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Dating scammer Alessandro Aldobrandino


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Name: Alessandro Aldobrandino



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38...Birthday: Dec 7, 1971...From Madrid, Spain of Italian parents, but has lived in London since he was 10...Moved to Detroit, MI two years ago and to Dayton, NV 3 months ago. His phone number is: 234-706-439-5072

The bottom 3 pictures are ones he sent to me...I don't know where the pictures of these girls came from...??? LOL! It wasn't from my files!

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2012-12-06, 22:41:19
anonymous from United States  
Honey , I love you. Thanks for the pics and the wonderful song, surely we will be overjoyed my love. You are so sweet and i will never let you sleep away as well. You are the best thing to ever happen to know and i want you to know that i want you for the rest of my life..Honey you are not dreaming.. I am real baby and what i feel so you is so true, I don't know how that happened baby, but to be completely honest with you.. I love you so much and i mean it from the bottom of my heart and all i want to do is take care of you. We are lucky to have each other Honey and i am so very happy.It was so sweet getting to hear your voice and you make me melt completely.. The way you laugh and listening to you say you love me make me feel unto of the world baby. Honey please never give up on me as its going to kill me totally.. I love you so much and you are everything to me.. You are the reason i am happy and i want to always make you happy too..Kisses Honey i have to get my day started... Text me or try to call me baby...  I want to hear your voice.I LOVE YOU.Your King,Alessandro.
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Dating scammer Alessandro Aldobrandino

2012-12-06, 22:45:43
anonymous from United States  
Hello Sweetheart ,It's so cool and calm hearing from you and getting to talk with you on the messenger, i got booted off don't think that i stop talking with you...How are u doing?How was your night??Hope you are having a very nice and a great delighted moment going on with you. I am really starting to enjoy the time we get to spend together. Baby i think about you all the time and you occupy my thoughts.. You are so good with the way you write and expressing your feelings.. Makes me so very happy and looking forward to us being together.. I wonder where you have been all my life... I am young but I have experienced the joy of love and pain of hurt in my last relationship with my ex, I have completely forgot about her and i don't keep in touch with her anymore since that insident happened .We have been together for about a year and half and its been yewo years since i have been living in the states.I had to walk away to save myself from walking into more than i could handle,I may be nothing more than a romantic idealist at heart and a down-earthed guy,I cannot help it.But people either move me inside,deep in my soul,or they do not.I write you because you did.You touched me with your words and made me feel safe.I feel so cool and calm when ever i see your mail,how we will have a good time together,but did not know where to start from,I know we have many miles separating us but i know we will make it through someday. So please i don't want you to think we aren't meant for each other. We can make it work. I am sorry about your past and i beieve that have made you whom you are today.I have never seen you,but i know and have the feeling that you are perfect for me.We are perfect for each other,in every way.Cause i don't want to be hurt again and be cheated like my ex did take advantage of me and took me for granted,A commitment in a relationship to me simply means a promise made between two people to be together forever and be devoted to loving each other,be loyal to each other a commitment to love no other person,being totally devoted to each other,a promise to be loyal and truthful to each other in the relationship,A commitment a devotion a dedication to something strong that becomes a part of someones life,a part of someones soul,body ...and mind.A commitment of a heart to stay true to a heart,a bond of togetherness ......Looking at what i have written so far someone would think that a commitment is something easy to do but the truth is that commitment is far more stronger that anything except the power of love because i would say that commitment and love are equals when it comes to the true human feelings ......i would say a commitment would be the end chemistry of Love ......A commitment is like embarking on a quest of a journey to the deep corners of the earth searching for something you believe in so much that no obstacle can stop your from doing so .......A commitment when you fully in love to someone you Love and with no mind of doubts fully with Trust and Open Minded,understanding,Considerate,Caring to each always be with the one u love forever through hard and tough times,in sickness and in health ,for better for worse ...A commitment to be a good respectful man to his wife ........Because with every strong and happy family is the help of the support of the wife and husband,it would be part of their daily lives ....Two souls joined in heaven above,Two hearts bound by love,I see the stars in your eyes,My fire in the dark of night,My strength and guiding light.A deep love we hold never to die never again to be alone.Closing my eyes I hear what you say the oneness we became through all the hurt and pain never changing your loving ways together never to part.of love a gift from God above,Deep inside our hearts forever as one.NOW THE QUESTION IS ARE WE READY FOR THE COMMITMENT??For my Heart has opened up to you and waiting for you to come take me as i am ..........What is love?you ask It's a feeling in both mind and body A passion,a chemistry one might say longing to be near,close,Long talks about nothing,Laughter and sharing eyes filled with devotion,Not wanting to imagine life without the other,Doing nothing together and having the best time.Well I think,you know the answer already Listen to your heart with open ears you will hear the is very clear....I sit here and realize how strong i have become,with such confidence i feel that i finally found that one.This feeling is so strong that i am powerful when its present.It feels like a day of Christmas after opening my first present,The joy that he brings is the most wonderful thing,It's like December and April or Christmas in Spring,I want to you to love me as a royal King and i will treat you also as my royal Queen ,my soul she uplifts,and she LOVES me back,for me that's the greatest gift i am wanting from you.I hope i have made your fear go away and we can have that awesome life together!! Please write me back. Its always the highlight of my day. You are so very beautiful and i can't take my eyes off you, i like your pictures.. You are so amazing baby . I will be so looking for to talking with you during the day my love!!! I'm falling so much in love with you and i mean it from the depth of my heart. I want you to be my Queen and me Your King forever.I LOVE YOU!!! I hope i haven't said this too soon, Its just the way that i feel.Your King!!Alessandro.
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Dating scammer Alessandro Aldobrandino
Dating scammer Alessandro Aldobrandino

