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Dating scammer James Morrison


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Name: James Morrison



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Prentend to be General americain army, (but there is no star on the uniform!?!) living in a camp headqueter, Kabul, afghanistan, on mission right now,He has a son living in Ghana, pretend 9 kids are orphans and need and asking help for money, clothes, candy, games, He wants from you to send to him a cell phone and a web camera, etc.


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2015-02-21, 12:35:33
anonymous from United States  
I know this man that went by the name of James Paker for the past six year .I was scammed 3k from him.I hope some day they get him.He tells me he lives in Ca and used and I also think he is useing another name .
2015-02-21, 12:35:33
anonymous from United States  
I know this man that went by the name of James Paker for the past six year .I was scammed 3k from him.I hope some day they get him.He tells me he lives in Ca and used and I also think he is useing another name .
2015-02-21, 12:36:52
anonymous from United States  

2015-03-03, 11:28:29
anonymous from United Kingdom  
He now used the name James Berg. Was working as a peacekeeper in Kabul. He has a 'son' called Alex and is a widow. So watch out. He contacted me on Facebook. Feel horrible for whoever's picture he is using.

2015-04-29, 23:22:00
anonymous from Italy  
Hi, I hope this lovely looking guy knows that his picture is being used. I became suspicious very quickly about this man when he contacted me via a dating site.. Meetic. I have 2 photos of him, and thought he looked so lovely!! He is currently going under the name of Kenny James, stationed allegedly in Iraq. A staff sargent S6. Hasn't asked for any money yet, but I'm sure he's only been 2 weeks we've been in contact....via Yahoo Messenger.

What a shame... the guy in the photos is gorgeous!!
2015-10-07, 08:14:57
anonymous from Belarus  
In today's rapidly changing world, it is difficult to find a true friend as ty.Ya sometimes think I was very lucky that you like without you life would be very boring. I cherish every moment of life, we spent vmeste.Hotya you are away from me, I still feel that you are close to me. Thank you and let me be me. Thank you for letting me feel the same way myself when I'm with you. Thank you for not making me wear any mask or put on any fronts. Thank you sharing my happy moments and sincere feeling well; for listening to my sad story and radiating compassion and sympathy, wherever you nahodilis.Spasibo for being the only person I ever want to trust.

Thank you for being the most beautiful person, inside and out. Thank you for making the world a better, just by being in it. Thank you for the color a little lighter, a bit warmer than the sun, and embraces a little better. Thank you for your love more fiercely than anyone I know. Thank you for your selfless determination, always putting others before him; You are going to change the world the same way you changed my. Overall, I miss you now and wish you a safe return home from a trip to my dear.
Sincerely faitfullly friend
2015-12-06, 13:50:46
anonymous from United States  
I got a friend request from this guy this morning. He used the name James Lambert which ironically is the name of an old friend of mine and the photo looks just like him!!. It was only after I noticed his name on his uniform said, James did I know he was a fraud. Army uses last, not first names on their uniforms. I played along for a minute and then called him out. He quickly deleted the Facebook profile.
2016-03-05, 01:44:11
anonymous from Argentina  
[4/3/2016 10:42:37 p. m.] James Moris: Which is for you , to support us in getting my LIBERTY CARD from the United Nation , Then i would gain access to my rights and right to move ,
[4/3/2016 10:43:03 p. m.] James Moris: If you can help us achieve this , because Good thing is not easy to get
[4/3/2016 10:45:00 p. m.] James Moris: Avísame, entonces me dirigiría y le indicará qué hacer, mientras yo hago el mío para asegurarse de que se logra, sólo una mujer que nunca me amó y jugar conmigo solo, vería un oppurnity a nuestra realidad e ignorar,
[4/3/2016 10:46:28 p. m.] James Moris: Write when you are ready for our reality , till then i love you , , yes when you are ready for reality , let me know ,
[4/3/2016 10:46:33 p. m.] James Moris: I am done ,
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Dating scammer James Morrison

2016-05-09, 19:26:11
anonymous from United States  
He also used James Tatham

2016-05-09, 19:29:10
anonymous from United States  
He used James Tatham

2016-08-12, 13:32:55
anonymous from Poland  
He found me on FB. For a week I corresponded with this man. He introduced himself as Harry Jeese. His email address: In letters and chat he was sensitive, gentle, caring. He told me his story:

I don,t like talking about my life story because it makes me sad when ever I remember my past life event, But right now I will like to let you know about my painful story and about me because you care about the future It all started last 10 years ago when my parents and my 3 sisters all died in plane Crash accident, My father was the formal commissionaire of Education in New York 1993 ,So when my father, and mother, and my 3 sisters were all coming from Samoa Apia to New Zeal land, they got a plane crash accident and all died, I was in service at Iraq war 2004 when I got this terrible news that my family were on that victim of that plane crash,I cried so much, but as a man, I need to be strong,so when I returned back from Iraq to US march 13th 2008, I went moaning for my parents and my beloved sisters,I even thought to kill my self as I felt the pain and sorrows of my life, but my wife advised me to calm and forget what has happened and I further ahead with my life, But then I was a Sergeant , after 3 years later,so I went on with my wife and son from New York to stay in Texas 2011. then after 2 years later, I got the transfer Issue later to go over to south Korea due to some misunderstanding Issue they had with Japan, and then I stayed in Korea for over 3 month when I got the call that my wife is seriously sick of Cancer, after a months later, I hurry up to leave from Korea to Texas But before I got there, the condition of my wife was too critical that the doctor could not even saved her life and she died right in my present at the hospital, I have no hope, no option left then to take care of my only son, after some months later , I received a transferred Issued latter to leave from California to here in Afghanistan 2013 i take my son to a boarding school i have only one son

Girls, beware. He is charming!!!

2017-01-29, 21:24:45
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Hre sent me a friend request on FB, so I looked at his profile - he has 14 friends, all female, 6 of them have the same first name as me, 7 have another same name and one other name. I felt there was was something strange about this, so did I google image search and came across your page. Thanks
2017-06-04, 21:27:38
anonymous from Princeton, United States  
I met him through, and he has written a mail everyday, and he asked me to chat using hangout of gmail. He told me to give me a house in Miami, and he bought 1 M USD house for his best friend, and like his father person in 2013.
And he said that he has heliport in his house in Miami, has helicopter, private jet and some very expensive cars and bra bra bra.
His wife and daugher died in car accident. He hasn't asked me to send any money yet.
But, whatever he is saying to me is very phoney, and I feel not right all the time.
I checked his photo in google, and found out this is used for dating scam.
Then, I decided to share the photos he sent me yesterday with you guys.
I haven't got into him so much, and the alert in me keeps beeping.
But, some vulnerable ladies may be scammed by this person.
So, please be careful and don't get into it.
2017-10-20, 22:02:18   (updated: 2017-10-20, 22:03:52)
anonymous from Austria  
Thanks for your experience
First Murphy Liam from California/ MC cupid
Second James Alvarez Helmer / Louisiana/ MC cupid
Both got a lot of money from Austria.
2017-10-21, 20:10:17

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