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Dating scammer Kseniya Tchircazianova from Cheremkhovo, Russia


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Name: Kseniya Tchircazianova
City: Cheremkhovo, Russia

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2006-11-09, 09:04:50 from United States  
Okay...I have posted the 14 messages in this thread, beginning with the one of Galina holding the sign with my name on it. In my message above, I stated that I had just sent her an email to call my telephone number, which I gave to her again. You are NEVER going to belive this, but SHE called my cellphone just under 1 1/2 hrs. ago! I had left my cellphone another room in my house. I just grabbed my cell to notice I missed one call, and I had a Voice Mail Message waiting! My phone is showing the missed call, but it's showing it as UNKNOWN!!! I can't seem to access the number which called in! I just listened to her Voice Mail a few times over. Voice definately sounds foreign...and possibly...Russian! Female....20-30-ish sounding. Pretty voice. English was spoken quite well I might add. I have it saved in my Inbox for my Voice Mails. BUT how do I get it off there and possibly on to my computers hard drive??? Anyone? I think maybe the only possible way I can think of at the moment is to use an MP3 player with a built-in microphone, and holding it to the cell, try to record her message. It will take listening to it many several times to write it all down. She did say I was the most special man in her life line she did in her last email to me. MORE TO FOLLOW.....KEEP WATCH. I WILL POST HER MESSAGE HERE TO ME SHORTLY. IN THE MEANTIME, I'D WELCOME ANY ADVICE AS TO HOW TO GET THE PHONE # OF ORIGIN ON HER CALL!!!
2006-11-09, 10:28:26
anonymous from United States  

I have yet to figure out a way to determine the phone number of 'Galina's' incoming call. I DID however come up with a way to record her audio message she left in my Voice Mailbox! I hooked up my Quickcam webcam, which I hardly ever use. I selected 'record a video'. A 'video' of up to one minute in length can be recorded using my Quickcam webcam. I called my Voicemail and then put 'Galina's' voice message on my cell's speakerphone, while at the same time starting to record the video. Of course, there's no video. I pointed the webcam at a darkened wall here in my bedroom and let the webcam record the audio from the cell's speakerphone. I now have this saved to my computer's hard drive! Her message was like 42-43 seconds in length. It's saved as an AVI file and can be played using Windows Media Player! It's filesize is 2.54 MB. If anyone is interested in hearing 'her' call, please write me at: I will gladly send antone interested the AVI file as an attachment. Rather than try and write down her message at this time and post it (which I WILL DO in the next few days), just send me an email to my Yahoo address and I will send you the file. I just wish there was some way to actually grab the phone number!!! Suggestions welcomed.
2006-11-09, 11:53:13 from United States  
***ANOTHER UPDATE***'s where the fun begins. I know our 'Galina' read my last email I sent to her, or else she wouldn't have called me. She did NOT reply with any emails. In her voice message left to me, she said she would check her mailbox later today, for she wanted me to email her back. I am still shocked that she even called. She must be very desperate for her money! LOL Anyways, I just sent her another email. I sent her this request:
I told her since she's still in Moscow, I want for her to go back to Gorky Park. There at the park is a replica of the Space Shuttle 'Buran'. I told her to wear the exact same black dress and the exact same black high heeled boots she wore in this picture below, which was supposidly taken in Gorky Park, and which I highly doubt. I told her to have anyone take her picture while standing in front of the 'Buran' Space Shuttle replica, while holding a sign with the following: ' Hi Rick from Gorky Park'. I also told her I want to see her SMILING in this picture. I mentioned how any picture she's ever emailed me she is never smiling and that she looks so sad. Here's the kicker.....I gave her 24 hrs to produce such a picture EXACTLY as I have asked and email it to me. Any bets as to whether I will recieve such a picture??? Time will tell. I told her the money she requires for her round trip airlines tickets depends entirely on this, and that if she can fullfill me request, then she has won my trust in her. So the clock is ticking and let the wild goose chase begin!

