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Dating scammer Marina from Olha near Irkutsk in Russia


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Name: Marina
Birthdate: December, 25, 1980
Profession: Fitness trainer

Address: Olha, Russia (near Irkutsk)
Lenina street 9, flat 37

Also mentioned in the chain of emails: Nataila =

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2013-07-21, 10:22:56
anonymous from United States  
As you can see from her current passport. She is a fraud. She will tell you that she will travel to Moscow for her visa to the US. Then she will ask you for money She will tell you that she is unable to travel to the US unless she shows financial responcibility by showing she has $1900 US cash. She eveh had her travel agent contact me who must have been her boy friend in crime. I asked him for her flight comfirmation number with is a six digit, five letter code plus on number. He gave me a seven digit number that he made up. When I went to the Delta web site and put in the conformation number, it could not match me to her name or flight. She called me on the phone to ask for financial help so she could come to me. I continued to ask her for the flight conformation number and she acted confused.
Do not trust this woman. DO NOT SEND THIS WOMAN MONEY !!!!!!!
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Dating scammer Marina from Olha near Irkutsk in Russia
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Keywords: fake passport with or to get a visa for immigration to the USA
2013-09-12, 13:45:30
I have been cheated my a white american living in Benin Porto Novo Cotonou with american passport. She has cheated me over 90,000 us dollars past 18 months promising to marry me. Having children etc. But today I am in Benin and figured out that this Girl who called herself Cynthsaint is not an american but but an anglo american nurse apprenticeship who helping out in a vey small private clinic and she uses fake puctures og Andi Pink. I was in a night bar and saw her but felt pity on her. She woeks a striptease go go girl, alcohol adicted, 6 times imprisioned, highly debted fir her alcohol problem. She looks very cute and evey one believes her to be from a vey good home but after you speak few words you will notice that she us hysteric though she tries to controll herself. She infavt as a terrible childhood. She grew up in an Orphanage and has been hospitalised with her interior Bleeding annd Arthritis and Alcohol access probems. I invited her for couple of drink yesterday. She invited me to her apoartment. It wad in a private Hotel in Porto Novo wirh few if her Boys. After 6 th drink she started to cry and spoke few of her privacies that she is inganged from Valentines day ths year with a Man from Germany and hopes to get married etc. But she stopped suddenky to speak more after this young man called her. I feel sorry for this man. I could get in backroom that he was really meaning to get arried, have family that he had been financing her and often eben send her Flight tickets etc. But he does not that she has mental probems from Alcohol, web stris and many illegal deals with Nigerian Boys who use her Body due to all debts she has. She us lusted in Criminal lst in Benin and Nigerian Police for illegal deals, prostitution, scamming innocent peopke like this nepalese good man who thinks she is really wanting to marry him. I feel sorry that he probably does not even know that she is not n American nor she owns any legal Passports. I firtunatey saw 6 different Passpors with different date if birth, place and countries but all fake. She has been in Hospital fromMarch 2012. she was zsing her Asus Laptop chatting to few guys who ay her few Dollars for her Nude pictures and live shows. After 7th drink she started to cry again after her nepali fiancee?? Called her that he had send her Few Euros and Airticket. I really could have called the police that she us only using him as she cant keave Benin without any Passport. But I did not want to ruin her life as it us possible that her Fiancee could have applied original Passport and rest. She had a pretty long talk on phone. I was bored and felt disguisting that she is using this man fir money. But she should be lucky if she could get out of Benin cos her life is at great risk due to her high debts on Clinic and alcohol adictions and specially her pretty high Cellphone Bills and Internet. I guess she us very confused. She kept on telling me different partial stories of her past to have been grown up in an Orphanage in London. What did not surprise me at er spoken and written English that she never could be an american. Well I only ay guess thus gurl could speak from her great luck if this young food man would marry her and get her out of this hell that she may talk about getting second life after she reaches to him. Otherwise so far I was informed by a Senior Police that they doubt on fraud money transfer over Western union, multiple Illegal Money and weapon deals, probably two peoples death and other crimibal acts. Then one of her Black friend came in and looked at me disturbed. He was not really very polite. I guess she called her Ben all the time. He did not stay long and left after handing er a small packet. 19 minutes later another Black man steps in screams at her and akes the packet and she git very confused and psychological disturbed. She left the room tome to time arounf for each 30 minutes and she came back exhusted. I guess she makes her strip online shows and returned back sweated. I guess this should be understandable. I cant imagine in this world that some people gets so to say the Jackpot Crack and does not know what is better. As she went sex online on her show, I checked out a bit in her kitchen. Yes it was clean but no eatable stuff than junkfood and alcohol and drugs. Technically for sex show she uses pre- recorded Webcam dubbing device that people believe they are tanking to Andi Pink. I noticed then the difference as she called herself as Andi Pink using fake pictures. Andi punk das Mole between her Breast, tatoo on her feet and flower on her back where and Cynthsaint does nt have. I work as dete tive in New Jearsy so I keep watcching typical identifying points am watch Verbs and languange options. I guess her fiancee has noticed few things that had made her worry. She already had much drinks and she was asking me for few thousand Dollars teling me her fiancee is elder, disabled and had paid a lot that she feel guilty asking him all the time. So I permitted to ask her, why dont you go to him then.
She said sure I would go this coming week then as this man again walked in she hasitated and asked me not to mention any words about Germany. Oh boy what a shit devil. I was feeling tonbe in a fake film so I left her room and went to next Bar. Around at 23:45 she walked in drunk. Had I only adress and phone number of this young man in Germany, I could have warned him not to send any cent or Flight tickets.. She is only using him. No wonder white skins in Africa have bad reputation. Its these white girls teaching innocent Girls to behave fraud and damage the image of Africa. I feel more sorry for this young man than her. But its definite that she wont ake next few werks in Benin if she does not leave the country. She has lots of problems, debts and criminal deals with Black Guys. I would even say she might either be raped or ekse otherwise having her high debts and illegal deals and Western Union Charges for illegal money inflow. I wonder if Andi Pink would only find her. This might be her final end. Suicide is painless, it bring her many changes. It sucks hw Gurks zse males fir money with fake promises and fake identifications. Rhus young man I guess wants to get married in Nepal. What a suck. I wish I coul meet him and warn him to stop this. He does not deserve this.

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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