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Dating scammer Mariya from Yaroslavl, Russia


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City: Yaroslavl (250 kilometers north of Moscow), Russia

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2007-01-22, 13:56:40
anonymous from United States  

2007-01-22, 13:57:05
anonymous from United States  

2007-01-22, 13:57:24
anonymous from United States  

Keywords: 2 two girls redhead brunette black leather jacket trees
2007-01-22, 14:34:36
anonymous from United States  
Um guys I also think that she presents herself as Mariya Shubenkina as the letters she writes are very very similar except she once talked about being a teacher and she never actually replies to any questions you ask of her except for in a genric way. I'll send one of the pictures she sent to me and you guys see if you have gotten any like it from her.
2007-01-22, 20:51:42
anonymous from United States  
I got the same ones at the end there too..Started with the Peace sign with the Garfield as well..The wording is exact with the exception of the names..You are a few emails ahed of me, because I am only at the stage were she says she is going to check into the travel arrangements..

I have not sent any money nor will I..They say this is the Russin Mafia etc..A ring of scammers..I have been scammed by the best in Vegas and New York, and had my doubts about Mariya from early on..I told her from the onset - I would not send any money....I will definetly have some fun here..And will you keep you posted..
2007-01-22, 21:07:57
anonymous from United States  
Same pictures that are the bottom of this thread..I have been emailing Mariya since Dec 18, 2007. Below is the email I recieved last night.. I removed my name and the last name she used so, I can scam right back..To be honest, this girl does not look like she is a scam artist. Growing up in New York, you can tell by the eyes. I believe that one of the earlier threads states it correctly, that this is just some group using these pretty girls to scam us..However, I could be wrong - My ex-wife scammed me for 25 years HaHa. But, I have to send her a check..


XXX, how are you? You missed me? You looked forward my letter? I hastened to write to you as soon as possible.
I could not wait that moment while I shall not be near to a computer somewhat quicker to see your letter and to
write to you.
You know, I already started to take some steps to our meeting. I have decided, that first of all I shall speak with
my parents. My mum very well understands me and consequently I all over again have told to mum that I want to travel
in the USA to have a meeting in the person with you. Mum closely listened to me, and she asked about my plans.
I have told to mum, that for me it is necessary to create family. I have told also, that I want to be happy, and she
understood my desire to live in the USA. I have explained, that in the USA higher standard of living I can have the
best life. After some silence mum has told, that I already adult woman, and I have the right to build itself my life
and to make of the decision. I should build itself my happiness together with the beloved. For my mum the most
important that I was happy. Also mum asked to forget about our family never. Mum has told, that very much me loves,
and she cannot go through, if with me there is something bad. I have told, that I shall do only correct things.
I, certainly, very much love my family, mum, the daddy, the brother and I shall never forgot. I have told, that if
I shall have an opportunity I always shall arrive on a visit and also I shall help.
Anyhow, I for the present in Russia and I reflect on all things. I really want to build my life, and I am confident,
that I do correct things. Then we have gone to speak with the daddy. Mine the daddy as the engineer on construction
always respects well planned actions. he respects accuracy and confidence and consequently he has told to me, that all
over again I should meet you in the person in the USA and see your way of life, your house, your country. I really
agree, that only after that I can draw conclusions on a real life in the USA together with you. I should understand
my feelings. Both of us should understand all things between us. Correctly? The daddy, certainly, very much worries
about me. Anyhow, America it is far, but I have told, that you will care of me. Anyhow, my parents have approved my
choice and they have told, that will not be against I visited the USA for some time and visited you. I was very glad,
because I wanted to hear these words from parents! I should have support of my parents. They already adult people and
they have lived a long life, and they understand many things better me. So, I have met with approval of my parents!
I even showed them your pictures! I printed it on the printer on work! They have told, that you on a kind very good
and beautiful the man. You solidly look, and the daddy will invite also you to Russia if between us things will go well,
and we shall continue relations. I promised, that when I shall arrive in the USA I shall immediately call to my parents
and also to leave the address of my location. Now I can go easy in agency of travel and to find out all details, to go
in the USA. I think, that it will borrow time to finish all documents. When I travelled to Europe, it was required about
4 weeks to receive the passport and then 3 weeks, to receive the visa. Now my passport already expired, and I should
do the new passport. I had the passport before, and now it will be faster to receive the passport. If all things go well
I think, that in 4 weeks I can have all documents ready! For this time I shall have time to solve all things on work
with mine the boss. I shall work some time to have additional money for my trip. Then I shall take a vacation! I shall
speak soon with mine the boss about it. Tomorrow I plan to go in agency of travel, and I shall write to you all details
as soon as I find out.
XXX it is pleasant for me to learn that you had good entertainment in this week-end. You asked that my teachers told
to me about America. The matter is that except for ' the Statue of Freedom ' and the white house teachers practically
did not stop on the USA. To us told about the native land of the English language of England more. To us have told about
Big Ben, Tauer, and it is a lot of about London. All this was very much for a long time and I a little that I remember
sights, and traditions. I can tell to you that in England there is a tradition to drink tea in 5 o'clock in the evening.
You have asked about that as it to be necessary for me of time for that what to receive the visa much. While I cannot
tell to you about it, I shall try to find out all as soon as possible. I shall inform as soon as I shall know about it.
XXX I think that you fairly are interested in that that should take place between us. To me I would not like to think
of the bad things occuring between us. You speak that there is a lot of deceit on the Internet, I believe you so have
told that I shall trust you in all. I as promised to speak you only the truth, you can ask about all and I shall answer
your questions. I already spoke that I would shall apply all efforts for that what to reach our meeting.
XXX I want to tell that really for me more pleasantly second your question, I planned this variant. I think that was not
present it is not necessary to hasten too with our wedding. Certainly we shall not postpone her. I think that we could
live some time together. Probably you are right also to us it will be necessary to find out that as we can receive the
sanction to my residing from you. Yes I want to have the child, it is possible when we shall make all things for us,
that we can have the child. And I think to you it will be necessary to arrive to Russia before we marry. I want to acquaint
you with my parents.
I very much trust you also I hope, that you will not deceive me, and you will care of me. When I shall arrive in the
USA you probably should meet me. I should know the airport closest to you that I arrived as it is possible closer to you!
I very much dream of you! I want somewhat quicker that day of our meeting was.
I want, that our feelings developed also we had serious relations. I also want to know as much as possible the personal information on you. OK?
I really hope, that you loved all my pictures. I am confident, that you in a reality will love more my appearance.
Pictures deform a reality a little and I think, that in a life I more beautiful! You also very beautiful and we shall
be beautiful pair together! You will allow me to name you BELOVED XXX? I also would want, that you named me
This letter demanded from me the whole 2 hours to write! I shall go now and I wait your letters. Bye my loved XXX.
Heave nice day. Yours forever, Mariya.

