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Dating scammer Ronald Beven


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Name: Ronald Beven



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2009-04-15, 08:47:40
anonymous from United States  
Agent 86
The connection goes much deeper than with Tony Wilson. Charles Wright, Richard Cirsallli, Mark Cruise, Green Cowser, Mar, McDonald Peril, Henry McCaniel, and Ronald Loyd can be added to the list under one or group of people working a scam. I found lots of exerts from my e-mails from Tony on the examples left with these boys. When is one going to invent a program where you can type in phrases and a list of names will be produced. :)
2009-04-15, 09:12:49
Steve_dux from Australia  
@ anonymous from United States 2009-04-15, 08:47:40

Google does, only you get a list of links. This is because they have been used many times and many people have the same name. Especially when only the first and last name is being used. Some times even when 3 names are used, you can find many people have the same 3 names. An example is when I went to the police station to apply for a special license. The only thing that differentiated me from many others was my date of birth.
2009-04-15, 10:07:25
anonymous from United States  
Hi 86, Steve and anonymous
I posted my scammer MO on the Charles Wright thread and posted and email from my scammer on Tony Wilson thread. I was amazed at how similiar the emails Tony's victim got from him vs. one I got from my scammer!! I suppose in some sick way we should feel a little sorry for these young men. They obviously have no direction in life and feel that they must lie, cheat and steal to make it in this world. Steve your very smart, I never really thought much of his little rap and didn't see it how you have. Makes more sense now, even though it doesn't really make any sense. 86, I think I have been on every scamming website there is and I have learned more about scammers than I ever really wanted to know. As I said, I have gotten 2 scammers hit my MySpace page in 3 days, their profiles have been deleted and the crew at MySpace are going to learn to hate me! LOL!! It's kind of empowering, it's really the only way I can fight back and to help out here as much as I can. I'm getting better everyday but will have a little breakdown here and there. Thanks again for everyone's help has been priceless!!

2009-04-15, 11:17:03
Steve_dux from Australia  
@ Jenni

The scammers from 3 world countries have a different reality than those from the western world. They see it as there only way out of their poverty. They see many in their country becoming very rich through oil, gold and diamonds. No more excuses from me! They are not prepared to do the hard yards that me and my ancestors have been through, I'm a 7th generation white Australian. My ancestors lived in small damp houses, dug for gold in the morning and run a small shop in the afternoon. Even my mother (to 5 kids) had a part time job, and helped on the farm. My father had 2 jobs all his life then added a 3rd at the age of about 50. I started part time work at the age of 12. Now it's a little easier, thanks to the hard yards done in the past.

will have a little breakdown here and there.
Is all part of the healing process.
Thanks for the extra postings, it will help someone! Information is power, (so power to you Jenni).
the crew at MySpace are going to learn to hate me!
In actual fact the owners of legitimate web sites encourage feed back and the cleaning up of criminal type activity using their site. The internet has made the world so small that if the word gets around about criminal activity on their site, people will leave in droves. Remember there are many sites just like their own that their customers will go to. I have been personal thanked by site owners after drawing there attention to criminal activities. I've been using the internet since the early days.

Some are getting caught! Photo below EFCC Raid Nigerian Internet Cafe. The ones in red vests are police.

2009-04-15, 13:53:17
anonymous from United States  
to OJAS your posting from 04/12 @ 21:11. I'm interested to know if there is anyway one (being the scammed victim) can try to find the other victim in this story to notify them that their photos/identity have been stolen? I know it's a shot in the dark, but is there a website that you can download the photos into to see if there is a match on a dating site? I have already tried with no luck. My scammer is Ronald Beven. Based on the pics I have I do believe him to be from somewhere in the UK, just based on buildings/license plates the backgrounds. But I'm not positive. I have searched other dating websites trying to find the 'real' man in these photos, but there are many dating websites and it would take me the rest of my life to do so? Could you please post your response on the Ronald Beven thread as I check that one daily. I appreciate any help you can offer. Agent 86 has told me about you, thanks for all your help that you offer on this site, it is priceless.


PS; doesn't every post/picuture etc...that ends up on the internet have some sort of URL attached to it??

Anyone else who may have this information I'm looking for would be very helpful!!
2009-04-15, 13:55:31
anonymous from United States  
PSS; I don't want to confuse anyone but my question to OJAS was sparked by a post on scammer Vince Sloans thread...I just reposted it here..Just an FYI
2009-04-16, 05:55:30
LOL, you guys are getting out of track...Let me say GAGA or Locco or what do you guys call people like you that are lonely hearts and need to be wasting time talking to other? No body is going to talk to you guys again.....RIGID LIFE RIGHT????
2009-04-16, 07:01:09
Steve_dux from Australia  
@ anonymous 2009-04-16, 05:55:30
That's a good one SCAMMER! Where here to rid the world of people like you! Maybe you do not have a dating problem because you use lies to trick your victims into believing you.

