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Dating scammer Raine Stephaun Alexander (really Davis Larry Alexander)


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Name: Raine Stephaun Alexander (really Davis Larry Alexander)


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Other Comments:
Scammed my sister and at least three other women we know of. Passes himself off as an entreprenuer and musician. Likes to say he is opening spas, clubs, etc. Often uses the word 'Domani' in his ficticious businesses. Social DNA Entertainment is also one of his fakes. Says he was a child music prodigy mentored by Quincy Jones and working for the Disney Symphony. Is on Facebook, Black Panther, Hi 5 and other networking sites. Uses combinations of the names Davis, Stephaun, Alexander and Raine. Says he has a masters in music from Lee University in Tennessee. And that he's from Trinidad and his father was a music professor.

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2010-04-11, 21:46:42   (updated: 2010-04-11, 22:00:22)
anonymous from Canada  
Stephaun Alexander his in prison since before christmas. His in prison for sexual assult. His a really bad man. He still going to stay in prison for at less a other years. We are going to find out everything in juin. But he plad GUILTTY last week. The deportation know already about it and i don't thing his going to stay in Canada after the prison.
2010-04-13, 10:56:57
anonymous from Canada  
I hope he is deported. I'm not so sure that Miss Marple is Stephaun but I'm pretty sure some of the earlier 'anonymous' postings are him. Thanks to those of you who have confirmed my story. Maybe we've saved one more person from being a victim of this a**hole...
2010-04-13, 12:38:34
Miss Marple from United States  
@2010-04-13, 10:56:57
anonymous from Canada

Please who ever you are making this posting I am not an SCAMMER!!
I am a contributor and a scambaiter on this site ,and i am also an woman,
i have been scammed by an african male scammer some while ago and i am helping many women and men to find information about theire scammers and also support victims here, i have also opened up an thread to all women that they can find information about male scammers and to save them from to get scammed,so please no more postings like this please ,i have seen an earlier posting wich i assume that you have also posted here and said i am this reported scammer on this thread.You can be calm i am NOT !! i am an also an registrated member at this site i never do postings on this site as anonymous.And i hope this scammer Stephaun who has abused many women that justice has reached him finally as an criminal he is .


Regards //Miss Marple//
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2010-04-13, 14:58:13   (updated: 2010-04-13, 15:00:06)
Concerned in Canada from Canada  
You have the wrong anonymous posting, Miss Marple. I said I wasn't sure that you were Stephaun. It was someone on page 4. I think the reason you and Stephaun may post in similar styles is that English is your second language... I think he's posted on here as anonymous...
2010-04-13, 15:01:10
Concerned in Canada from Canada  
Sorry I'm confusing you but I couldn't get it to say Concerned in Canada when I posted earlier today...
2010-04-13, 15:25:27
Miss Marple from United States  
@2010-04-13, 15:01:10
Concerned in Canada from Canada

Thank you that you posted back to me ,no problem i know then that is not you that have made that posting earlier,it is confusing meanwhile with the anonymous postings here at this site,and i am aware that my language skills in english is not the best as my mother languages are swedish/finnish..but i never post as an anonymous here at delphi..

please be safe out there
regards /Miss Marple/
2010-04-14, 08:45:52
Concerned in Canada from Canada  
Your English is very good Miss Marple. Thanks for the work you do. If we even keep one more person from being scammed, it's worth it!
2010-04-14, 10:50:14   (updated: 2010-04-14, 10:57:45)
Miss Marple from United States  
@2010-04-14, 08:45:52
Concerned in Canada from Canada
Thank you ! It is worth it even if it is 1 person that we save from to be scammed by these criminals and common thievs as they are .By reporting them to antiscampages makes it harder for them to scam people .Making people aware of what scamming actually is and learn how to spot an scammer is the best way to reduce theire actions .
if you are intrested to make your contribution here ,look at the other male threads here and please do support victims if you also want that,and please read my thread where you can find good information about romance scammers and how they work out .Every contribution saves someone from these scumbags...

