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Dating scammer Osei Kwesi Accra Ghana from Accra, Ghana


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Osei Kwesi Box ms 395,
mile seven-Achimota,
Accra Ghana 00233,

more info to follow with pics..

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2009-03-07, 14:43:31
anonymous from Denmark  

2009-03-07, 17:01:20
anonymous from Denmark  
she call herself edith

2009-03-07, 17:28:41
anonymous from Denmark  
anyone who know this girl kall katia ?

2009-03-07, 17:32:59
anonymous from Denmark  

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2009-03-08, 00:54:19
@Denmark: Who is this girl Kall Katia and WHY did you post her photo here??????
2009-03-08, 01:07:26
anonymous from China  
rating My name is Rose Robert

Shebaby119 on ratemybody .com

CITY oklahoma city

2009-03-08, 01:36:03
anonymous from Denmark  
Why i send this photos! I tell you, i get contact from her in she write a wery nice mail, too nice. She send me 2 photos and i try to put them to dukuments but my pc cut not handle the photos, so i send the photos from the mailbox to another mailbox and wuups so i cut put them to dukument, something aint not right i think, so i tryed here on scanner, NEXT surprice comes up, i take the photo from dukument and set in here,WHAT happend its not the same woman from my photo there come up on this side, how in fuck du they make it ???? its realy not the same i put in. She call herself Malinka on russianeuro and katia with a son named michael in the mail to me...
2009-03-08, 13:46:12
anonymous from Finland  
Hello handsome,Good morning to you and Its a pleasure emailing you as i have read your profile and am so interested in you, I believe you will give me the chance to communicate with you and get to know each other better as am romantic and lonely looking for partner too, how are you doing today...? I believe all is well with you. my name is Aba and Am simple and easy going woman who like to smile and some times laugh. i do also like to swim.. what about you. after reading your email and profile i wanted to send you an email to get to know you much better.. am easy going as well. i will like to share more about my self with you as a single woman we see if we have the chance to get to know and learn more about each other..I enjoy swimming, playing volleyball, watching movies and listening to music, i enjoy dancing too and boating as well.
I will like to know much about you and you about me. so you and i can share letter or emails with pictures of each other.. i will be home all of today so i will like to send you my email address where you can reply me back or even here so i can send you some pictures of me and my life i hope that you have a wonderful day out there with 10000000 hugs and kisses take care and im here hoping to read back from you. you can send me an email through my email address at:.... bequeeny4love...////

take care and hoping to hear from you soon bye. my email address again is: bequeeny4love...////

My picture that i have attached to this site is not yet approved and you can email me through my email address i have given already, and i will respond back to you with my pictures.


2009-03-09, 02:22:19
anonymous from Romania  
2009-03-09, 13:00:06
men out there i got a email from aba she was rude to me she men wach out.
tony k
2009-03-09, 19:54:42
anonymous from Denmark  
this katia again , she send photo, do anyone know her, she is on russianeuro

2009-03-12, 07:44:28
anonymous from Karachi, Pakistan  
sexy nazia call girl 03333670991
2009-03-14, 18:37:07
anonymous from United States  
can anyone tell me if they have seen this picture before. she goes by rubylovely41 from Ghana.

2009-03-14, 23:15:11
@ US! NO I have not seen her.

Is she famous?

Why did you post her picture here?

She doesn't look like she is from Africa, more Asian!
2009-03-15, 01:49:21
anonymous from United States  
Hello Anonymous US
I am unable to identify her by that photo. But she does look like a girl, I have
seen posted on this site. But there are over 3000 postings on here.
I can't remember every single one. LOL I ran it through the picture search and your
posting is the only one of that one specific photo.
More importantly than the photo. You say this is someone from Ghana.
The bad news there is that there is a 100% chance your being scammed.
I would be very impressed if she turned out to a true connection and not a scam.
I have never heard of a single connection especially from Ghana. That wasn't a scam.
There are nothing but scammers operating out of there.
Simple questions to ask yourself. # 1 Did she contact you first ? # 2 Did she tell
you she Loves You in only a few messages. # 3 Does she prefer to chat on IM
either Yahoo with falling hearts background or MSN ? # 4 Does she live with her Mother
and her Father is dead ? # 5 Is there a Uncle living with her ? # 6 Does she need money
for any of the fallowing. Medicine, Food, Phone minutes, New computer, Was she robbed
and needs help, Auto accident ? I could make this list a mile long. Need money for School ? # 7 Is she Religious Christian maybe ? # 8 Is she willing to talk to you live on
a cam ? If not and she says she can't do that then she is lying. Do not send money to
buy her a cam either. The fact is You are talking to a team made up mostly by guy's. Working out of one of the dozens of Internet Cafes. They have girls talk to you at the beginning to get you hooked. Once Your securely hooked they hand you off to someone else. You will notice that they mix up information. Things you told the original contact don't get passed on to the next handler. If your smart ask many question's.
Eventually they make many mistakes. Easy to catch as they are handling many
victims at any given time. If your gut feels like something isn't right there's a reason
for that. Think about it why would a girl half the World away from you fall in Love with You ? She doesn't know you. If it sounds to good to be true. It is a scam.
You must confront this now because after you send money they will tell you any lie to
keep you. No matter what they say it is all lies. They are very good at manipulating your feelings. Remember screwing guys over is what they do for a living.
Again, I cannot say this strong enough there are no white, black, or any other color
or race girls that can be trusted from Ghana. You have much better odds winning
the Lottery than getting a real honest girl out of Ghana. LOL I was stubborn and
could not believe, I was being scammed. Wrong and very stupid on my part.
Never no matter what you do ever tell her / him ? You got any information from this site. They already watch this site and refine their methods from what they learn here.
Never put your E Mail address on here as scammers will jump on your inbox like
locusts. LOL I hope for your sake you did not send a picture of yourself to her / him ?
They can use it to scam someone else. Scammers never use their own pictures.
They never use their real names either. They are making butt loads of money off
people like yourself. They are doing well, I might add. Ghana is one of the most
prosperous Country's in Africa. The woman their have no reason to leave.
America does not even appeal to them. It doesn't mean anything that her picture
didn't show up on the search. They are constantly up dating their supply.
They steal them from all over the net. Please save your money and your heart
for a real person you meet in person. There is no reason to lose your money and get
your heart trashed by these thieves. After you end the relationship be ready to be
contacted by the very same scammer using a different photo's and different name.
I confront my scammer and they tried to tell me, I had no right to know the truth.
I am a homeless Vietnam Veteran. It doesn't matter to them if they destroy your
entire life. All they care about is your money. I wish You the best and wish only you
had posted more information. If anything, I said sounds familiar to you it is not
just coincidence. But you decide who do believe me with nothing to gain or someone
half the world away ? I can not say it any plainer than this. Your connected to a scammer. Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
PS : I identify myself that way because, I made the mistake of putting my E Mail
address on here a while back.

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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