my head and I don't know where
start from.
I was planning this trip and I was saving money carefully for more then
I didn't know where exactly I was going ( I mean I didn't know what
state I
was going to fly)
and that is why I didn't know the cost of the trip. With all these
You know yesterday I even saled my grandmom's golden jewelry for four
hundred dollars and
I need already 600 American dollars only. I thought that if you give me
loan, this will help.
I have nothing to sale anymore.
I have never been abroad and this was the first time I was arranging
I am not after best standards of living and I am not after sugar
daddies, I
am trying to
be me. I am trying to develop myself in all areas and not to stay in
small town deep in
Russia where there is no job, no money just for a living. nothing!
I didn't know that my trip will cost more money and I need to buy
If you don't help me noone will help me. I don't want to survive, I
want to
It is not funny when you have a salary two thousand roubles per month.
know that I decide my future.
Ok, enough about that. If cannot help me, then I must cancel the trip
and go
back home because I have
no any other way out. I wish I could come to you...I really liked you a
and I guess there is something more,
it is a sympathy for a man from a woman. I wish I knew that everything
be so complicated. And I feel bad
that I can loose all my saved money for the trip, I mean papers
arrangements, trip from Irkutsk to
Moscow, living here. I have never seen you in person and now I guess I
never see you if you don't help me.
Sometimes destiny plays bad and hurtful games with us, but this is
You are something special for me and I even don't know how to explain
maybe I shouldn't say that.
Please let me know if I have chances to get your financial help or not.
I need to know this as soon as possible. If nothing works out with my
then I will be here in Moscow for a few more days because I need to try
return some money from the
agency and then I will go back to my home town. Don't let me down!!!
I need to calm down, so I think I will finish this letter because I am
to cry...

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