2012-12-07, 07:12:39
anonymous from United States  
Hi, How are you doing todayI just want you to know that I very much appreciated receiving your letter every moment i check my mail and getting to see your pics!,Your answers are great and i feel comfortable in your words and how you express yourself, and yes i am so very attracted to you and i do want to make something out of this... I want to be that man to make you happy, sound like all i want , you are my perfect match . You are a very special person who I SERIOUSLY want to explore the possibility of building a long term friendship with, that will in time turn into a marriage and family. That is my dream, and I hope to make it come true with you!. In my heart I feel you have all the qualities it takes to make me very happy...I'll like to tell you so many things about me, so i'm gonna put enough effort in this mail...About my family its a long story to tell and touching that make me share tears whenever i remembered the past.I will keep this short,i came out from a good combination of two,my Mom is from Spain while Dad is a Italy.I am the one and only child of my parent, i will count it ,I have a big Family because i don't know much about my Moms family in the Spain while my Dads part is very small...Unfortunately i lost my parent same day, same time, same moment by a car accident, this happened about 8 years ago, since then i have started to live my life by myself and not depending on my family, although i still miss my Mom because of the courage and advises she use to give to me about life , but i am glad i am whom i am today.I'm sure you'll be wondering what a guy like me is doing on a dating site,Well.... I was cheated, My Ex and Best Friend cheated on me and i just have to let go forever and ever...Its happened one Saturday i was to travel for a business trip to Illinois in Chicago, and she dropped me at the airport and left...But suddenly i couldn't make my flight that day cause, my flight was re scheduled to be the next Saturday and i have to go back home, to get her informed that flight was re-scheduled....Getting to home, i couldn't find her in the sitting room so i have to check her in her living room, on getting there...I couldn't stand what i saw!!! I CAUGHT HER MAKING LOVE TO MY BEST FRIEND. All i was mad and crazy...don't know what to say or to do..So i just started crying and she was trying to make me understand that its the work of Devil and not his intention, and ever since then i was single, lonely and far from sex for 2 years plus till date. My reasoning which I understand is very strange in today's world, but my belief is my heart and soul, and the passion that is in it is very unique and special, so I made the decision and made a promise to God that I would not be sexually active for the sake of just wanting sex, or to have sex for someone else's own self gratification. Knowing the passion that is contained in my heart and soul is very unique, I made the decision to abstain from sex because I want this special gift to be shared with the person I am dedicating the rest of my life to, as her Husband.But now i think, i should try and give it a trial again, Am presently looking for a woman hat will be able to listen to me , communicate his feelings to me , make me laugh...It is very important for me to build a life of stability, security, and opportunity for the special person I hope to share my thoughts, feelings, experiences, dreams and fantasies with, and I also do enjoy my job. Professionally, i have once been an accountant for a gold company in London before facing the Carrier i have always prayed for.I do travel outside of this country to buy Art Sculptures , craft, beads etc and ship it to the Clients that's requested for it. this have make me travel a lot, i have been to different European countries ,twice in England.I am traveling  to South Africa just for some few weeks,is not just a visit ,am here on business trip,I'm going there to buy gold,sculptures and some paintings , it is cheaper down there compared to other part of the world,I inherit this business from my late parents , it has been an interesting business.My goals and dreams are to live a good life,and maybe meet someone that believes in unconditional love.I've got a great sense of humor,I am more conservative politically than liberal...I work hard, and know how to have fun..Honey in me you are going to find a man that was blessed with an over abundance of passion to give to the ones I share my heart and soul with. For you to really know me you will have to experience me, as the love that makes up my heart is like a waterfall, where the water never stops flowing down. In this case my heart is the waterfall, and the love and passion that flows endlessly is representing the water. I am a very unique person for many reasons, but one of those is the fact that I can never get enough of romancing that special someone.Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to build this special friendship with you!. You will be rewarded for it through the passionate love that makes up my heart and soul!. I am so excited to be able to do what I do best and that is romance you with all the passion that makes up my heart and soul!. My special friendship with you is something I want to make permanent and eventually build into a family to call our very own!Directly from my heart to yours! I am so longing to hear your voice... Your Future King! (I hope!)Amando.
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Dating scammer Alessandro Aldobrandino
Dating scammer Alessandro Aldobrandino

