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Pictures and info on dating scammer Irina


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2006-08-04, 12:42:22 from United Kingdom  
This girl wrote to me out of nowhere with the addresses, and beauty77@ She is quite amusing i knew it was a scam from the very begining, but it is how sincere she tries to be that really amuses me. this is her picture trust me just stay away from her, she will tell you some story about how some boy dumped her and broke her heart and how you are te only one for her and you two are meant to be together and some crap if you fall for it you really deserve, to have a bottle smashed over your head. Seriously she has not asked yet for money but I will asume that will come soon. It is probabily some Russian guy In his basement with a laptop trying to make some money i will post all the pics she sends. Good work guys keep exposing them and maching on. Hu Rah.

PS she calls herself Irina
PS: if you do not believe me I will send you all the pics she sent me.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scam from Kazan, Russia - Part 5
Pictures and info on dating scammer Irina

Keywords: blonde leather fur coat trees snow
2006-08-04, 12:43:47
anonymous from United Kingdom  

2006-08-04, 12:44:21
anonymous from United Kingdom  

Keywords: blonde table flower white pullover
2006-08-04, 12:48:49
anonymous from United Kingdom  
if you need the rest contact me at i will be glad to give them all to you. if you still want to lie to yourself that she is real then wear your helmet man cause you are in for a shock. all the above pics are of this girl called irina.

2006-08-07, 18:21:49
anonymous from United States  
Same pictures and address to me in California - WHy not ask her for naked ones and at least we would get something :-)
2006-08-09, 08:12:24
anonymous from United States  
I got the same photos. The letters were very clever, very genuine sounding. I'm not an idiot, but I don't see this everyday, and consider this an educating experience. I'm glad there are others who could corroborate my suspicions. Thanks, fellas.
2006-08-12, 03:41:38
anonymous from Qatar  

2006-08-22, 04:29:20
anonymous from United Arab Emirates  
My lovely thanks for your prompt reply. I trusted that I can hope for you.
I was today in hospital at her. I cannot constrain some tear. I cried when saw her. She without consciousness lays. She even yet does not know that her mum was lost. So it is hard to see the father. he goes as a shadow. Has very much grown old for these days. It is very a pity to me this family. We try to collect from all forces the help for them. Because I see that father of this family now very difficultly when his wife and his daughter without consciousness in hospital was lost.
I want to nobody that there was such suffering. I cannot describe words in the letter as hardly all this to see.
This girl my best schoolgirl in a class. To her of only 15 years. What animals all have made it. She even can tell nothing because after happened and did not come in consciousness. Doctors speak that it is required to carry urgently her in other hospital and the big number of expensive medicines and preparations is required.
I am grateful that you want to help us. I believe that helping this family we shall help ourselves. Our soul will be quiet if all of us shall make to help the girl.
You can help us how many can.
For a long time thought as you you can help us. I have written below variants as you can help us. Choose that for you better.
We wanted to open the bank account for the help him. But in bank have told that week or two weeks to open the account is required at least. It very for a long time.
1. Have made the account in system E-Gold for the help to this family.
Number of account 3487826.
2. Also I have learned that there are many international remittances. It WesternUnion or MoneyGram.
If for you it is easier that the data for translation:
Name of the addressee: Elena Matyukova
Russia, city Kazan.
I thought about a usual mail to use to you. But I learned also to me have told that through our mail in Russia it is not necessary to send expensive things and money. That it never will reach the addressee.
I hope you you will write to me soon.
I from the heart write to you now that now I am sure that you the best person on the ground. Because at you kind heart and clean soul.
My ideas always with you.
Always yours Irina
2006-08-22, 11:26:52
anonymous from United States  
I have been emailed out of the blue by this same person. She will never directly answer many of my questions Your right, she / he is very sincere and at time genuine sounding. She now is so prepared to see me, she has taken time off work to go to Moscow to get a visa to fly to the US. I know that the government will not easily allow
single females to travel out of th country. She claims the laws have changed. What is the truth on that. I expect to hear soon that she did not bring enough money and needs me to send it. She ahs asked for my exact address and the nearest airport which I have not given, Thank Goodness! Thanks for this sight. I sent some other photos you don't have. If anyone has any more, please post.

2006-08-22, 11:27:52
anonymous from United States  
Here is some more
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Olga Chalkova from Volzhsk, Russia (modified photo)

Keywords: blonde white fur coat mirror
2006-08-22, 11:28:31
anonymous from United States  
Additional Pix
This image was also posted here:
Pictures and info on dating scammer Irina

Keywords: blonde white coat white boots mirror
2006-08-22, 11:29:22
anonymous from United States  
Here is another
This image was also posted here:
Pictures and info on dating scammer Irina (modified photo)
Pictures and info on dating scammer Irina (modified photo)

Keywords: blonde pink dress tree lawn
2006-08-22, 11:30:46
anonymous from United States  
Here is the last one I have. Please post more if you have them. Thanks
2006-08-22, 11:30:57
anonymous from United States  
Here is the last one I have. Please post more if you have them. Thanks

2006-08-23, 15:25:19
anonymous from Canada  
I received the same e-mails and pictures from Irina that everyone else did. I have the same suspicions about her. However, you cannot label her a dating scammer. That is pure libel. You cannot assume that a person will commit a crime. She has not asked for any money yet. Wait and see what she does first. It is even possible that the woman in the pictures isn’t even aware that someone else is using her photographs. To accuse someone of a crime that they did not yet commit is just plain wrong. I suggest removing any remarks calling her a scammer until that is proven to be the case.
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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