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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana


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2008-05-23, 00:19:12
anonymous from United States  
Kind of looks like this model from Her real name is Joleen. If it is the same model, the one you are talking to is a scam
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2008-05-23, 06:49:28
[hidden] from Hajja, Morocco  
hello!everybody make freind that my hoobies...........

2008-05-24, 03:24:05
anonymous from United Kingdom  
To all you guys out there ask ALL girls in West Africa to sen you a photo taken in the street outside the National Theatre holding a piece of paper with your name on it

three photos one full length,one half length an one close up of face

see what happens when you ask for this

2008-05-25, 18:04:02 from Phoenix, United States  
Here is a new on that is plaguing Match Dot Com. I see her everywhere now and I have reported her to the Match Police. LOL. Going by Annibel Gisetto with a email to match
Contacted her first with Match ID anngsetto11, then found her again and again with other ID's, gsettoan, gsettoannii, and many more. Here is her profile from Match:

Searching for a true Love

* 28-year-old woman
* Bonnyman, Kentucky, United States
* seeking men 30-49
* within 50 miles of Bonnyman, Kentucky, United States

Relationships:     Never Married
Have kids:     None
Want kids: Definitely (1)
Ethnicity:     White / Caucasian
Body type: Athletic and toned
Height:     5'5' (165cms)
Religion:     Christian / Catholic
Smoke:     No Way    
Drink:     I don't drink alcohol

Looking for a good man that does not take himself or life too seriously. Intelligent men really turn me on, not the type that runs around telling everyone that he is a strong intelligent man, but one who's intellect shows through his character, success, failures and overall ability to conversate. I appreciate man that understand that kindness in a woman is strength and not weakness. If you like 'thugs' you wont like me. If you are looking for a gold tooth grill with tatoos all over her body, you wont like me. If you are looking to laugh, feel safe, secure and respected, I am sure I can be your woman. I understand that a good man can make a woman feel complete. I have lived, learned and listened and am ready to be a dream Woman to wonderful man.Though My heart has got broken so many times But yet I was still convinced By a friend to try the online dating and see where it leads

About me
Hair:     Blonde
Eyes:     Green
Best Feature:     Feet
Body art:     None

Sports and exercise:    
* Aerobics,
* Cycling,
* Dancing,
* Golf,
* In-line skating,
* Martial arts,
* Other types of exercise,
* Running,
* Swimming,
* Walking / Hiking,
* Billiards / Pool,
* Football,
* Auto racing / Motorcross,
* Bowling,
* Skiing
Exercise habits:     Exercise 1-2 times per week
Daily diet:     No answer    

* Alumni connections,
* Business networking,
* Camping,
* Coffee and conversation,
* Cooking,
* Dining out,
* Fishing/Hunting,
* Gardening/Landscaping,
* Hobbies and crafts,
* Movies/Videos,
* Museums and art,
* Music and concerts,
* New to the area,
* Performing arts,
* Playing cards,
* Playing sports,
* Political,
* Religion/Spiritual,
* Shopping/Antiques,
* Travel/Sightseeing,
* Video games,
* Watching sports
Education:     High school
Occupation:     No answer    
Income:     No answer    
Languages: English
Politics:     Middle of the Road
Sign:     I don't believe in astrology
My Place:     No answer    
Pets I have:     No answer    
Pets I like:    
* Birds,
* Cats,
* Dogs

2008-05-25, 18:17:29 from Phoenix, United States  
More on Annibel Gisetto with a email to match
She has some very hot photos once you get her in you emails. Her emails are always with a special font type. By her IP address she is not in Nigeria as she tells me either.


IP address:
Reverse DNS: [Timeout]
Reverse DNS authenticity: [Unknown]
ASN: 0
IP range connectivity: 0
Registrar (per ASN): Unknown
Country (per IP registrar): US [United States]
Country Currency: USD [United States Dollars]
Country IP Range: to
Country fraud profile: Normal
City (per outside source): Wilmington, Delaware
Country (per outside source): US [United States]
Private (internal) IP? No
IP address registrar:
Known Proxy? No
Link for WHOIS:

