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Dating scammer Natalia from Russia


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Does anyone have more details on this identity?


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2006-11-24, 16:03:43
anonymous from United States  
Many posts here seem to assume that a woman is behind these scams. It is much more likely that a group of GUYS, with help from some women and using the Internet medium concoct up these scams.
2006-11-30, 15:56:15
anonymous from United States  
Yeah i'd say a scam team using their girlfriends photo's...
2006-12-02, 07:22:14
hogged from United States  
Well i just got my 5th Natalia email, the one with the passport photo, she's asking for money and i've agreed to send her as much as she needs, lol, next email i'm going to tell her i just met an asian girl online and she swept my heart away along with all my money lol !! that should piss the scammers off !! someone beat them to the goods, he he he !!!
2006-12-02, 14:38:48
anonymous from United States  
2006-12-03, 07:33:55
hogged from United States  
I asked Natalia for naked photo's Here is her reply:
Hello my dear !!!
How are you?
Thanks for it, that you wish to help me,
I am very grateful to you for your help,
I you will be very glad that I in me in someone's country.
I very much worry before a trip, but I know
That you will help me far from the native land.
I hope, that it can send money as soon as possible,
I so am glad that have met such good person.
I with impatience wait for our meeting with you
I am glad, that I am fast can to look in your eyes
And to see you it it is real, I very much wait during this moment.
I trust and I hope for you.
I hope that soon we shall together
I am glad that soon I can to look in your eyes
and to see you it is real, I very much wait for this moment.
So it is not a pity to me that I can send you a photo which you ask.
I now am in Moscow. I do not have with themselves any photos.
Once again forgive me.
I send you my hot kisses
Your Natalia

Now here's my reply:
I'll send your ticket money plus traveling money as soon as you send me naked pictures of you, a womens body is like art and i'm way into art !! i love you very much my dear xxxxx
2006-12-04, 18:37:46
hogged from United States  
Well what do ya know, she ain't emailing me anymore ? obviously she don't want to send any naked photo's even though she expects lots of money for nothing !!
2006-12-04, 22:21:56
anonymous from United States  
Natalia called and left several voicemails on my cell phone. She dialed from the same phone number every time: 7-905-802-0383 (definitely a Russian country code). Give her a call and give her a bunch of crap or just to wake her up in the middle of the night (Russia is 8 hours later than Eastern time)! Better yet, somehow give this number to the authorities to track her down and toss her ass in the slammer!
2006-12-05, 09:19:24
flog this !! from United States  
Here's a fresh Natalia email:
My darling love
I love you and i am glad you have come into my life.
I love your letters and each day i love you more .
I need you and i need your love. i am so ready for you to be with me and i think
of you evryday .
I find it hard to sleep because i think of you.
I will be happiest man when you my man are with me when at night.
I go to bed with you and sleep with you and make love to you.
When i awake in the morning i want to make love to you i want to spend my time
making love to you and making you feel good.
I have many dreams of you and me and our relations.i find my dreams of many
passionate nights and days together.
I want you to marry me. i know in my heart that you are my man and i am your
woman i will love you forever.
I need to see you i need to kiss you i want to feel you. i want to be inside of
you i want to be naked with you.
I need you so much, you are my life now. i know we can have a love that will
last forever.
I think of sex with you and how wonderful it will be. do you think of these
thinking about you .
My life is about the relations with you and the life we will build together.
Do you want children my love? how many? WILL YOU MARRY ME??
Please let me know your thoughts i love you i need you i want you i desire you
I want to give you many kisses i want to be connnected to you me you together as
one soul one body a love that will never leave.
I want to look into your eyes kiss your lips kiss your body lick your body
caress your body hold you to my chest and give you all my love i long for you i
love you
Your Natalia

NOTE: notice how she says:
I will be happiest man when you my man are with me when at night.
could be a slip up or maybe she really a he ?
2006-12-06, 19:22:41
anonymous from United States  
I knew it was a scam but played along until Natalia asked for the money then I sent her the following....

Hi Natalia,

I was thinking it might help to show you a picture (attached) of Boris Badenov because it can get very busy around the Embassy with people coming and going. He's the short guy on the left with the hat and mustache. On his left is his girlfriend Natasha or Natalya ? Maybe Natalia? No, that's your name, well something like that. I dont know the name of the man on the far right but my co-worker friend told me that guy got arrested for an internet scam and is now in prison taking it up the ass !! How funny !!

Anyway, I thought the picture might help you to locate Boris in a crowd because he's very short.

Your honey,

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 3:13 PM
Subject: Money !!

Hello Natalia,

Thanks for the 'clever' compliment !

Ok, I've finally worked something out on the money honey. As soon as you get this message go to the US Embassy in Moscow and ask for Boris Badenov, he works there and is a friend of my co-worker who works in Moscow. If security asks, tell them that you have a message for Boris from Rocky (Boris will know about Rocky), then when Boris meets you tell him the password...Bullwinkle...before you say anything else. He will then know who you are and will give you the $750.

Simple right ?!?! I'm really looking forward to seeing you Natalia, maybe you can send me another sexy picture of you before you come over, ok? Oh, I forgot to give you my new number....201-867-5309, call me when you get to the airport and I'll zip right over and pick you up !!



-----Original Message-----
Sent: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 8:36 AM
Subject: Re[12]: hello from match

Steve, honey.
I need 750$ to pay for the round trip ticket.
Departure date is scheduled for December,9.
But I really need to pay for this ticket asap so
I can show it to the embassy. Nobody can't help me
with money because my family and friends have already
given all of the money which they hadI knew you would
help, you are such a clever man!
Trust me , you want regret. I'll do my best to please
you. ............

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2006-12-06, 20:50:30
anonymous from Canada  
shes been fucking with me too but no money,keep on sending emails to see where it goes but im not stupid atleast.some guys can be so gullible.once they ask for money its funny to me.i will add the pics she sent me they all seem different.anyway im glad to have found this site

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2006-12-06, 20:51:21
anonymous from Canada  
2006-12-06, 20:51:45
anonymous from Canada  

2006-12-06, 20:52:07
anonymous from Canada  

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2006-12-06, 20:52:38
anonymous from Canada  

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2006-12-06, 20:53:48 from Canada  

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