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Letters by dating scammer Zinaida Sharipova from Russia


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Zinaida Sharipova

This is a little bit on the humorous side..

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2007-01-22, 09:13:55
anonymous from Bangalore in Karnataka, India  
same scam model being used here... Tatyana <> is the id she's using
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2007-01-22, 09:15:55
anonymous from India  
here's another one... cheerio mate...

2007-01-22, 10:38:54
anonymous from United States  
YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!! Ok I'm not alone in this. Kristina is a very beautiful croock!I was really going to send money.Today she asked for money.SSSSOOOOOOOOOo I'm going to let her know I'll go to the bank
( NOT REALLY ) and cash in a bond for $100,000.00 and loose $10,000.00 in penaltes.What ??? I can't play to??Her name is Kristina Vedeneva.

2007-01-29, 10:28:10
anonymous from Broadway in North Carolina, United States  
She is also going by the name Svetlana Melchakova - glad I googled Dobryanka, Pushkina that he/she sent me as an address. Quite a looker in the pictures. Sending e-mails from
2007-01-29, 16:08:00
anonymous from United States  

2007-01-29, 18:39:37
anonymous from United States  
2007-02-14, 08:40:47
anonymous from United States  
She is really getting around. She is due to arrive here and begin our life together Feb 17th at 1930 hrs. +
2007-02-16, 04:30:16
anonymous from Pakistan  
good tyhing to see
2007-02-18, 04:33:44
anonymous from New Zealand  
Thank you guys so much, just go two of them sent to me today from the same Zinaida and this other random girl. I'm so glad i used my head and looked her up on the internet but dont think i would ever send her money. Think this for me wil be a lesson well learn, dont ever trust foregin women.

2007-02-19, 18:03:55
anonymous from United States  
Hey guys, So glad I took the time to look her up, she sent me all the same letters and the same pictures. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, ya know, ask me for money. She sure is a hottie, and the thought of her living with me was exciting thats for sure. But like one of you said 'if it looks to good to be true, it probably is' So she just asked me for money and I wrote her back saying that I would but first she had to send me a totally nude picture of herself.HA HA, lets see what happens!!! Thank God for this site!!
Later horn dogs,
Deagave in San Diego
2007-02-22, 12:08:35
anonymous from United States  
Hey that lady with the pink top and brown sweat suit calls herself Irina Panteleeva from Thank you for warning me about her. I thought something was fishy!

2007-02-27, 00:46:42
anonymous from United States  
Very Helpful. I feel like slapping myself for reading her email past the first sentence. And I even formulated a reply. What a dork! At least I was smart enough to search her IP address and find this info! I hear Polish girls are nice though!
2007-02-28, 22:02:27
anonymous from United States  
Hello Jason!! Thanks you for your reply. I was very glad to see your reply in my e-mail box. Thanks for the nice
photo, you look handsome!!!
That would be right if I tell you about me and about my life because we have a chance
to meet each other in a real lifeand thus we need to know each other better.
You please tell me more about yourself, all right?

I am the simple and ordinary girl with my own interests,
a hobby and tastes.I think I I shall start to tell to you about things which as I wish to know from you,
so you will see my questions. As you know my name is Venera and my last name is Vafeeva.
I am 28 years and on 20 March shall be 29.
I am about 168 cm tall and my weight is about 53 kg

The sizes of my body are 96-62-91 cm.
I have dark brown hair and brown eyes (sometimes my eyes are dark green which you can see from my photos).

I know that many women abroad have an opportunity to improve their bodies and faces and they look so beautiful.
Unfortunately it is impossible here in Russia because this country is still far from a civilization.
But I still think that natural beauty is much better.

I live with my aunt,the uncle and little niece because I do not have parents
(they have died long time ago in bus crush when I was still small).
Unfortunately we live in two-room small appartments and it is not convenient and comfortable.
To tell the truth there is nothing good in the fact that I was born and live
in small town of Russia.
There is no chance for a good life here and it is very hard to find work here.
All young people leave small towns and go to big cities in searches of work but unfortunately
there is too there is no luck for them in big cities because nobody is waiting them there.

Living in Russia is living ' all by myself '. It is good but cruel school of a life.
I hope that in he future I shall work as fitness trainer because I have the certificate and I am good in it.
I worked in last of two years as fitness trainer and it was the best time in my life.
I do not smoke, also I drink socially.
My preference in alcohol is red wine, but only a glass or two.
I tried to smoke when I was younger. Silly me! But I think almost everyone tries to smoke when you are 13 years, right?
I try to take care of my body and the face as much as possible.
I wasn't born yesterday and I know that almost all men love women ' by their eyes ',
I mean that this or that way woman's appearance is very important for the man.

