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Vera Zhokova


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2006-10-16, 12:11:26
anonymous from Spain  
Any one can tell me what is the name of the porn star of Natalia Kharkovskaya or Natalya Kozhemyako photographes?

P.D.: This one is my 'girl'

http://www.agencysc..lyaeva.htm It's really easy to know it's a fake (i didn't know the word 'scam') but at least it was funny to read de e-mails :-)
2006-10-17, 06:18:09
anonymous from Mongolia  
here's another lovely scammer who calls herself vera or vereschka
This image was also posted here:
Dating scam from Kazan, Russia - Part 2

2006-12-01, 22:09:33
anonymous from United States  
i would like the address of YOUR brunette, i think i have many pics and have chatted with someone like, please tell me the porno pic site. Check out LIZZY MORE at page 12?
2006-12-05, 17:46:45
anonymous from United States  
watchout for brunette,
2006-12-20, 12:31:55
anonymous from Germany  
Irina Ivanova (as with me) living in Cheboksary, Russia. ?
nadezhda andriyauskas, Vera Zhukova, Yulia Shatkova , Irina Shohonowa, Irina Shompalova, Irina Piorogova, Anna Massanova !!!
I have sent no money!
- Passport copy faked NO MONEY SEND!!!

I think them(her,it) writes the nice letters and lives in Russia! Always new photos. Greetings to the russian Police :-) I am a Policeman in Germany!

Keywords: what?? junk
2007-01-13, 11:34:04
anonymous from Moscow in Moscow City, Russian Federation  
You a good blog! <a href=;/a>.
2007-01-21, 13:45:12
anonymous from United States  
I too was a victim of the great Nadezdha this time last year. I was cautious until the infamous pink outfit with the photoshop note that she can evidently add anyone's name and that seems to be the 'hook' for most guys. Apparently by not asking for the loot for at least 2 to 3 months this 'lulls' a person to sleep and into a sense of legitamacy, but I do feel as if all of the scamming will eventually catch up to her, along with the authorities. But seeing all the posts on just this one thread, she's gotta be pulling down some serious money. All I can say is DON'TSEND MONEY !!
2007-01-23, 09:54:52
anonymous from United Kingdom  
There is a next chapter for this woman named;

Irina Piorogova, Olga Sergeeva, Irina Shompalova, Arena Sokolowa, Irina shohonova or nowa, Vera Zukova, Nadezhda Pantchenko, Irina Ivanova, Yulia Shatkova, Anna Massanova and what seems to be here real name Ekaterina Kurnetzova.
Now this lady scam with the name VIKTORIYA NELVOKA !! Calling herself VIKA !
Living in Lugansk, 15 liniy str. PO BOX 162 using e-mail
2007-01-29, 07:59:25
anonymous from Brazil  
I have been communicating with a woman called Vera Vladimirova or Vera Mazurina,according to her better written in English, she said she would be coming to my country and she needed $675,00 to travel until here,we changed about 7 or 8 e-mails, and she changed her e-mail once.Her first e-mail was and the latest one was ,she sent me lots of pictures.However it seems that now I can't send her e-mails anymore,'cause the latest one I sent my server from hotmail warning me about delay and today I received the same one,but with 'failure'.She even showed me her trip document in her last e-mail.It happens I'm afraid 'cause I gave my address,I said it almost completely,street,neighborhood,building's number and entrance hall,except my apartament's number and zip code.I'm so regretted but now it's over,I also sent two of mine and now I'm afraid they can make bad use of my name,address and picture.That's why I'm looking fro a lawyer to see what I can do to solve this trouble,who's not a trouble yet,but to avoid a future trouble.Do you think they can do something bad?! I don't hope so,and I didn't send the money trough Wetern Union.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Irina from Russia (modified photo)

Keywords: white pants blue top
2007-02-28, 15:14:18
anonymous from Ukraine  
Уроды буржуйские, ДРОЧИТЬ И СПАТЬ! Хуесосы несчастные...

2007-03-03, 06:28:42
anonymous from United States  
There is another scammer out there: Vera Mazurina. She contacted me through Has a good line and I was foolish enough to send money not alot. She (or he, who knows) E-Mailed passport, drivers license and photos. Beware of this blonde, supposedly from Mamony, Russia, but told me she flew to St. Petersburg for a visa.
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Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia

2009-04-29, 03:33:41
anonymous from Australia  
This girl also goes by the name of Mellisa Williams on either yahoo or hotmail watch out guys it is porn star Eva Shine

2009-05-27, 10:59:35
anonymous from United States  
romance scammer--melissa daniels.Dakar,Senegal.supposely from me for $1300.00 on a scam.e mail number--011-221-772-200-070supposely blonde headed,27 years old.lives in loudes ,england,but now in dakar,senegal living with her mother.i hope her children go to hell.
2009-06-10, 06:55:16
anonymous from Kenya  
l love you
2009-06-23, 01:57:40
anonymous from Slovak Republic  
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