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Dating scammer Yulia Nalivayko from Samara, Russia


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Even after I confronted her about all of the different names and photos of her on the Internet she still insisted that they were not of her but similar. She also claimed that it was an old girlfriend of hers that might have posted her pictures on the web. She insists that her Aunt who works for a travel agency is still waiting for her to begin the visa process. She almost had me for $400 but I found out about the scam in time. Now I am just toying with her and asking her to show me more proof that she is who she really is. I am trying to see just how far she will go until she gives up. She still is persistant about coming to the US to be with me but it will now take her about 14 to 15 months to save up the money. Tell me how a dentist can just tell me that she has set aside tickets to fly to Russia the next day without even worrying about her clients. It was all in just a days notice that she told me that she was going to Moscow to begin the process. I found this one in the Yahoo personals. I sent her an ice breaker and she replied with an email. She wanted me to give her my email address so she could send me more photos of her. Here are some other names she goes by along with the web sight I found them on. I have also included her home mailing address and her bank address for the Western Union transfer.
Her mailing address
RUSSIA 443099
Her Bank Address:
SAMARA , 443030
Other names she goes by and web sight:
Katya Smirnova - Sirnova

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2007-03-03, 12:06:25
anonymous from United States  
Here is my girl guys. Right now I'm trying to get some nudes from her. I know shes not for real but I sure would like to see this tramp spread her legs for Be careful out there!
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2007-03-03, 12:09:56
anonymous from United States  
Just one more from my little Russian be very careful and never send them any money!
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Keywords: blonde black jeans stationary bicycle trainer
2007-03-03, 16:18:09
anonymous from Beaverton in Oregon, United States  
Hey, Add me to the list of fish that almost got hooked. My girl is Yaliya Sheina from Samara,Russia,Found her on I Googled her name and the bubble popped when my letters started appearing before my eyes.Its been 2 days that I havent written and she hasnt written,well this morning what shows up but a e-mail from ' My Cyber love'. Im decideing if I want to keep playing along or not.
2007-03-18, 16:52:45
anonymous from United Kingdom  
this girl has a new name it now nadya ,kirov russia .she is a genius , sexy photos but boring and gave her self away too early .
2007-04-06, 20:39:05
anonymous from United States  
Hello to all , look at the last photo in this series. Elena, same room same curtains, its not the same girl, ck the facial features, and her ( fiqure , lets say. ) HMMm friend i presume. . Oh elena here, Irina to me. . emails me almost everyday. wants to come here to usa. and be with me. :) wish me luck . Oh yes , request funds for visa, oops, visa, did not mention, airline ticket?? why visa. no ticket. ?? I just seen alot of similar, letters, but mine are alot more english like language. some info etc, just not the reverse,broken english. speaks well now. I will be carefull thanks for posting the photos, yes my Irina. thats her. i did not have all these yet. I have some and some others also. great fun. hey... not. !!!! yes very beautiful, If i ever meet her , i let you all know. she is taken. ha ha. The tinman goodluck to the man who gets her. :)
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2007-04-07, 21:53:04
Also known as Irina Novosyolova's ,

Money Letter

Hello my lovely *******.
I am happy to receive your letter I see that you arein my heart and I would like very much to be with you. Sorry, but I have no sexy photos. I shy to do it and even to send over the internet I do not like anybody more to see it and it will be better if you will see it in personal, I hope you understand me. I have never met such man as you before and I believe that we can be together and I hope that we will find our happiness. I want to come to you from all my heart and my soul. You are only man for me in all world. You are deep in my heart. My lovely ******* I have good news. Today, on my work I talked with my director about my vacation. And I will have my vacation with 2 of April. And today I was in travel agency to learn about trip to you. But it all made me sad. Trip to you is not very easy. Yes, I want it all my heart and hope that we will find heart and soul of each other when we will meet. But I was sad from cost of trip to you. I need some papers for trip. Visa to UK with medical insurance, documents for visa, international passport and tickets. I found out cost of it and I am sad very much and I do not know what do. Because visa with insurance and documents for it will cost 320 pounds sterling, international passport will cost 200 pounds sterling. I had 200 pounds sterling for documents. And today I gave for international passport 200 pounds sterling. I have not enough 320 pounds sterling for visa with the medical insurance. I want to come to you and to have my happiness and love - you. But I can not because of the money. In travel agency I was told that I can get all necessary documents in two weeks. But my sweet *******, I do not know about money. May be it is wrong but, but may be you will be able to help me with cost of trip. Lovely *******, please tell me can I hope for you, can you help me with it. I want to come to you as soon as possible. I miss
you very much and I am sure that now my love, my happiness is close
to me as never before. You are close to me and you are in my heart, I dream about us and live with hope that we will be together soon. Kiss you million times, my sweet ********.
Forever yours Irina.