Hello XXXXX,
How are you doing today?I Just got your message Now and I truly understand all what you said,My personality (Character)I am very even tempered. It takes a real big problem to make me mad. I never watch television because there are so many other things to do. Most television turns your brain to mud anyway. I do like the history channel! I love to cook. I don’t eat much meat. I like a meal with lots of vegetables and just a small amount of meat. I am ½ Italian, so naturally I like any food that is Italian. I seem to be able to make people laugh. I think I can be funny. I don’t like violence. I don’t watch football because it is violent. I hate boxing and wrestling. I like animals. There is something very special about being around animals. They are wonderful.I am a very fun and loving person to be with I love to travel when I can. I love a man to treat me like I am suppose to be treated with respect.I am a very down to earth person and I love to laugh and have fun.
I like to spend some quality time with friend and loved ones.I am a person that you can depend on and that you can trust.I am a very confidential person .
I don't want to be played and taken advantage of. I don't
like a bossy person or a possessive person.I don't like when people are selfish and only think about themselves.
I like for people to be considerable about others as well as I like for you to be yourself around me and anybody else.
I love honesty and truthfulness.
Are you ready for a long term commitment?
How could you be the man I have been waiting for?
What is your Internet experience so far because I am new to all this.....
Does age matters in your own relationship??
Does distance really matter in a relationship.
Who's the biggest influence in your life and why?
What motivates/drives you to get up everyday and continually do what you do?
I will be honored to get your response as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely


2008-05-25, 18:22:14 from Phoenix, United States  
More on Annibel Gisetto with a email to match


Thanks for your message and I am happy to hear from you,I truly want you to know that I am a grown up lady and what I am really looking of for is true Love and ready to settle down and to answer back all the same questions I asked here is it below:
{1}What I am Looking for is true Love that will last till the end bcos My heart has got broken in the past and I don't play with any man;s heart bcos Life is too short for playing games
{2}I have never been married But been is a serious relationship and it end up in a heartbreak,what happen is that I caught My best friend sleeping with My Man,and then I don't know what to do I Just move to a very far place from both of them b'cos it really hurt me so Much that I don't think I can easily get it off My chest But as I take Life very simple I learn to take it off My mind and move on with My Life bcos Life is a lesson we Live to learn and move from there.
{3}My last stay in the state was so good but I Just don't happy bcos the plans of me wanting to enrol in a Modeling group doesn't work out good
{4}I am 28yrs of age and My race is MIXED Italy and Nigeria,My Full name is Annibel Gisetto
{5}I am ready for a Long term commitment and I am ready to give My heart,My trust,My cares,and My everything to make it come true
{6}what I think I can do about this is to be always Honest and open minded to you and I belv that it will come true bcos no dream is too big and feelings is what that grows when the Both partners strongly belv in it
{7}I have Not have any experiences so far about the Internet dating bcos I am also new to it But Just that My friends keeps advising me to be careful bcos there is alot of liars on the internet
{8}Age does Not matters to me But what I belv that matters to me in a relationship is to always be Honest and be caring and the relationship will be very strong and it will last.age is Just a digit.
{9} I don't really belv that distance is also matters bcos if the true feelings is there the distance will means Nothing...bcos feelings is what that is very hard to control and U cant hide it or Not touch it But feels it emotional.
{10}God is who I give all My thanks to and the reason was that he answers My prayers But I always gives thanx and respect to My parents because they always be there for me and care for me But I am a Kind of lady that when i am in relationship I give all My trust,Love,honesty,caring and everything just to make it strong and gives alot of respect to My man.
{11}the Movie that makes me feels so good is TITANIC and THE FIRST 50 DATES I Blev that you and are Looking for the same and what we can do Now is to give it a try and see it come true and I am also ready for this to come true.

I will check My message later.


2008-05-25, 18:23:52
anonymous from United States  
More on Annibel Gisetto with a email to match


Again XXXXX.
Actually,I got your words and it really impressed me so much, well, I just wanted to let you know the kind of person I am, Am a lady that is in need of real and perfect love, I need a man that can take me through, cos.... I have been hurt so many times by different men, An I wouldn't want that to happen to me again.....thats the reason why I said that I need love.... I am far from this since i was hurt for so many time and years, am not out for anything but love from someone. Having someone that loves you and supports you in your life through good and bad times and won’t give up on you is what I am looking for Honesty,God fearing and trust are what makes a relationship work to become a successful relationship. I prefer to watch a movie or attend the theater.I also enjoy travel, experiencing different geographies and people. My eyes are green, I do not DRINKS Nor smoke.I work in a salon as Hairstylist and I am very good at it,I Just came back from the Manchester Bcos it was a friend that invited me to come there so that she can enrol me into a Modeling group But the plans doesn't works out good and I am presently Back Home here in Nigeria bcos My Mom is Originally from Nigeria and My Dad is from Italy...... well Concerning sexuality, I am not a promiscuous Lady. My desire is to be sexually faithful to the person I marry.If two people love each other and will communicate what they like and do not like about their partner's sexual behavior, I believe many problems can be resolved. Moreover, I am currently working extra smart cos i had to try something else after i lost almost all i had to my last relationship.distance is not a problem..if i find the right MAN..i dont mind relocating... i am a very honest and truthful woman .i hate lies and deceit.tell me how you treat
woman?Talk to you later

Phone# +234-8038423654

2008-05-25, 18:25:38
anonymous from United States  
Ladies Beware

Check this shit it out, I got this in one of me email's. I am a man so this proves these scammers bulk send this bullshit. But I am wondering if I should send him a few nude pics, of some of those porn guys.


