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Dating scammer Olga Chalkova from Volzhsk, Russia


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Dating scammer Olga Chalkova from Volzhsk, Russia


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2007-02-25, 21:29:57
anonymous from United States  
Olga Chalkova photos from kitten letter.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Olga Chalkova from Volzhsk, Russia
Dating scammer Olga Chalkova from Volzhsk, Russia

2007-02-25, 21:30:37
anonymous from United States  
Olga Chalkova photos from kitten letter.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Olga Chalkova from Volzhsk, Russia
Dating scammer Olga Chalkova from Volzhsk, Russia

2007-02-25, 23:09:39
anonymous from United States  
I wrote Yahoo, sending the email with Olgas lies concerning the visa... with headers. They deleted the account and indicated further action could not be communicated.
Immediately after this I was contacted by another woman using a account who was vague in where she got my name and addy. I thought the first reply I sent would have turned her away, but I was wrong. It was the seconed reply I sent which dealt with her immediate concerns which saw the last contact I had with the group which manages Olgas affairs.
My reply to her follows:

' A familiar girl gave you my name and address... how vague. This is the best you could do? For the life of me I cannot think of anybody I know named 'a familiar girl'. This leaves but one group of people who you could be associated with.
Here, we will cut to the chase... you cannot come over here but two ways... both cannot be done unless I make arrangements with MY state department in Washington, and THEY will get the money. Not you.
All other arrangements can be made without you seeing a single dime. Should you have emergencies and heart rending tragedies befall you before you lose interest, my heart goes out to you... but not money. I would assume at this point you will lose interest.
Thanks for the photo though, it will look good on the web in the fraud database along with all of Olgas.'

I never heard another word after this letter... hope this helps.
2007-02-26, 17:57:15
[hidden] from United States  
Hey Men here is a picture of my Olga only thing is i found other pictures of her on this sight. She got nothing from me but she is still emailing me. To bad very pretty

Keywords: blonde white skirt black top staged
2007-02-27, 04:27:52 from Jacksonville in Florida, United States  
Hi, I am Jim Russell, Sr. I live in Saint Augustine, Fl. USA. I have recieved the exact same e-mails from Olga Chalkova.23 Leaia Street,House 35, Apt. 13, Volzhsk, Russia, 404130. I recieved the exact same photos that are posted on this site. Even the same cat name, and birthday. 3-17-77. She is so damn beutiful. Wow, my poor heart. I guess I was waiting for that Money thing! Sure enough, today it came. She loves me to death, and needs $400.00 to come to me. I'm writting back, and telling her I bought a ticket already, and am leaving Saturday to come to her. Lets see what she has to say now!
Jim Russell, Sr. Saint Augustine, Fl.32086. USA
2007-02-27, 13:35:52
anonymous from United States  
Here's the address she uses for me.

Yep... her birthday was Feb 24. Same street address as above. Her parents died.

At least she is consistent with the pictures she sends. Mine are apparently of the same girl, but different from those sent to other men. She's good.... and beautiful.... if this is her.

2007-02-28, 12:25:14
anonymous from United States  
I'm in my 11th email with that cute delinquent. Thank god I always do google search of any girl I know, including those in dinner parties and school. I got most of the pictures shown above, also one from her kitty! Thanks a lot for this info. I will probably keep having some fun with the email that are heating up.
2007-02-28, 12:39:12
anonymous from United States  
I have the same comments as the previous poster. Except I have 18 pictures. two days agao she asked for the visa money. I resonded that it would be better if she could tell me how much I should send for airfare and some personal spending money. Today she resonded with a total of about $3,500. So....I responded that since we have understanding, trust and patience with each other...that i would need he to trust me enough to send me a nude picture of herself holding a sign 'I love eddie'. In this way I would be certain I could verify our trust in one another. LMAO...I can't wait to see what she does.
2007-02-28, 20:07:05
anonymous from United States  
I am now up to 32 photos of Olga, plus two kittys for a total of 34. Who has more?
Here is a new Photo.

2007-03-01, 07:36:36 from Jacksonville in Florida, United States  
Well, this is Jim again, from Saint Augustine, Florida. Olga suddenly decided not to answer me anymore. Maybe she couldn't get to the internet cafe.LOL. I told her I was flying in on Saturday, the 3rd of March. Of course this is untrue. It's BIKE WEEK at Daytona. Much more important to me. Anyway, still no responce. I am up to 20 photos.
Jim russell, Sr
2007-03-01, 08:05:01
anonymous from United States  
Latest picture from the scammers.

They are definately NOT reading whatever I send them as it is all bad and the luv talk keeps coming.

Up to #11 today..Still not asking for money but begging for us to get married soon because she is so much in love...haha

Keywords: brunette on boat or shop river or pier
2007-03-01, 08:27:22
anonymous from United States  
Okay, I am up to 22 photos as of this morning. The Scammer continues not to answer my qwuestions. But, Continues to express the usual deep love and affection...ROFLMFAO. Today I wrote back that I was a Morman and had the deep seated desire to marry twins...and did she have a twin Today's photo included this.....which appears to be some form of Identification

Keywords: fake passport
2007-03-02, 04:16:10 from Jacksonville in Florida, United States  
Damn, it's me, Jim again [Saint Augustine, Fl] Any way, this is so amazing. I keep seeing the exact same photos posted every day. Even some of the letters are almost word for word. Olga said one day, 'I set and stare at your photo on the computer'. Should have been VERY hard, as I NEVER sent her a photo. I figured if she knew what I looked like, I'd ask her for the lotery numbers! LOL...Any way, I wrote her a pretty nasty note yestrerday. And you will never guess what! Yup, No Reply!! Oh well, guess it is back to the A1A Ale Works, hopeing to meet someone, right in front of me!
Rock on..
Jim Russell, Sr
Saint Augustine, Fl. 3-2-07, 6:18 am.
2007-03-02, 09:24:49
anonymous from United States  
I suspect that Yahoo has discovered this scam and has shut down the olga email account. Any one that knows anything about computers/viruses knows that her explanation is a crock os sh**.

BTW....i ran a check on the new IP address this morning....the email originates in Moscow.

Up to 23 Pictures now.....Man these guys must have stolen a whole album of pictures

Good afternoon my lovely Eddie!!!!
I want to inform you my angel unpleasant news,
when I have come today to the Internet of cafe
to see your fine letter, I have found out, that
my address of e-mail has been infected with a virus
and I could not write and accept your letter from my
address and I very much was upset and has addressed
to the manager in the Internet of cafe and it has told
to me that there was very big problem and many people
had a failure of system and I have asked, that to me
make and this person has told to me that to me is
to create the new address of e-mail and has helped me
to make, my angel I ask you to write on this my new
address and I can read me your fine
letters again. I have been very upset, but I am glad
that have helped me with this problem, I very strongly
was frightened, that I not when cannot see your
again. I very strongly love you my lovely and I shall
from you for the letter. Your Olga.
2007-03-03, 17:55:15
anonymous from United States  
olga loves me,lol i sent her a copy of this and she still wont quit writing.she hasnt asked for any money yet,
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