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Dating scammer Osai Williams from Ghana


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This one goes by the name Osai Williams of Accra Ghana, falls in love in 1-2 emails likes Instant Messaging, wants money for visa, passport, travel. Also has numerous medical situations for her and mom that needs money for, also asks for $ for foodstuff and wants gifts, cell phones, Ipods Perfumes ect....Does she sound like a scammer??

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2009-08-30, 12:59:13
OJAS from United States  
2009-08-30, 13:51:49
anonymous from United States  
here is another picture of
kanda 12 highway
accra ghana 00233

of the picture sent to me it looks like she been doing this for two years at least
i hope that this picture will halp someone from being taken by this girl she ask for money for web cam psp medical for mommy and for here self along with phone and cable ... as visa and passport she deals with food stuff as do about 4 other girls that are from the accra ghana but this is the only one that i have delt with ... she ask you to send money via western union and is very understandable on you about money and keeps asking about how much you make and does not care if you have 20 dollers to your name she wants it... haha funny but this is the way she is ... on another web site they say she might be married already see she has rings on both here hands i was surpose to take a check from canada this comming week until i found this web site
and seen here picture ... and she is using porn stars as here pictures as i have read some of these sayings under the pictures the check from canada the guy was going to buy here ticket here in the usa if i cashed the check as for the usa it has to be cashed with in 5 days to make funds available what ever the doller about so you cash the check and then 30 days to 60 days when the check gets returned you get held for that check as being bad at your bank they say they dont smoke drink and never been married
and most of them no kids ... but they love you right away even if they havn't seen you on cam or picture as for the pictures do not send to many pictures to them cause they may use your picture in the next scam.... so i hope this can help a few people out there before you get your money taken by here...
2009-08-31, 16:58:59
[hidden] from France  
sali sincere vous a envoyé un wizz.

sali sincere dit (23:23) :

XXXXXX dit (23:32) :
Comment se fait-il qu’une jolie fille comme toi s’intéresse à un mec comme moi ? Une jolie fille de 29 ans toujours célibataire et à la recherche de l’homme de sa vie ! Est-ce par hasard le nouveau pont aurait fait fuir tous les beaux gars de Millau ?
Si c’est oui, je suis prêt alors à prendre leurs relèves et à courtiser une aussi mignonne madone.
Tu peux aussi me joindre à mon adresse Email
sali sincere dit (23:33) :
je suis pas a millau je suis en cote d'ivoire

sali sincere vous invite à démarrer la webcam. Voulez-vous Accepter (Alt.+C) ou Refuser (Alt.+D) ?

Vous avez accepté de démarrer la webcam.

sali sincere dit (23:33) :
et toi que recherche tu
sali sincere dit (23:34) :
moi je suis pas a millau
je suis en cote d'ivoire
je recherche un homme dit (23:34) :
C'est dommage que tu ne sois pas de Millau car la Cote d'Ivoire est plus loin
sali sincere dit (23:35) :
et toi que recherche tu sur le net?? dit (23:35) :
Je suis bien un homme et je peux te le prouver
sali sincere dit (23:36) :
prouve le dit (23:36) :
Ce que je cherche sur le net c'est justement une jolie fille comme toi
sali sincere dit (23:36) :
ta mere
sali sincere dit (23:37) :
montre ca a ta mere

2009-08-31, 17:08:18
[hidden] from France  
I am Augustina single never married and no kids,I m 27 years of age and 5.4 tall and have a black hair and brown eyes ,fair in color,I was born in France and grew up here in Ghana in our family am the first child of my parent and have a younger brother too....My father was a businessman, and my mother sells food stuffs..

I went primarily to parochial (Catholic) schools in the elementary years; then to a very good college preparatory school (Valley-View School) in the high school years..

My parents both worked hard to give me a future here in Ghana, Accra, so they wanted something a little better for me. After high school l went on to University of Ghana,cape coast.

I just graduated from the university with a bachelors degree in Graphic design but at this moment the are not much job opportunities so i help my mom to sell fruits and vegetables at the market at the market.

I enjoy fine dining, concerts (mainly jazz), art galleries, sporting events (especially college football and basketball), and, unlike most men, shopping! l can certainly read a good novel or magazine..

I can only say that l have all of my teeth, they are pretty straight, and no man has ever run in the other direction after seeing me for the first time! :) LOL I seek an attractive man between 30 and 65 (although I can go a little younger or older), who is kind, giving, caring, and loving, just as l am.

Physical handsome is somewhat important, but the inner qualities are of utmost importance...There are many very handsome men in the world who are very selfish and self-centered, and the same can be said of many attractive women..