I am very glad that I have an opportunity to answer you.
I was on business trip for my work and could not write to you.
If all of you still whom have not met that write to me your answer.

My name is Sebastian , I'm 41 years old, 183 cm, slim, brown hair, brown eyes,
divorced and out of Sydney Australia

In my free time, I like to go into cinema, dancing, travelling, with friends
into the beer garden in summer, in winter to ski and like very much digital

I'm a very humorous, honest, faithful, straight and also good and warm
hearted person.

My father was working as a doctor and my mother as a business woman. Both
are not pensioner.

I also have two younger sisters. The oldest one is handicapped, because that
the live into a home for such people and also work there.
My younger sister is working as a doctor and living with her husband in

I work as the economic adviser for the big company
Which makes a van for the lorry

I'm looking here now for my soul mate and a lifelong partnership with a
honest, faithful and also cute woman whom I can support and who also will
support me in good times like also in bad times.

With this mail I send you a picture of me and hope you will like it.

It would be nice if you can send me a photo of you and also if you will
write a little bit about you.

For now I close and hope to read from you soon.

Sebastiatian Alderro Sydney Australia

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2008-05-25, 18:26:15
anonymous from United States  
2008-05-25, 18:44:01   (updated: 2008-05-25, 18:45:37)
anonymous from United States  
More on Annibel Gisetto with a email to match
Here is where they start to go for the money. They want me to pay for half of her airfare. NO WAY !
Watch out for her because she is all over Match with multiple profiles looking for a sucker. Don't be one and don't send them money. Waste there time and make them pay by not getting anything out of you. OOH YA !