2012-12-07, 18:57:05
Miss Marple from United States  
Thank you US,
scammers abusing stolen photos on Ramzi Itani ,it is Nigerian scammers behind this...i am sorry that you met a online scammer ..

Scams with photos on Ramzi Itani

Real ID :Ramzi Itani


This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer David Acosta

2012-12-09, 21:27:40
anonymous from United States  
I found a bastard on he was sent to me in my new matches only this time he's a widower with a kid from Kearny Arizona. He is going by Dave with the email address of this was the pic posted, BEWARE!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Alessandro Aldobrandino
Dating scammer Alessandro Aldobrandino

2012-12-09, 22:09:35
anonymous from United States  
Thank You Miss Marple and EVERYONE on this site! It has been an eye opening experience for me. The biggest clues I bipassed were whoever is behind this scam texted me another girl's name the very first time and said it was his mother's name (Lisa I hope you read this), he often texted the same message twice, he always changed the topic when I asked him why his profile was in my home town and all the numbers he gave were from Miami BUT the biggest clue before I figured out it was a scam was that every picture he sent me was from the same date and time 05/01/2010 which was just plan odd! Now, I have met my share of liars and perverts online so something as little as checking a date stamp on a down loaded pic can make a bigger difference than you think. It was planted enough doubt in my mind to dig for more information. This website is a blessing and I too will overcome the deceit by crossing paths with these scammers! Thank you all again.
2012-12-10, 13:47:30   (updated: 2012-12-10, 14:14:04)
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2012-12-09, 21:27:40
anonymous from United States
RE:2012-12-09, 22:09:35
anonymous from United States
Thank you for your postings both of you !

The emailaddress indicates already it is a scam typical west-african scammer creates a emailaddress like this one....

BUT the biggest clue before I figured out it was a scam was that every picture he sent me was from the same date and time 05/01/2010

yes you are correct in this as when you save a photo in your computer from online that you do not own or had watermarked it will have that date you saved it ,it is a very good sign that you might dealing with something not so honest.Scammers do make mistakes but we are to fast to ignore the signs when the emotional part gets involved ...
This is a group of scammers that is operating in this scam ,the multiple names and different emailaddresses indicates that too.found some more links that can be interesting for researchers ...

2012-12-10, 13:52:41
Miss Marple from United States  

I am smith adam, 41, widower, born in Finland..Moved to London UK when i was 8 with parents...I obtained my degree in mechanical/mining engineering.I relocated to the States for some certain reasons which is very important to me years back I find very much peace and tranquility there...I`m 5'11 , with a athletic build , mentally stable, physically fit, a bunch of laughs, warm, caring, honest, good listening,and mostly God Fearing, and a positive person.I am real easy person to talk to and a good listener.