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Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers
Dating scammer Mariya from Yaroslavl, Russia

2007-01-23, 20:38:48
anonymous from United States  
'Mariya' told me she was from Bryansk, Russia and works for a company called Bryansk house builders. She said she works in the office and prepares reports and does book work. Anyone else get the same info from her?
2007-01-25, 20:28:09
anonymous from United States  
She told me she lives in Liptsek Russia and worked for a Gas Company and, prepares reports..

Here is the email I sent 3 days ago after I found this web page and, I have not hear anything since..I was never going to send money but, I did suspect scam from the onset..

Hi Mariya,

I thought I would help you so inquired about the travel visa with the embassy in Moscow today..You will need to get a medical exam and then fill out all the proper documentation..Once this is completed, then all you need to do is purchase your tickets since you already have a passport.. I have also contacted my companies travel agency located in Moscow, when you have completed all the documentation and medical exam and get your Visa, then you can go to my company's travel agency and you will save 40 percent of what it would cost you than with any other travel agency in Russia..They tell me Moscow to New York is $1100, my company discount will get you the same ticket for $600.

Your Beloved,
2007-01-31, 22:21:47   (updated: 2007-01-31, 23:09:12)
anonymous, who uses the same letters as Mariya, but different face and goes by the name of Olya. Attactive woman though, or young girl. A pity it's a scam.

2007-01-31, 22:22:48
anonymous from United States  
Again, another picture of Olya.

2007-01-31, 22:25:10
Again Olya scammer.

2007-02-02, 08:10:50
I am Talking to Olya also. She sent me these pictures
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Olya

Keywords: blonde blue dress creek river water
2007-02-02, 11:21:51
anonymous from United States  
I posted the letter about Olya with all the pictures and her letters. I had to send her this e-mail today. Like it?

