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Dating scammer Olga Chalkova from Volzhsk, Russia


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Dating scammer Olga Chalkova from Volzhsk, Russia

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2007-02-17, 11:37:48 from Russian Federation  
Hey foreign boys,
You SHOULD know that there is a lot of fraud online. If you want to meet a lady from abroad you MUST visit her in her living place.I know many of you don't want or can't travel as far as Europe or Russia.BUT if you want NOT to be cheated you SHOULD travel and NOT send any money, either much or little, to any lady here. If your lady is sincere she WILL send you her invitation to visit Russia. This invitation she can get ONLY from the local visa department. So in such a way you will be protected, because in the invitation there are data about your job, your living place, your place to stay in Russia etc. In Russian TV news almost every week there is information about fraud online: quick-witted boys and girls make money! Be careful, don't send any money to those who you have NEVER met in person!
Dudinkafarnorthvera from Siberia,
the town of Dudinka, Krasnoyarsk region

P.S. If you need a help in meeting a Russian lady I know a lot of single nice decent ones:) Some of my own friends are not married:(
2007-02-17, 13:12:06
anonymous from United States  
(Smiles) Hello Vera, I have missed you.
Yes, it is true, there are wonderful women in Russia, and she I know is one of them.
You have made sure I will think of you...
2007-02-17, 14:04:20
anonymous from United States  
Ooops, I forgot Olga at the fountain:

Keywords: brown skirt jacket fountain
2007-02-17, 14:07:48
anonymous from United States  
The address Olga wants money sent to when she tried to scam me: 'I have learned the address of the bank nearest to me, the address: POST RUSSIA GRAZHDANSKAYA 65 CHEBOKSARY , 428005'
2007-02-17, 14:21:13
anonymous from United States  
The address Olga gave me while trying to scam me: ' Russia
street Sovetskaya, 25, the house 14 apartment 10
Olga Chalkova '
2007-02-17, 14:24:01
anonymous from United States  
The email addy Olga used when trying to scam me for what good it is... she seems to change it more often than I change my underwear: ' '
2007-02-18, 01:35:33
anonymous from United States  
I have recently been receiving emails from Olga. I am up to about 12, so I figure she will be hitting me up for money any time now. I have received a total of about 14 pictures that include all the above and some extras. The email address she is using to scam me is
2007-02-18, 04:12:31
anonymous from United States  
Now that money has been mentioned, she sure does like the word 'trust'. In the letter I just received she mentions it five times alone. Between it and the last two she must have nailed me with the word trust over a dozen times.
She is actually reading my replies now and addressing what I say. Im sure by this time she is just filled with love... Ive pointed out that it will take thousands to do what she wishes, and we have to aquire it before it can be sent to her.
One would think that a scam artist would notice when somebody pushes their greed button... after all, this is the heart of the scam.

2007-02-18, 05:33:31
anonymous from United States  
I'm also writing the same Olag Chalkova from Volzhsk Russia. Street Lenina, 23 the house 35, apt. 13. Thanks for the info. she said her birthday is approaching March 13 and she will be 30. I'm about seven letters in so far with all of the same pictures with the exception of one, and that one will probably come today. Thanks for heads up.
2007-02-18, 09:42:50
anonymous from United States  
I am glad I found this site, not because I would have sent her money. But so I don't waste my time with emails.

I have added a new picture of Murka, the cat.

She is using the email address
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Olga Chalkova from Volzhsk, Russia

Keywords: fat cat
2007-02-18, 11:40:01
[hidden] from United States  
I too have been hoodwinked by the infamous Olga Chalkova. She did not get any money from me, but I'm sure if things progressed further, that she would have. For some reason, I typed her name in a Google Search box and found my sweethearts photos plastered all over the Interent. Boy, did I feel stupid at first. Then I was mad. People wonder why individuals pick up a shotgun and visit their local PizzaHut. Screwing with honest people's minds is not a very smart thing to do. I'll send along a letter for everyone to read. SOrry, I didn't save all the others. I'm not going to post photos, because they are already here. Get the word out on this scammer. She is a fraud!!!
2007-02-19, 14:56:59
anonymous from Camdenton in Missouri, United States  
Definitely 2 different peoples' images posted here. My Olga Chalkova is the brunette - same images, same cats as both, same paragraphs. Has not asked for money in 4 emails, but reponded to my profile on Yahoo - a most like sign. Address was Lenina 22, house 35, Apt 13, Volzhsk. Thanks for the info!
2007-02-19, 17:51:20
anonymous from United States  
Please be Advised that that cat Murka is three (3) different cats. Have you seen our dark haired Olga Chalkova? I now have 19 photos.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Olga Chalkova from Volzhsk, Russia

Keywords: fat cat
2007-02-19, 17:55:28
anonymous from United States  
Olga Chalkova has sent me 2 pictures of Murka, but a photo like this makes one wonder, who is this woman?
This image was also posted here:
Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers

2007-02-19, 22:48:57
anonymous from United States  
Ahh drag... Yahoo shut her down.
Bet she loved me more than you :p
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