Nationality:United States
Religion:Christian / Catholic

Los Angeles, California, United States
Looking for a woman between 18 - 99, for serious relationship
Age:40 years old
Body Type:about average
Weight:141 lbs (64 kg)
Height:5’11” (180 cm)
Hair color: dark brown
Eye color:brown
Education:bachelors degree
Occupation:political / govt / civil service / military
Marital Status:widowed
Ethnicity:white / caucasian
Children:yes, and they live away from home
Spoken Languages:English, Spanish


2012-12-10, 14:12:09
Miss Marple from United States  
I found this site ,,i do not even what to say about it as it is just disgraceful ,the guy on the photos whos real name is Ramzi Itani(Verified from 2 websites)other sources also) this is scammers work of course what else !!! Scammers abusing this poor mans photos and has declared him as DEAD ..!!! So anyone online can create a webpage like this online???
I just get sick in my stomach ..scammers has no nerves ,no shame..this is just awful!! i will find out who owns this website and check that out..

This memorial website was created in the memory of Alessandro (Alex) Adalbirto, born in Spain on the 11th August 1971 and passed away on the 25th October 2012, 41 years of age

Full Name: Alessandro (Alex) Adalbirto
Born: 11th August 1971
Passed Away: 25th October 2012
Age: 41 years of age
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Country: The United States
Father: Angelo Giovanni
Mother: Moira Giovanni
Birth Place: Spain
Siblings: Sean Giovanni and Sarah Standish Giovanni
Occupation: Art Dealer

This memorial was created by James on 27 Oct 2012(update)


2013-01-06, 04:54:39
menoy from Kuwait  
Hello every one.i am so delighted that i have this site about scammers.i had recieve exactky reolica of letters fro a man named joel fernandez whise working as an engr in nigeria but his from spain and los angeles.
He was totally fooled me and thanks god in heaven that i gooled his last ketter and bingo top result.
I am so disappointed since i was totally inlove.comments here are totally made me awake.
Heres a photo if this guy so be awardoes anyone here will tell me who really this guy is?
2013-01-06, 04:59:18
menoy from Kuwait  
2013-01-07, 16:32:40
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2013-01-06, 04:54:39
menoy from Kuwait

When posting photos to this site you have to have JPEG format convert photo online ,here is a link where you can do that in easiest way.