My dearest Olya. I have been speaking much with my family about you and my desire to bring you to the United States. My brother-in-law is going to give me a job with his company as an assisstant superintendant. The job pays much more money than what I do now. The company also works in Africa, the mid-east and Russia, so I can come to see your family if we get along well while you are here. And best of all, you need only to tell me when you can come and the company will allow me to use an airplane to fly to Russia to pick you up. I will not need to pass through customs as I will be a passenger on the plane and need only to wait for you on board. My brother-in-law and I have not gotten along well in the past, but he thinks that I may be able to help him run his company. He is rich and I am not, so I will not argue the point with him as to whether I want to go to Africa 3 months a year. My sweet, you have made my life much easier. With you, I can now build a wonderful life. I thank you for that alone, and will make love to you with pleasing you alone most on my mind. I still want naughty pictures of you. I love you my angel.
2007-02-16, 16:45:25
anonymous from Spain  
n muy romantica.
Ella tiene el sentido bueno. Tengo la casi misma voz y amo esta cancion. Canto
esta cancion de la casa.
Tengo las casas karaoke y canto a menudo. Pienso que amaras esta cancion. Tengo
todas las canciones de este grupo.
Escribe despues si escuchar el smog esta cancion. Ella te ha gustado? Espero!
Te he dedicado esta cancion.
Amo mucho la musica. Amo pensar en la vida bajo la musica baja. En lavamos el
automovil hay tambien una musica.
Cuando voy por la ciudad mi escucho la musica. Incluyo la manana, cuando voy al
trabajo mi la musica y esto me ayuda definitivamente despertarse.
Yo tenia unas relaciones serias con el muchacho una vez.
Esto fue hace 3 anos. Fuimos juntos 4 anos. Lo llamaban Igor. Lo hemos conocido
en la universidad.
Sonabamos que nosotros tendremos una boda despues de que acabaremos la
Pero una vez se me ha acercado la muchacha y ha dicho que ella tendra el nino de
mi muchacho.
Igor confesaba a mi que a ellos fue el sexo y es a su nino. No podia perdonarlo
y por eso
Ha interrumpido nuestras relaciones. Despues de esto no tenia serio la relacion.
Trabajaba mucho y
Se hacia por el jefe del departamento en una grande compania. Gano bien, pero
comprendo que a mi
Es necesario tener la familia. Por eso ahora he decidido encontrar al muchacho
bueno y
hacer mi familia! Por eso me hacia por el miembro y te he escrito!
Mikel, quiero saber todavia de ti lo mas posible! Comunica por favor de ti lo
mas posible!
Escribe como iba tu dia? Que hacias hoy? Me intereso mucho por tu. Me pregunto a
menudo, si podemos ser juntos.
Querias encontrarme? Pienso que puedo encontrar bastante dinero para nuestro
Pronto tendre mis vacaciones. Hace mucho no tomaba mis vacaciones y mi boss ha
dicho a mi que puedo tomar mis vacaciones,
Cuando quiero. Queria llegar a Espana y quedarse con ti el rato. Pero
probablemente querrias visitar Rusia?
Comunica por favor detalladamente que piensas en nuestro encuentro?
Viajaba solamente a Inglaterra. Fui nunca en la Espana y honestamente decir que
me soy tenido miedo ir un poco
En otro pais. La Espana lejanamente de Rusia y mi debe ser asegurado en aquello
que sere en la seguridad y que os preocupareis por mi,
Si llegare a tu. Es muy interesante verme como vives. Leia tus cartas y se de ti
y tu vida basta.
Pero mejor saber uno a otro, si se encontraremos.
Mi la mujer independiente. Puedo independientemente aceptar las decisiones. Si
debo saber quereis encontrarme?
Siento que ti bueno el hombre. Me has interesado mucho! Mi la mujer constante y
si nosotros dos quiero encontrarnos,
Pensare es serio sobre nuestro encuentro!
Debo ir ahora. De nuevo pensare en ti. Debo ir hoy en la tienda y comprar los
Lastima que no te encuentras en lavamos la ciudad, de otro modo te invitaria a
la cena! :)
Escribe pronto! Recuerda que decia mis palabras es serio! Esto no es simple las

Tu amigo Yulia
2007-02-18, 03:04:34
anonymous from United States  
Beware this scammer! Under the name of Yuliya Ostrenina. She lured what must be dozens of men through the organized email dating scam. I was scammed out of money. Do Not fall for the trap like i did.

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