Once l am in a relationship and committed to it, l will try do almost anything for that person, even if it may mean risking my own life. .Many people often use the word love too loosely, without really understanding what it means to love someone unconditionally.....That is the only way that l know how to love.

Some people want to say they love an individual, then when a crisis or some sort of adversity arises, they flee, and are nowhere to be found...lf l decide that l love a man, then I'm going to be there for him, regardless of what happens.

I would like to have that same level of commitment from the man l eventually become involved. In the past, for whatever reason, it seems that primarily Caucasian, and some Hispanic men have been attracted to me.

As a result, l also began to develop this preference for them over african-american men, although l have dated some mixed race (black and white), man as well....again, the primary factors are the inner qualities, and the same level of commitment that l am willing to give.

There are no perfect human beings in this world, and we all have done things that we need to be forgiven for.... l will always be willing to forgive,forget, and proceed in a relationship with the love that l have for that person.

I don't hold grudges indefinitely or continue to bring up things from the past if we should have any kind of disagreement.....lf you have shown your love and respect for me 99% of the time in the relationship, l'm not going to let one or two things which may occur during the course of the relationship (which they ultimately do in all relationships) cause me to want to end the relationship altogether...

Part of loving someone is being able to accept a sincere apology, and to look at the totality of the relationship, not just one or two isolated incidents..

I do not look for perfection in a man because we are all human; and I would not expect a man to look for perfection in is always best to talk disagreements out calmly and rationally without either partner losing their temper.

When tempers are lost too many hurtful and damaging things are said.....l will also never take for granted or under-appreciate a man that l love, and l believe in showing my love and affection on a daily basis.....

At the same time l would look to be fully appreciated as well.
l know that everyone has good days and bad days, but when you come home to the one you love, you should relay those feelings to her, and she should always be willing to listen; but don't bring the aggravation of your day down on your mate by yelling or arguing.

she should also never do this to you, and as a woman I will never do this to any man that l love,I would like to know more about you and send me some pictures of you


Augustina Addo

2009-08-31, 17:47:24
anonymous from United States  
Just wanted to let everyone know that the scammers are getting sneaky. The one that I had contact with, Basit Razak and Criss Darling, were wanting me to subscribe to a web site,, with a user name and password, in my name, and then she wanted it, because she claimed that this site would make her computer faster and it contained downlods for games.....WRONG!!!! This site contains access to encryted servers, as a go through from their own computers, which I would imagine would conceal their IP address. Needless to say, I did not fall for this, just wanted to let everyone know!!!!!!!
2009-09-01, 11:42:50
Magnus from Huddinge, Sweden  
hello there!how are you?it is some swedish guys here?take care everybody.I am in the thread anna ogannisyan.regards.
2009-09-03, 07:00:42
anonymous from Australia  
Calls herself shamira bashiru. i beleive she is also known as sumira, and augustina.
says she's born in the United states, to an American indian father, and a Ghanian mother. Told me she had a 4 year old daughter who lived at Cape Coast, with her mother, and that her father was deceased. she also said the father of her child was an australian man, killed in a car accident in sydney. Told me she was living in accrah ghana and was a hairdresser. Targetted me on a dating site. i spoke te her for several months, and did see her on web cam but only twice, saying she had no money for a cam and that she had to borrow one. requested money for air-fare, visa application, medical, and also said she needed $4000 dollars to carry with her on the flight, saying this was Ghanian immigration Services law. she even sent me a scanned document supposedly from ghana immigration Service. fortunately for me i found this sight first, before sending her the $4ooo. she even made the mistale of saying she loved me but used the wrong name. This person is good at what she does, but seems to be that there are several pictures of her on this site, and that her time is running out. i have several pictures of her that were sent to me. I do not believe the person I speak to on the phone (0011233248671671) is the same person in the photos.
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2009-09-03, 07:25:35
anonymous from Australia  
another photo of Shamira bashiru

2009-09-03, 08:55:25   (updated: 2009-09-03, 09:02:29) from France  
Mon nom est l'Alberta Okyere et je vis à Ghana Accra Achimota
Honey, vous pouvez m'aider à payer mes factures internet

Tel. : 00233541079662
Je vous ai dit que je reste avec STEP BROTHER et la tante et le téléphone appartient à mon BROTHER OK
2009-09-03, 08:56:47 from France  
Alberta Okyere

2009-09-03, 08:58:01 from France  
Alberta Okyere

2009-09-03, 08:58:57 from France  
Alberta Okyere

2009-09-03, 09:00:18 from France  
Alberta Okyere

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