Please post emailaddress,phone number if given here and post also money asking letter.
I am sorry that you have met a scammer online,it is very easy to fall for these scammers,please never send money to strangers online!
2013-01-13, 06:51:41   (updated: 2019-11-07, 12:26:30)
(Quote) Babe you really need to see what happened to me today at the city
mall, I was humiliated and just felt like a piece of shit to myself
today. I stopped at the city mall to get some electronic item and pick
up some money from the machine to take care of my bills after doing a
western union to the doctor for my Aunt's pills on my way back to the
suite and you wont believe what happened to me at the mall, the lady
just came just looked back into my face after a lot of concentrating
on their charging machine and said I'm sorry we cant charge your card
Its invalid or something, i was dead mad at her and almost yelled as I
said common try that again, do you know what youre talking about? She
took the card again from me and try to charge again and then this time
she had to call someone whom I believe should be their manager there
and I felt a little at ease I'm sure I was going to report the lady to
him, he came and greeted me well and spoke to the lady at this time I
was becoming impatient, i saw him collect the card from the lady and
he tried it himself over and over again what could be going on? I said
to myself. He came back and told me 'we are sorry gentle man but Im
afraid this card is either blocked or invalid and that statement hit
me like a heavy knuckle on my chest', 'could this be true? What am i
going to do? I have just $120 left in my wallet a $100 and a $20 note
was all I had in the wallet I had just used almost all the money in my
wallet at the western union so I told the manager if my driver could
wait while i go out to get some money. I got out, got into the car and
drove to the machine where i normally use my Master Card and as insert
and try to withdraw, the card took longer to respond and when it did
the respond was that invalid card, I tried the second and third time
and the respond was the same. I just got back into the car sweating
dialling the card company's number and it wasn't going through so i
called joseph to tell him what has happened and if he could help me
out and i was so glad when he said its okay he could borrow me and
would send someone to come with some money, I felt a little relieved
but still worried though, what could be wrong? I just got back to the
mall and was waiting for the person to come while i kept dialling the
card company's number but still couldn't get through ... i guess the
customer service was alittle too busy at that time, I didnt want to
bother you with my problem but i just wanted to talk to you more than
anything at that moment so i tried calling you but didn't even hear it
ring, i guess it's either someone's busy on the phone or the phone was
switched off or it was due to poor signal as usual. Well the person
eventually came and we left the mall, but I was just so devastated.
Well I eventually got through with the card company and im going to
stop here I just want you to know that the situation Im in right now
is really ugly. I spent up to 30 to 45 minute on the phone with the
card company; the lady that picked up the call collected my card info
and after about 1 minute she came back to tell me Im sorry Mr; this
card has been blocked, there had been erratic massive usage of this, a
lot of orders where made on the card to various address so the card
was temporarily suspended for further verification, they said several
alert were sent to my phone back home but no response so they had to
block the card in the main time until i can come over for verification
because they notice the card runs a good balance and wouldn't want to
take any risk of verifying on the phone, especially when im not in
spain at the moment. I never use my card anywhere for shopping online
or anything like that... They said there had been a lot of use of the
card on various sites shopping for cloths, Jewelries and electronics
WHICH I NEVER DID so the manager concluded by saying this is some sort
of impersonation of the ownership on the card and they wont do
anything until i can show my face at their office in Spain for proper
verification then they'll have to change the cards security number or
probably change even the card number if necessary. Well i guess
they're aware of the very good current on the card and wouldnt afford
to make any mistake of opening it until they are satisfied with the
verification which according to the manager who spoke to me should be
done in person because 'whoever' had been using the card would have
had the same information has the owner so a face must be shown along
with some ID before they can actually unblock the card he said, and am
sorry he said but that will be all, thanks for calling and have a
wonderful day, bye for now. Now I am in trouble honey, I have several
bills to pay which I was suppose to pay today, I was suppose to get my
food stuffs today and and pay for my hotel bill. I was suppose to stop
by at the doctors place to pick my Anti malaria pills after buying
those things at the mall, my water has arrived for the week and hasnt
been paid for yet and my Helper (joseph) pay is due for the week
today. Ive never been into any situation like this all my life honey,
this is getting serious. I think I need to talk to you now. I cant
continue writing this because its driving me crazy and i dont even
know where to start or stop.
I dont want to scare you but there is going to be trouble for me if
something is not done and quickly too, i'm so scared' i just hope
everything is going to be okay but i'm still trying to place my mind
on how ... How do i get through this? I was just looking forward to
completing the rest of the job for this week, i've been having some
strange feeling something was going to happen but i'll make sure
doesn't get in my way to getting back home to you around the time
scheduled and that's why i had to go to the site in order to double up
on the time and meet up with the estimated time so pardon me for not
being able to stay online to write to you yesterday. Babe i think i
might need you now. Joseph borrowed me $300 to pay at the mall and his
payment for 2weeks is $450 and it has being due. My malaria pills from
the Doc is $250 and my water bill is $150. My hotel bill is $800 and
my food money is $500. That's the amount the engineer give to me for
my feeding allowance and hotel bill before he restricted me from it.
I have to get calling card of $120 to call Doc to ask of aunt's
health. and Juan will need money for food and other stuffs which am
suppose to send to him.
Am frustrated right now and I don't know what to do. Its just like I
should go kill myself cos I can't stand this anymore. All I need to
just take care of somethings now is $2600. I don't have it now bcos of
my master card. Am frustrated honey am tired of life right now. I
don't know what's gonna happen to me if I continue thinking and going
mad at myself. That's why I need to talk to you to see what we can do.
Please call me as soon as you get this message this morning or any
hour you get the message honey am having a terrible day today and i
need to talk to you to see what we can do about this Youre all Ive
got to talk to now Mathilda. I don't know what to do about my hotel
bill and my food. I'm really thinking right now and it hurts me alot,
i've been trying to make call to to the doctor to ask of my aunt's
health but I have no calling card, am tired of life right now honey.
Try and call me this morning or any hour you get this message ...i
need to talk to you.
Babe Ive been thinking about everything and i'm so restless right now,
i'm just sitting here trying to put myself together and concentrate on
the soccer match, are you watching that too?
I wish i can talk to you now.
I miss you my love.
Ill be waiting to hear from you my Love
Love You Forever!
This is in fact a black nigerian hijacking pics from the internet, setting up profiles and scamming ladies all over. Ladies take care this man is dangerous and will hurt you. His true name is Joseph Olorunda****. Nigeria. Lagos state. Zip code 23401. I had to move house in order to be safe.
His contact details I have :
2013-02-04, 16:02:25
anonymous from United States  
Wow, i new it was too good to be true. I knew something was wrong with him. He's a jerk!! I didn't send him any money, it didn't get that far, just emails. I decided to google his name and/or number. There was just something about this... he was too open about things and too much of a sweet talker. I found this web page and as i read and scrolled, the pictures i was sent were the exact same ones that were posted here. I'm glad that I've gotten into the habit of googling or looking into the jails to see if anything comes up on people I meet. The name i was given is Alessandro Antonello and here is the email address I'm so glad I found out about this jerk before it got worse.Thank you for websites like this. Girls, don't get scammed.
Oh, and he showed up on for the free trial weekend.
2013-02-07, 19:09:34   (updated: 2013-02-07, 19:15:02)
I was one of many victims of this looser; I also met him on a dating site, that I prefer not to say it here to save the poor site from the shame. but no worries I reported him to them as well; hopefully he will no longer be able to at least use the same site...
I received all the emails above so far, except his lies to try to get money are just slightly different... but I got new for him, I am not a fool... anyway, he deiced to say he was in a motorcycle accident, broke his left ankle, and omg, there was no one in the world but me to help me... he at the time asked for $525.00, that in Nigeria is like... $80K..., but the funny thing with him, he insisted he was in South Africa, altho, I was able to trace him to Nigeria... here are the phone numbers he used trying to convince me he is real
305-684-3295, and 27833188803... he gave me a fake doc name and a fake hospital... everytime I asked for the hospital name... the fake name was ' Life Pep Hospital' look at his email bellow where he tried to get the money... but the best part.... after the ' so called surgery of his left ankle' he then told me yesterday he needed $850.00 to fly first class on the Emirate Airlines., because he had lost his wallet, and the bank had put a fraud allert on his cards, he could not pay to upgrade the ticket that he said was the airline mandatory policy because of his broken foot.. well , yeah right!... I know airlines far better than he expected, and also I am in the medical field, so I knew right then, it was all lies... I was lucky and God protected not to fall for his stories, but it is very heart breaking how many women may already done so and will continue to do...unless they read these articles and know to ask the right questions... I hope with the little I am saying here will help someone who will also be smart enough to not allow this creep to take from them!
By the way... the millionary family in Florida needs to watch for him... he also used their mailing address to make credit card purchases..
the address he used for credit card fraud was the following:
350 Palmwood Lane, Key Biscayne, Florida
the house there is worthy millions...
here I also send you his latest email to me LOL. None of the information bellow was real, and of course I did not send him a penny LOL .... he wasted my precious time, but at least I didn't also loose money too... instead... gained more experience... will never fall for this kind of lies!

