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Dating scammer Katya from Helsinky, Finnland (or Russia?)


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Dating scammer Katya from Helsinky, Finnland (or Russia?)

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2006-12-19, 07:38:27
anonymous from United States  
here we go again LMAO

Hi Robert, last week I have sent you letter, but I have not received your answer.
Or you simply do not wish to write to me? I wish to know the truth why
you have not answered me. I ask you answer me please. It is very important
for me and if, you do not wish to write to me, write to me the truth and
I shall understand it. Ok.
Here my letter which, I have written last week.

Hi Robert. I regret that could not write to you earlier, but I was
sick a flu. Now my health, is good and I have decided to write to you. I already wrote
to you, that I work as the realtor. I was born in the Chechen republic in the city of Argun.
However, I had to leave my city in 1994 when the war started - the house where I and my
parents had used to live was destroyed by a bomb. It was totally wrecked - after the explosion
there was nothing left on the place where it had been and… I never saw my mom and dad again.
That’s how I became an orphan. My father used to be a policeman and mama was an English teacher
in the school nearby. The Chechen War made people change their attitude towards the Russians.
They were no longer treated as human in Chechnya - Chechens accused them of starting the war.
I simply couldn’t stand all that humiliation - that’s why I moved to Omsk. Now, I live in the
city of Omsk, Russian government gave me a apartment because I was supposed to be a
victim of Chechen war. However, not all people in Omsk treat Chechen refugees well.
Despite the fact that I’m Russian, people start avoiding me when I say that I’ve moved here
from Chechnya. That’s why I don’t have too many friends. I think that life in Chechnya is
even worse, though. Every time I remember it I can’t help crying…I never have been
married and I want to marry. What I am looking for in a man especially is friendship, long term
friendship. But, I dislike arguing, bickering and that type of stuff, someone easy going is good.
I want someone who wants to have fun, but understands life is not always fun. I need someone
who is honest and caring, warm and sexy. I believe there needs to be a good attraction
between the two people too. I want to have a boyfriend for a while who later if everything is right
could be more. The most important parts of a relationship is love, trust and communication. But,
without trust the other two do not matter. You cannot communicate with someone, no matter
how much you love him or her, without trusting them. Love is important, but you have to trust
the other person implicitly to truly love them, because you need to know they love you back for it
to be real. You have a question ’’Why Russian women look for their husbands abroad”.
I think there are a lot of reasons and I will start with an economic level of Russia. Our
country is not rich and its very difficult to find a good job. Russian men begin to drink
alcohol and become angry. It gets on divorce. Even if they get much money, they also begin to
waste them on alcohol or other women. In our country a number of women is more than men.
In our country a number of women is more than men. So men try to low women, though a
woman is stronger physically and psychologically . She manages a household, brings up children
and has a constant work in the same time. There is an opinion that Russian men in degradation now.
I want to get married abroad as I’m concerned about my future. So, my search for that perfect man
continues, maybe my searching will end with you.I hadn't time to say about it in my last letter.
I have no children but I would like to have them.I think that I would be a good mother. So I am
ready to give my future husband and children everything. They won't be lonely, because I will
encircle them with warm and love. I've understood the real values of the life: do kindness to
people and it will come back to you doubled. There are a lot of problems in Russia. People
became evil and closed. That's why I decided to find a friend abroad Russia.
I’m sorry but the girl who gave me your e-mail address has moved to another
city so now I don’t have any chance to contact her because I don’t know
her address and phone number. This girl was a client of our agency - she needed
us to help her sell her apartment. It didn’t take too long to find a buyer - and
I haven’t seen her since then as our agency has sold her apartment.
I regret, but I cannot explain to you where she has found your e-mail address.
My hobbies, cooking meal; reading of books, I love various music. All depends on mood.
I very much love historical films,comedy and melodrama. I enjoy watching all types
of sports on TV and going to games as well. I enjoy the beach in the summer months
and doing water activities like swimming. In the winter months I enjoy skiing and
skate on ice. I love tourism, a camping, sports. I often walk in the forest
I enjoy to go camping. I very much love pets. I can list infinitely.
I am waiting your response Robert. I have many ideas, but I do not
want to rush this precious moment when two souls are looking towards each other
across the continents for an everlasting friendship. I hope, that you will
not be angry for my long letter.