2006-11-09, 11:54:39
anonymous from United States  
Oops...this is the picture I emailed back to her, telling her to be wearing the same exact clothing for the picture.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Galina Cheremkhovo near Irkutzk, Russia

2006-11-09, 13:35:13 from United States  

I have just recieved a reply email from our Galina. It read as follows:

'Rick, now it's late here and I can't write you a long email. I like all of your pics.
and that one where you were 29. Thank you for sending so many pics.!
I just don't know how else I can prove my honest intentions. I ask that old womean
to take my pic holding a paper with your name, I called you, I've done evrything I
could to prove it to you. Please trust me and help me so I can be on that plane.
We really don't have that much time till Saturday.'

NO PICTURE ATTACHED. MY REQUESTED PICTURE WAS NOT THERE. She mentions a picture I emailed her the other day, when I was younger....29. I'm now 45. I asked her why if I'm so special a man to her she never answers any of my previous questions in my emails...never comments on pictures I had attached. So NOW she brings up the last picture of myself I had emailed her. True...she did call me, whoever she is. I missed out
on a conversation with her. BUT....if she is where she claims to be, she should easily be able to obtain the picture I had asked of her. I offered to give her an extra day in an email I just sent her. I told her I have the money she needs to fly over here to the US. And if she wants to come here, she still has to produce the picture I have requested. It will be interesting to see if she ever emails me back. It will be interesting to see if I will be sent the picture I requested. Time will tell. MORE TO COME.....BUT IT IS FUN PLAYING THIS LITTLE GAME WITH 'OUR' GALINA SHERSTABITOWA!!! PAYBACK'S A BITCH I'LL TELL YA!
2006-11-09, 14:18:17
anonymous from United States  
man thats no fair,i had galina too...i didnt get sign held up saying i love you,and i didnt get no phone call......i think shes adjusting her scam techniques a bit,yeah i think shes desperate,i cant help believing though,shes the only one involved in this scam,i bet theres quite a bit of people working this scam,probobly a bunch of guys doing it,and whats up with the emails all begining with'fitness'some kind of clue to that i'm sure,when trying to figure out whos behind all this,but galina is the queen of the internet scam right now,she is on alot of these scam sites,and shes pretty new at it it seems.she was planning to come to tampa,florida,this saturday,and i noticed she was going to san diego on friday...yup our galina ,a busy girl.i noticed a few photos i didnt see before on here...anyway i played her for a few days,had her running around for the money i never her its fun,actually its the only time you get her to actually respond to you,she'll actually write you a real email....its funny...
2006-11-09, 14:29:56
anonymous from United States  
Thanks to all for posting on this scam. I was looking at the city of Irkutsk, Russia and saw this forum about this topic. The first name that sent me an email was Svetlana Georgeyants with with some of the basic pictures (one with the teddy bear, an close-up one of her face, one sitting at the table by the fireplace). I received the first email about a month before the last few emails which stated basically stating the same thing as noted above and most of the pictures. The last few emails had the email address of They have included most of the other pictures posted. The last email was that she arrived in Moscow and would provide me her itinerary of her flights. This email included pictures of Moscow, her passport, two more of herself (taken by a 70 year old woman who she is staying with in an apartment. The old woman's husband died 2 years ago and her kids were grown up and gone from the area). The email continues with the lyrics of the Scorpions song (Wind of Change) and that she doesn't like to be photographed as she has sent me pictures of sitting on a kitchen table with her showing off her legs and ass. I thought it was pretty weird to sit and pose on a kitchen table. But, it's a good way to scam someone, right ? I guess I will wait for the next email and have a good laugh. It's too bad that we can't trap her and have her arrested for attempting to scam us. Isn't it funny that she is sending us current pictures of her in a short skirt when the temperature is in the upper 20s or low 30s and snow in Moscow, Russia ? She wears too many expensive looking clothes to be that unfortunate in life.
2006-11-10, 01:45:05
anonymous from United States  

I have recieved my next reply back from 'our' Galina. Here is what she had to say:

'If you don't trust me I can't help it. After I send you such pic you will ask something
more and more.
I think it's impossible to trust someone in internet. And I also have my own worries on coming to you. I think it will be better for both of us if I stay in Moscow. Maybe if few months I will be able to save the money and come to you'.