Sat, Feb 2, 2013 at 12:33 PM

Sat, 12:33 PM

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Re: Thank you

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From Alessandro Antonello
Baby i came here to see if i can talk with you and you are not here. Just so you know that i am really in serious pain and please do try to help me as soon as you can Honey. I am pleading.
I understand you are trying to be safe and be sure. But i am the one here with my health at stake Honey and i want to get better.
Here is the other number they gave me for the Hospital baby 0737104141
And the Dr names are Dr. Gbuyi Mbadani
I am in Ward 5
About my uncles email baby and i am not sure if i can give that to you now as i have not told him about you and i already emailed him and hoping to read from him soon.
Baby its been 2 days now since we have been on this. I'm i ever going to get treated, do you really want to help me? I need to know all this things please. i am very frustrated with myself and sad.
I miss you.

Subject: Re: Thank you
To: 'Alessandro Antonello' <>
Date: Saturday, February 2, 2013, 12:53 AM
thank you Alessandro, and please send me the hospital main phone number, ask your nurse , what room number you are in, your doctor's full name and , it would be helpful if I had your uncle's email address too dear...
thanks for all your help with getting this information, know that I am just trying to help you , I believe you, and I know you are going through a very hard time, but things will be okay, I will do what I can to get you the help you need...
best wishes
From: Alessandro Antonello <>
Sent: Saturday, February 2, 2013 1:33 AM
Subject: Re: Thank you

Life Pep Hospital
+27 786 158 191
Add: 2094 Johannesburg,
South Africa
Western Union
Beneficiary: Mike Victor

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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