annibel_gisetto228: <BUZZ>
Annibel Gisetto is currently using a different version of Yahoo! Messenger.: Some features may not be available.
annibel_gisetto228: <BUZZ>
annibel_gisetto228: <BUZZ>
annibel_gisetto228: Maybe I should Just make U understand that I am not a fool,bcos U can't expect me to fly over there and meet you with My Money?that is impossible nd it can never happen if you want to meet me U can come to Nigeria if U Like and if U can't then BYE
XXXXXXXXXX: Honey how long have you been online?
annibel_gisetto228: it has not been Long
XXXXXXXXXX: You sound like you are not very happy with me.
annibel_gisetto228: bcos U always expect me to come over there with My Money
annibel_gisetto228: do you ever think that would Possibly?
XXXXXXXXXX: I know many women that do that.
XXXXXXXXXX: It;s not uncommon.
XXXXXXXXXX: If you really love me and want to share my life here, I would think you would be willing to do that.
annibel_gisetto228: But I am Not manywomen?
annibel_gisetto228: then U Must be thinking that I am stupid to does that
annibel_gisetto228: Ok
annibel_gisetto228: I m not here to waste My time Ok
annibel_gisetto228: and I gat alot to do
XXXXXXXXXX: I see because I don't have the money to send you then you are not intested in me.
annibel_gisetto228: Not that I am not interested bcos mof Moneu
XXXXXXXXXX: I told you that I would love to have you here with me.
annibel_gisetto228: But if we have to raise the Money for me to come over there together I can do that
XXXXXXXXXX: I would share all that I have. But I am in a bit of a slump with my business right now.
XXXXXXXXXX: This past year has not been good for me and my business. I am just barely getting by right now.
XXXXXXXXXX: I know you can get a ticket online for less that $1000.
XXXXXXXXXX: You can't come up with that?
annibel_gisetto228: we arer to share the cost that's fine by me
XXXXXXXXXX: Anni I am having trouble just paying my bills right now.
XXXXXXXXXX: You want me to squeeze out an extra $500 from what little I make now.
XXXXXXXXXX: I had to go into my savings and everything to keep my head above water this past year.
XXXXXXXXXX: I have taken out loans that I can't hardly make the payments on too.
annibel_gisetto228: then how do U wnat to take care of me if I come over there?
annibel_gisetto228: well do U know what?
annibel_gisetto228: can U raise 350$
XXXXXXXXXX: I can manage to take care of you here. I doesn't cost that much to live here.
XXXXXXXXXX: I pay for the house and all the bills and you can help out with the food.
annibel_gisetto228: raise 350$ and I will balance it up
XXXXXXXXXX: It won't be long for my business to turn around.
XXXXXXXXXX: I can't do that.
XXXXXXXXXX: You need to prove to me how serious you are.
XXXXXXXXXX: By coming here on your own you will prove that to me.
annibel_gisetto228: hey if I am not serious then why U disturbing me?
XXXXXXXXXX: So I guess I am wasting your time.
annibel_gisetto228: do U think that I amn a fool or what and why U talking mto me as if U are talkjing to Kid
XXXXXXXXXX: I wish I could get people to send me money and not have to work for a living.
XXXXXXXXXX: You are a kid.
XXXXXXXXXX: Nothing is free in this world.
XXXXXXXXXX: Most people work hard for their dreams to come true.
XXXXXXXXXX: How do you think I got this nice house that I live in.
annibel_gisetto228: <BUZZ>
XXXXXXXXXX: What are you doing Yahoo Boy?
XXXXXXXXXX: How about a picture of the real you?
annibel_gisetto228: now I see that U are mad
XXXXXXXXXX: Tell me Annibel, why do you go on Match and say you live in three or four different places?
XXXXXXXXXX: Are they all you or are they someone else?
annibel_gisetto228: Elm I can see in you that U are not serious
annibel_gisetto228: and I promise you that if u are to waste mY TIME then U are dead wrong
XXXXXXXXXX: Come on, show me a picture of the real you?
XXXXXXXXXX: Send me one now.
XXXXXXXXXX: What I don't understand is that you say you are in Nigeria, but you IP address has always had you in Wilmington, Delaware.
XXXXXXXXXX: Maybe you think I am a fool.
XXXXXXXXXX: Scamming from the US is a federal offense.
annibel_gisetto228: now I see why U act Like a foo,l and will remain a fool forever....
annibel_gisetto228: I am In Nigeria
annibel_gisetto228: so because i am using a foreign Ip means that I am not in Nigeria
annibel_gisetto228: Nigerian IP is not allow to acecc some foreign sites
annibel_gisetto228: and Most responsible and rich people here uses foreign IP
XXXXXXXXXX: The information you don't see in your email never lies.
annibel_gisetto228: I am not here to let u waste My time
XXXXXXXXXX: So if you are rich why do you need my money?
annibel_gisetto228: all I know is that U are a fool and U will always act as 1
XXXXXXXXXX: You're a fool to try and scam a scammer.
XXXXXXXXXX: I knew all a long what was going on here and just collecting information to nail you ass.
annibel_gisetto228: so now I see that you are a scammer and do you think U can turn me in?
XXXXXXXXXX: So show e a real photo of you. I want to see who I am really talking to.
annibel_gisetto228: show ur cam first
annibel_gisetto228: you are a scammer
XXXXXXXXXX: Collecting information on a sting operation for the FBI is totally legal.
annibel_gisetto228: say whatever U wanna say all I know is that U are a Big fool
XXXXXXXXXX: Turn on your web cam.
XXXXXXXXXX: We'll see who is the fool.
XXXXXXXXXX: I'll bet you are a little boy, a Yahoo Boy.
XXXXXXXXXX: I know you are not the girl in the photo you send to me.
annibel_gisetto228: and....?
annibel_gisetto228: u are a big scammer
XXXXXXXXXX: If you are who you say you are I will pay for that plane ticket.
XXXXXXXXXX: Go on and show me with your web cam.
annibel_gisetto228: but what is the meanning of Yahoo boy and I am not boy
annibel_gisetto228: show me urs
annibel_gisetto228: I dont have time for you fool ok
annibel_gisetto228: and I am going to erase u off My list now
annibel_gisetto228: bye
XXXXXXXXXX: Saved me a plane ticket.
XXXXXXXXXX: Come on Annibels, I know you are curious to find out.
XXXXXXXXXX: OH Baby show me yours and I will show you mine.
Offline: Annibel Gisetto has signed out.

2008-05-27, 03:53:14
anonymous from New Zealand  
this is vivian from Nigeria.i met her in mocospace.i checked her out in
but she didnt get a chance to try and scam me,yet lol

2008-05-27, 15:02:56   (updated: 2008-05-27, 15:05:04)
Same woman as on page 55 and 34
2008-05-28, 04:02:39
anonymous from United States  
2008-05-28, 05:10:55
Has anybody been scammed by the naked brunette on this page?
She is a model from UK, and i don´t think she´s a scammer.
But the woman using her photos is a fraud
2008-05-29, 06:12:51
anonymous from Netherlands  
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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