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Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia


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Name: Natalya
Address: Russia,town Osinniki
Voevodina street 49,flat 17

Near big city Novokuznetsk

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2014-03-06, 04:11:04
His name Natalya Trushina, first contact via, then change to to start comunication,
She start sending description of her and photos, the photos looks real, so she maybe real, but suddenly she told that holidays are near and that she want to visit me. She give me her phone number, but i cannot contact her, she said that she need to activate international calls, well, i called it via skype and the problem was the same. Then the problems for ower meeting a appear. She has no money for the tickets airplane, visas, .... ok, i send that money, now she send me the airplane ticket and the passport. I have not way to verify if they are false.
Then she arrives to moscow to get the visa, then to get the visa she need to present some money in hand. Again i transfer it. She send me a copy of the visa in her passport. Ok, now she told me that she is going to the airport, great !!. But later a new message, the police stopped her beacuse she has a credit on her parents apartment, and that until she do not cancel the credit, she cannot leave the country.
I have multiple photos,

Alfter that, i have checked the email headers and found that every message from her and the travel agency came from the sam IP, one located in sweden, probably a proxy ( )

All the conversations where in poor spanish.

I hope this info stop that scammer

2014-03-11, 02:58:11
anonymous from Russian Federation  
2014-03-18, 22:16:46
anonymous from United States  
(quote)I think the whole night we will spend in bed we will only take breaks for coffee and sandwiches(/quote)
2014-03-18, 22:25:58
(I think the whole night we will spend in bed only taking breaks for coffee and sandwiches/)
2014-03-25, 17:08:35
anonymous from Hoensbroek, Netherlands  
Still around and back in a little while.
2014-03-25, 17:11:15
Dirk the Dagger from Hoensbroek, Netherlands  
Still around and back in a little while.
2014-03-26, 09:20:37
Dirk the Dagger from Hoensbroek, Netherlands  
2014-03-28, 23:58:24
anonymous from Australia  
I have had Elena emailing me in the last couple of days, just went on to site to look up where Bugulma was and found this site.Thanks for the information on this little hustler.
2014-04-01, 10:32:42
OJAS from United States  
To: Your scammer
Subject: Western Union MCTN

Email: A Grande Finale from
Attachment: Select a good pic from that Humor thread

Make everyday an April Fool's Day for a (different?) scammer! :-D)
2014-04-19, 09:04:38
Elena from bugulma, yes she is busy..busy messaging me now. She is now a 28 yr old school teacher. Her last name she is using is Gorukhina.
2014-05-05, 20:56:32
anonymous from Australia  
I have been getting letters from elena aka Natalya from osinniki and stumbled on this site and am so glad I did
Even though I would not have sent any money I am a married man and only replyed out of curiosity I feel bad for all the silly old buggers like me who do get scammed so after getting the info that she is a scammer I decided the the best way to try and get some justice for us was not to abuse her and tip our hand but instead to make them work hard with no reward at the end,
I sent an email back saying the usual blah,blah,blah and then said that I had had an email from another girl that sead she knows elena and who also wants to come and stay with me and asked what she thinks I gave the other girls name as Natalya from osinniki with any luck she will think that someone is trying to cut in on her action, matey we can start a scammer war and they will all kill each other
2014-05-06, 14:07:05
OJAS from United States  
Good job Oz mate, protecting your wallet.

Grande Finale articles start with http://www.delphifa..htm#168643
2014-05-10, 07:29:41
2014, Has anyone run into this one ?
Natalya Pavlova claiming to be from Usinsk.

2014-05-10, 20:09:52
Natalya Pavlova (Moscow, Russia) aka Veronika ...

Natalya Pavlova (Moscow, Russia) aka Veronika Kudryashova`s scammer photo ... Natalya Pavlova for a range of prices on March 29/05 and that was for $1089 ...
2014-05-13, 01:28:26
[hidden] from United States  
Natalya from Russia, anyone seen this one ?

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