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Dating scammer Tanya or Tatiana from Omsk, Siberia


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Tanya or Tatiana from Omsk Siberia

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2007-01-03, 16:05:31

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2007-01-03, 16:13:26
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Name Tanya or Tatiana from Omsk Siberia. Asked for money straight away. Not for travel but for her children, says she is a dentise. Then asking for money to open a bank account and on about a visa. Said she can travel to Turkey without visa so I guess she would ask for the money and I would meet her there.

2007-01-03, 16:41:00
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Hello dear Robert,Yes, you are right, I need a little sun and warmth now. I am muchbetter today. Today is holiday and day off here in Russia. It is Men'sday. I called to Dad and brother to congratulate. I think you knowabout this holiday, in Soviet times it was a Day of Soviet Army. Butnow we call it Men's day. I congratulate you too and wish you to bestrong and generous always :)Yes, I work hard. I do not like to complain. But it is life and I hadsome unpleasant moments at the short time. A year ago I have lost myjob and could not find other one for 4 months. Then I have found newjob and I am successful now and all is OK. But Before I lost my job Iborrowed money for new furniture and my friends gave me. Then was ahard time for 4 months and I had to ask money some time because Ineeded for daily necessaries. After getting my new job I started toreturn money. At first I returned money for furniture but I had newdebt bills for flat. I have returned all money for furniture inOctober and started to pay my bills. But in December they stopped togive me electricity because of my debts. You know I translate for myfriends ladies who communicate with men abroad. My friends decided toask their boyfriends to help me and asked money. Their men sent and Ipaid all my debts. But now I must return these money to my ladies. Itis hard but I must return 250$ I borrowed. I think it takes 5-6 monthto work every day. I appreciate very much your desire to help me andwill be much thankful, dear. It is rare case to meet a man who isready to help his woman in a bad situation.I is very nice that you can decorate your house as you want. I dreamto decorate my house one day as I want. It is very pleasant. Spring iscoming here and I like this season. Today we have met Americanboyfriend of my friend Natasha. Natashaknows English and can write very well but speaking English is aproblem for her. I see he does not understand her. I advised her towrite on paper some words he can not understand. I hope all will be OKbetween them. He will stay here for 5 days. I miss you very much andthink of you.Kisses, Tanya.

Hello dear Robert,Thank you for your letters. I had a good day today. We had a party atwork because tomorrow is day off, ot will be Women's day here inRussia. The party was very nice and we had a cake with tea and 2bottles of Champagne. I adore Champagne. Our men gave the roses forevery women, for doctors and nurces and it was really pleasant.Mel sent the flowers for Natasha and it was so nice from him. He isvery attentive. He wants she to visit him getting th tourist visa. Wetry to explain him that she can not get tourist visa to the USA andcan go there with fiancee visa. I think he is afraid of such name :)and we try to explain hin that it does not mean they must marry. Ihope he understands. American boyfriend sent money to my other friendFatima. His name is Rob :) and he is very nice boy from New York. Theymet 2 times, he brought her to Egypt and later to Dominicana. Now theyprepare the documents for fiancee visa. All my friends will leave verysoon. It is nice.As for my religion. I believe in God but I am not fanatic. I go tochurch when my soul wants to go. Usually I do it for big churchholidays. It is an old tradition in Russia to have Fast, we have 4fasts for a year. Not everyone eat only vegetables :) so shops are nothurted with the Fast :)Dear Robert, you are very attentive to me. My address isTatarenkova Tatiana G.Dianova str, 7, apt. 193.Omsk 644106, RussiaMy children are fine, it is pleasant you ask about them. They studyand have fun free time. They wait for warm days because they can beoutside longer. Tomorrow we will go to my parents to congratulate myMom and their Granny with Women's day. Then we will go to the theatreall together. And how are your children? You are lucky your Mom iswith you. How often do you see her?I will wait for your letter. Tomorrow I will show your pictures to myparents. I hope

Hello dear Robert,Yes, I know some details about wedding in England. Oksana sent me abook about weddings. I hope Elena and Graham will decide allcorrectly.Children are well. Kostya has brackets now. He likes it :) I had 2hard days today and yesterday. Today was a work day and I was verytired with much work. Yesterday I did many deals which I could not dowithout money. I paid for apartment. I went to Sveta's school to see her teacher and to payfor school. Then I visited my friend and brought her a book I took toread and to return money I borrowed. Then I had shopping with somenecessary things for children. In the afternoon I met Mom and we wentto the shop to buy a jacket for her. Then I brought Kostya to clinicfor brackets. Then I and Sveta went to eye clinic to get new glasses.I returned at home without legs :) Sometimes I have such busy days.My friend Marina received an invitation from her friend (female) andwill visit her in America in August. She has met a man in Internet,and I help her to communicate. She is going to meet him there. He isvery generous man and he sent her some money as a gift. They know eachother for 2 weeks. Marina is a dentist too. We worked together forsome years. It is a cool weather and they promise a warm weather in a couple ofdays. I can not wait. I send you my warmth and tenderness, Tanya. XXX

Hello dear Robert,Yes, you are right. Russian woman are very nice (I am sorry you couldnot feel it) abd I think it is better to spend some money and to behappy. I think my husband will be happy with me because I want todedicate much time to family. I miss it very much. I feel childrenwill be adult soon and I want to spend my time with husband, I needit. I think you understand me. I am alone for 11 years.I had a good day. In the morning I went to work for a short job andlater my friend Fatima visited me. I help her to communicate with herman, he is American. He is very nice and generous man. They met 3times. Now she returned from Egypt. She does not work because he sendsmoney and she has a possibility to stay home. She will go to Moscowfor interview soon. They spent wonderful time in Egypt. In the eveningI went to my friend Nataly to fix some problems with her mail box. Idid it :) Tomorrow is a work day. I hope you enjoyed a meeting with your friend. Who is your friend? Isend you my tenderness, Tanya.

2007-01-03, 16:52:06
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Every letter was about money, she owed it, a friend gets money sent and so on. All the time being interested in me. I think it is just a small time operation.



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