Thoughts on the latest email? Still she has sent me no picture that I requested. Now she sounds a bit upset and thinks it best she stays in Moscow. WHAT??? She doesn't WANT my $960? Like I would send it to her...yeah right. But is this a statement a scammer would even make? Maybe I can save the money and come to you in a few months?

This gets more & more interesting has time goes on. I emailed her requesting a phone number she can be reached at. Let's see if our Galina comes thru....

2006-11-10, 06:46:44
anonymous from United States  
she is playing you .... so now you even doubt she is scaming you! i think she believes she can suck the marrow out of your bones!

Still make sme wonder if she would have called me, before i complainecd to yahoo....

2006-11-10, 08:00:41 from United States  

Sure she's playing me. Of course I know this. But somehow I have managed to take her to the point where either I'm tiring her out, and she figures this is too much work to go through trying to get my money (which she NEVER will), OR maybe she figures she's got me hooked, but for some strange reason she just doesn't have the heart to go thru with it and reel me in and she's going to let me slip away through the cracks. Know this is going to sound funny, but just maybe she DOES feel alittle something towards me and doesn't want to take my money. I'm very surprised she even attempted to call me, which she did but I didn't hear the phone ring. I did not ask for the picture with her holding the sign posted above. That was a suprise. I just think I've played this fish so long there's no fight left in her. I think maybe I'll be silent for a few days and see if she's still hungry for the $960 she thinks is so very close now. I had called her a scammer in an email right after she dropped the $960 bomb. But in later emails I somehow managed to make here think I had just over reacted and I have been living 'to play yet another day' ever since. I'm really having fun with our Galina. Believe me.....I'm the one who's scamming her now. It seems nice to be in the drivers seat for a change!
2006-11-10, 08:29:41
anonymous from United States  
Our Galina, is in the process of trying to scam me now!! I am so glad for everyone on this site!!! I too received many e-mails and photos and even a message on my cell phone on Tue. Nov. 7th. She was coming to fort Wayne, In. on nov. 11th. hahahahaha Just told her lastnight that I really couldn't help her. don't expect a return e-mail from the BITCH!!! Again thanks to all!!!!
2006-11-10, 12:37:00
anonymous from United States  
2006-11-10, 13:31:41
anonymous from United States  
I was scammed also by Galina Scherstobitova. Unlike many of you I fell for the inital $960.00 scam and am $1044.00 lighter now.Do I feel like a fool. You bet I do, but wiser for it.


2006-11-10, 14:59:34
anonymous from United States  
damn stargazer,what is it between you and galina......i think our scam girl actually likes you ...LOL.......i can t wait for the next update......and to the guy who sent her money,damn sorry to hear that dude....we got to inform these about this scams,they've got to do better screening...but to any new victim of galina....please,please keep your head on straight dude...DO NOT EVER SEND MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU HARDLY KNOW....i mean 8 emails and shes in love,and coming to you(she was coming to me too)????doesn't that sound weird?of course it does,i think i've written more emails to girls i've dated in my area thru shit if they told me they were in love....i ran to the hills.....i know galina's one hot bitch,but really do you really think shes having a hard time finding guys in russia,nope don't think so...she is f/n fine. probably has a boyfriend who is probably working this scam.shes not doing this alone !!! hearing her on the phone to rick,she sounds like a girl who got lost along the way,probably some boyfriend working her to work opinion anyway.......
2006-11-10, 15:38:21
anonymous from United States  
Hey Rick saw your posting. Galina sent me the same picture with John on the placard after I told here I would buy her a non-refundable ticket to come to the good old USA. I looked at both our pictures and have a feeling that it is the same with a little editing. Here is the response to my offer to purchase the ticket.

John, I've been told today if you send me tickets and they in the
embassy will learn I want to meet you they will not give me my work
visa because if a woman wants to meet a man from your country she
should apply for fiancee visa... so I think I should find a work in
Moscow and earn the money by myself....
I'm sending you a picture which was drawn by my good friend Elena, she is a professional painter. Do you like it??
Also I'm sending a sexy photo of me )) I hope you like it

And yes I got the sexy photo in the blue dress. Not sure where we are going now, but I have not heard from her in a couple of days.

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