This is an good definition of an scammer:

Scammers cannot be identified by their nationality, tribe or race. They however can be identified by their behavior and habits which tells you who they really are, Scum. They are highly unproductive, lazy, over ambitious and determined to acquire material things. Most scammers are manipulative and parasitic in behaivour.

Never trust anyone unless you have tried and tested him/her and found him/her trust worthy and god fearing. Most scammers are real scum with no marketable skills and a history of anti-social behaviours. Don’t be surprised if they are ready to kill a man for a few cents, because they are real moral filths. Don’t feel sorry for them whenever they are caught as they can manipulate human feelings to their advantage. Most scammers are unrepentant crooks

and the gold digger who scams people offen under theire real names and has the same patterns in what way they operate in...

Deffinition of an Gold digger:

A gold digger is anyone who deliberately befriends you to share with you your hard earned resources and accomplishments or reap you off outright by pretending to like or care about you. He or she is a calculating, lazy (although not all the time), selfish and heartless person waiting for an opportunity to betray his or her intended target’s trust. A gold digger may only be found out after careful study or sadly when it is too late

Regards //Miss marple//
2010-05-27, 22:52:40
anonymous from Canada  

I was the idiot who used her credit to buy his stupid Triton.

If he is in jail, he's staying there for a while. This is not the first time he's been in trouble. He's already a registered sex offender from years ago.

All this stuff is de ja vu....

I should have listened to his mother. She told me he was a bad man. Oh well... too late....
At least now, I know I have to change my social insurance number.

All the things mentioned have been used on me.

He's had a few Explorers as well.....
His mother is a 'doctor'.
He was a prodigy of Quincy (can't hate on that one.... the man is a good musician)
Wants to get engaged immediately.
He keeps changing his email, but the last one I got, he stated he was married.

Did anybody get the sob story that he was a product of rape?
...and why the hell is he so flipping hairy?

... he likes to type in all caps.

...and he's a really, really, bad lay. He can't stroke more than 5 times without stopping.

That's all I've got ladies.

Pay attention to the face, and stay away from skinny Usher looking dude who can dance.

Eh Stephaun.
2010-05-27, 23:19:33
anonymous from Canada  
He is dangerous.
He twisted a girls hand until it broke, and he likes to manhandle women.
He has punched his fist through a windshield and chased the girl in the middle of the night.
He has stolen cars.
2010-06-04, 21:43:52
anonymous from Canada  
Wow I dated him as well but did not have to deal with all of these things you are sharing. Scary when you think you know someone and you really don't.
2012-10-19, 00:59:50
I initially met him through some guy friends who were also lied to. I went to a club that he apparently owned. My friend had to step out and when she came back I was sick and couldn't even open my eyes after one drink that he gave me. He was extremely pushy for me to drink it and my friend was convinced he drugged me. He kept telling my friend that I was to stay at his place that night and thank God my friend refused and took me with her. When I woke up I could only remember him giving me the drink and then it was a black out. He would roll up in expensive SUVs and was dating at least a few girls at the time. He would try and give me gifts but I knew something was fishy. He can be extremely aggressive and pushy.
2013-01-12, 15:44:12
anonymous from Trinidad and Tobago  
This man is in Trinidad and engaged to a girl at my church and I wouldn't doubt what you are saying. Only thing though has he been charged and jailed for fraud?
2013-03-18, 14:29:16
anonymous from Canada

Are new locations to find him in Trinidad

    #47 Harmony Hall Road Gasparillo and #1317 S.S. Erin Road Penal. Penal Village,(2nd floor Tahal building ) upstairs Singer.

    1-868-393-7688, 1-868-709-5077

    9 Maiden Street, Gasparillo, San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago

    868.393.7688 | 868.355.0685
2013-03-18, 14:34:58
anonymous from Canada  

He was charged with Sex Offences and deported from Canada.



MONCTON,N.B. - A man who raped a woman in her apartment was sentenced to two years in prison yesterday.

Davis Alexander, also known as Stephaun Alexander, told a Moncton judge he was sorry for his actions.

'I have no excuse for what I did,' said the 31-year-old man. 'I was confused about what is right and wrong and looking back, it's clear this was wrong.'

The defendant has two children in Toronto, including a daughter.

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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