IP address
Hostname Not available
ISP HopOne Internet Corporation
Country United States

Hello my lovely *********.
Thank you for the letter, I am glad reading it. I will go in Moscow of April 4 for reception of the visa and passport!!! To Me have told that I shall receive the passport approximately 6-7 April and visa too I should give back money up to 3 April for the visa so is written in the contract!!! Today I was in travel agency and has found out about the tickets to you. The tickets in London cost 442.20 pounds sterling. I give you full information about flight: I arrive to London (LHR) I can arrive in you 8-Apr 09:45 a.m. It is by British Airways. Flight number 243. I hope that you will help me and I can buy ticket to you as soon as possible. I need in the visa and in the tickets 750 pounds sterling. I should pay the ticket this week as other
passenger can apply for this place. In travel agency have said what is it one of best air lines. I seen a lot of couples walking together holding the hands and when I seen them I was thinking about you and was imaging us walking together like this, it would be wonderful. You know I am dreaming about us and everything here tells me about you, I know it can sound strange, but you are around me and you are with me always. I just hope the dreams of our togetherness and thoughts of us together will soon come true. I am kissing you tenderly and waiting for the letter from you impatiently.
Forever yours Irina.

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Dating scammer Elena (Lena) Sokolava from Kazan, Russia

Keywords: girl black bikini or underwear
2007-04-07, 21:57:28   (updated: 2007-04-07, 22:12:04)
Received-SPF: pass ( domain of designates as permitted sender)
Received: from ([]:24330 'EHLO ACER'


The real girl's name is Elena, she is from Gorlovka, Ukraine

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Dating scammer Yulia Nalivayko from Samara, Russia (modified photo)
Dating scammer Yulia Nalivayko from Samara, Russia (modified photo)

2007-04-08, 02:55:33
anonymous from Sudan  
Welcome Honey

Today is the date of birth, and I am happy this day, and I hope to achieve all my wishes, but that the present real is a day that defined this and the birth of the real rights of Charity knew of day or birth, but the birth of love and love knowing only after the first meeting, the first smile This is a day Christmas, which everyone hopes .

I greet the eternal love

2007-04-10, 22:26:29
anonymous from United States  
i have been talking to a yuliya sheina for the past 3 months. she just recently told me she would need half of the 400usd from me. money has not come up in our letters but one time. the problem is i don't know if i should trust her because of all these scammers! i am looking for a way to see if she is real or not! i will add a picture so others can see her. maybe she is real but, i am being cautious!

2007-05-04, 17:56:54 from United States  
ANyone been scammed by someone claiming to be Natalia Kogan from Samara Russia?She says she is a doctor.
2007-05-15, 10:39:30
anonymous from France  
Yuliya again !

2007-05-15, 10:48:35
anonymous from France  
834980 Russia
Ivanovo city
Sovetskaya street,45-8
Sheina Yuliya

Keywords: blonde pink roses
2007-05-15, 13:16:52
anonymous from France  

2007-09-07, 06:20:08
anonymous from United States  
Now Know as Jainna...she get around.....very hot though so I will add to the photo

Keywords: blond blue eyes b/w picture underwear
2007-09-07, 11:04:15
from United States  
Anon US 2007-04-10, 22:26:29, Good point, The scammer CAN BE the actual girl in the pictrue. Even first and last names CAN BE real. These are rare instances, but have happened to me.

In case you are new to this site,

It took a lot of homework to establish beyond the shadow of a doubt, that two of my scammers, Elena Kashkova from Astrakhan, and Elena Solodovnikova from Perm were the actual girls scamming me.

Good Luck in your persuit of truth, resist any pre-mature conclusions!
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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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