P.S. Robert, I send you my picture it, have been made the this autumn.

2006-12-19, 11:20:54
anonymous from Canada  
2006-12-21, 11:25:35
anonymous from United States  
What!!! you guys are dating my katya too!!! just wait til i talk to that bitch!!she's gonna get such a spanking!!
This image was also posted here:
Various dating scammers

Keywords: fake passport with or to get a visa for immigration to the USA
2006-12-21, 15:32:07
anonymous from United States  
Hey....Just got a new one thru Yahoo personals. This is the same way the Katya e-mails started.

I welcome you!!! My name is Elena. I would like to get acquainted with you and to learn it is more.
Write to me: llenochka(at)
2006-12-23, 08:26:48
anonymous from United States  
Where is old Nadezhda? Haven't heard from her in a week now. She must have run out of money and stranded again(lol).
2006-12-23, 11:50:55
anonymous from United States  
I even love the fake visa's posted.
2006-12-25, 00:20:47
anonymous from United States  
Has anyone heard if Katya made it to New York? I seem to have lost touch with her. I hope the poor thing isn't still stranded in Moscow. I kind of miss hearing from the scamming Biotch.
2006-12-27, 00:01:42
from United States  
Okay Guys, Here is the skinny on the girl in the flowered blouse that nobody know's. I feel so cool letting you in on this. Okay, ready! Her name is Maria Fernanda leitner. She's not from any place you would think. She is not a scammer, but has had her photo's uploaded and used by these scammers. She's a college student in Chile and has her own website. Yes, that is her mom in the photo. She is kind of an exabitionest, likes to show her photo's on the website. She's a really cool chick and nice person. We chat all the time on hotmail. She comes from a really well to do family and needs nobodies money. She never has asked for any money. Many girls have had there photo's uploaded and used and your right, most are from yahoo personals. I saw her photo being used by some girl in New Zealand on yahoo personals. I will let her know about this scamming of her pics. Her websight is called darkgirl where her pics are posted. She must have over 500 photo's posted, so its easy for scammers to pick through them. Hehe I got all those same photo's and letter's from Nadja too :). Somebody is really busy sending e-mails, I must have twenty by now. Hasn't ask for money yet but I'm sure she will get stranded in Russia. Take care guys.
2006-12-27, 13:00:22
anonymous from United States  
i am so glad i got to this site....i have gotten all the same emails and pics from Katya and she wanted to spend x-mas w/ me....what a two timing bitch....i knew something was up when i wasnt responding at first to her and she was receiving my letters....hahaha...anyway she asked for some coin and then i knew for sure it was a scam....keep spreadin the word guys......
2006-12-29, 15:09:35
[hidden] from United States  
oh my god i cant believe all of you are dating my kata. I got all the exact emails word for word and pictuers to. when she gets here i'm going to spank her real good
2006-12-30, 08:29:49
anonymous from United States  
All rite guys your calling them whores. Well there in there 20's an good looking. They are asking for money. How old are you? If you send them any money all your looking for is a piece of ass so what dose that make you? They are getting paid an not having to put out. Who is smarter here you or them?
2006-12-31, 15:21:43
anonymous from United States  
hey peeps this girl thinks she is good she e-mailed my roommate and then started e-mailing me through a different name the pics of katryna are the same as i have the same photos of aka maria lol wow they are smart so they think she still in moscow with no way out? lol maria swears she is not a scammer ut we all know better thx to yahell we all get a good laugh thx for the info yall stay alert
2006-12-31, 15:30:38
anonymous from United States  
hey guys forgot to tell ya the e-mail info for ekatryna is also i got the same pics as some with a few others thx for the inside info yall b careful and take care they are slick one thought aint they lol
2007-01-01, 11:30:27
anonymous from United States  
This woman came very close to scamming me for airfare to the U.S. from Moscow. The old Western Union money pickup seems to be the tip for NEVER sending money. DO NOT send her a dime, another scammer!!
2007-01-04, 12:44:05
anonymous from Sweden  
Guys dont los your many.
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