Speaking about my travel. I shall arrive to the USA this month but I don't know when exactly,
I know that I shall have all documents to travel very soon
and I shall travel to Moscow at the end of this week again to finish all preparations for travel to the USA.
I shall get visa and I shall buy the ticket and then I shall fly to the USA.
I do not know where exactly I fly because I have not decided yet.
I can choose almost any state to stay that is why I need to know a name of the nearest international airport to you.
I just wish to have somebody expecting me at the airport and I do not wish to be alone there.
I shall fly to the USA directly from Moscow and I hope you will want to meet me at the airport
and to be my guide and it would be great to meet you face to face and to spend some time together.
I know that it is not an easy thing as it might seem, but there is nothing impossible, right?

I shall be more than glad if you understand me and my thoughts and you are with me in this question but if not,
then please tell me that you are not interested in me and do not wish to meet me, ok?
I think I should close this letter.
It is not good that I have no computer at home and I have to send my letters to you from Internet cafe
which is far from my house. I would like to talk to you on the phone,
but unfortunately we have no opportunity for international calls
(I cannot call to you and you cannot call to me because here we have four-digital telephone numbers).
It is possible to make international phone calls only from big cities.

All right, it is enough for today.
If I did not tell you something which is very important for you or I missed something, please do not be angry.
Just ask me and I will answer for sure.

I think I shall be here in the Internet cafe tomorrow,
I have many preparations before travel to Moscow. I hope when I come here, I shall see one more letter from you.
Please write me and do not forget me!!!

Venera Vafeeva
my home address:
Kemerovskaya region,
Kulebakino village,
Oktyabrskaya str. 28

If you want to find my village on a map, it is is located near the big city Kemerovo.

PS Please send me as many as possible photos of so that I could know you at the airport.
And one more thing. I have very important question for you:
- Do you like strong drinks?
- If so, then how much and how of?

---------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

------------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------

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Keywords: brunette with flowers
2007-02-28, 22:05:47
anonymous from United States  
Hello!!!! Have good day. I hope, that you remember me because I have written to you recently on a dating site and you
answered me. I am sorry, I did not write to you back at once.
You see, I live in Russia, and I was busy, organizing all my preparations for travel. I was in Moscow and I booked my interiew for
the trip to the USA, it takes approximately two weeks to go to Moscow and back. You
know, it is my first time when I try the correspondence with the man in virtual space.
I am not so good user Intenet, but I hope that I shall have chance
to meet the good person.
I think, that I shall explain to you why I do it. I shall work in
the USA approximately three months or more and I wish to meet a
good person to be my guide or be the good friend with whom I can spend time together when I am in the USA. I think
it is very difficult to live in foreign city without friends and besides I never were
abroad. You know, I live in small city in Russia andI am afraid to be lost in your country.
I also wish to see a real life (not the TV shows), and it is impossible to see a real life without the person, who
knows all parts of a life.
Also I do not wish to live in Russia because I have no opportunities here, it is
hardly possible to explain in a few words, but I want you to know all mine
plans. When being in the USA I shall work in any shop or I shall be the baby sitter in some family. I shall know
details later. Except for that I love English language and it will give me chance
improve my English.The agency helps me to receive the visa, the permission to work
and all travel documents.It is their business, and I shall pay for their Services.
One of my friend worked in the USA for three
months in the past to year, and she loved it very much, and she wishes to repeat this trip again.
She has met the right person in Chicago, and they are good friends now and he will marry her if all will be
good between them. In Russia we have special programs for
work in the USA and other countries and I think, that itis the right
way for me. I feel lost here, and I hope, that I shall be able to change my life.
I have many plans and dreams...
I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I send you my pictures, and I hope, that you like me if we meet in real.
Please tell to me what you think about this.I finish this letter, and I hope, that you write me very soon.
Probably you think, that I am little bit crazy, but I am sure thatit is the right way to meet good the man without
meeting personally in a real life and besides knowIt is my first try on the Internet.
I shall leave my city in some days to fly toMoscow again to finish all things for travel. Agency
will arrange this trip for me, and I shall work all the day long and I think, that we can spend evenings together and the know
each other better. If you have any interest to meet me I shall be very happy!!!

I do not want to be lonely in the evenings, and I want to know for sure if somebody waits for someone me! It is just a woman's wish!
I shall tell to you all details about my life and about me later.
If you are also lonely, you can be with me for the few
Months or so.... Who knows???!

With the best regards from Russia

Venera (this my name)

PS Please send me your photos!

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, February 24, 2007 11:32 AM
Subject: reply

Why hello, thanks for the email. I would like to get to know you better too. It's late here on the east coast, I'll write you soon.

Take carJason

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---------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

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Keywords: brunette violet neglige
2007-02-28, 22:08:31
anonymous from United States  
here is another picture
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