Your days are numbered!

Because where on your trail!

EFCC Raid Nigerian Internet Cafe
This image was also posted here:
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2009-04-16, 07:24:47
Steve_dux from Australia  
@ Jenni

Your scammer thinks I'm wasting my time!
PS; doesn't every post/picuture etc...that ends up on the internet have some sort of URL attached to it??

The answer is: while it is on that web page it does have a URL. When it leaves that page, like taking a copy, it looses that info. Some emails have a link to a file (be it picture or text) embedded, and can be dynamically loaded onto your computer from that source. If you use your computers email client then it's called HTML. Or the new type of free email web sites is called 'web 2.0'.

There is no easy way to track a photo's origin from! I have 10 + yrs experience using the net and am I.T. trained. Also I work part time in the I.T. industry. The type of photo's you've posted are of the type that are posted on social networking sites. You could try there!

As a joke, you could ask your scammer where he got it from. Though I don't think he would know because he would be only one of the workers and not the organizer.
2009-04-16, 10:55:47   (updated: 2009-04-16, 11:11:53)
OJAS from United States  
Jenny, I am very sorry you got scammed.
The only reasonable guess about your scammer is, he is most likely a man, different from the one in the picture he sent. The one in the picture, a model / celebrity is also a likely victim of identity theft
Stolen pictures are meant mislead the victim, that the scammer is in some country. These pictures are given a scamming name. During a scam cycle, a single scammer generally keeps his task easy by using one set of pictures, and names, till he succeeds. Then steal a next set of pictures of a different celebrity, a new set of names, for the next cycle.

One way to seek other (potential or actual) victims is by searching, both graphically and texts.

My suggestion for graphic search is http://www.delphifa..55#141063
In the same Primer thread I have been posting a series of articles on text searches. Briefly,
google scammer e-mail addy
google scammer username (before the @ symbol in the e-mail addy)
Advance google exact phrase (up to 10 characters max), use unusual constructions, typos, grammatical errors etc.
google for words city_name, scammer_name
google phone number, zip / postal code
Search at the top left of this page in delphi
Do the same with

I generally focus on Boris (FSU) threads, only occasionally read Mugu (African) threads. If I miss a post seeking my help, please request other readers to draw my attention in the Osinniki thread, it is usually at the top left of Boris threads.
2009-04-16, 13:40:35
anonymous from United States  
To Anonymous 4/16 5:55,

Good one, lonely hearts!!! You might want to look at yourself for that description though. These people aren't empty vassals wasting away not caring about anything but scamming money. They care about people, which is where the WEALTH is and they certainly aren't having to put on an act to make people like them. I don't see these people having to lie as the:
Ronald Beven
Charles Wright
Richard Cirsalle
Mark Cruise
Green Cousser
McDonald Peril
Henry McDaniel
Ronald Loyd
Alan Armstrong
Ben Fisher Ridwan
Mack Jones
Tony Willson
and the several others discovered and yet to be discovered.

Isn't it odd that someone has tied you ALL together and let others know. Plus others are beginning to think outside of the box about how to find original owners of these pictures and the statements claiming how much love you have for these people can be tracked down. Their important goal is awareness and prevention. BUT, they are the crazy ones!!!!

CAN'T YOU COME UP WITH ANYTHING BETTER THAN THAT!!! hmmmm You CAN'T because it's not written for you or hasn't your group developed a chapter on this to copy for responses. You have scenerios for the personality of the TO BE scammed so .... where's the creativity in handling this.... OH, in order to be creative you have to THINK on your own and be a individual. But we are RIGID!!!!

2009-04-16, 14:41:42
Steve_dux from Australia  
@ anonymous from United States 2009-04-16, 13:40:35
Good post!

@ Jenni
I've had a good look at the photo's you posted and tried the 'tinyeye' web site and can't find anything either with them or about them. Unless you have some more that you can try, then I don't know how to help. Or wait for someone to recognize them. Most on this site go unrecognized!
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Primer for first time visitors (Dating Scams)
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2009-04-16, 18:10:47
anonymous from Salem, United States  
Anonymous from the US 2009 04 - 16 13:40:35
Excellent posting about the 04 - 16 05:55:30 posting some scammers just don't
learn anything. But considering a squirrel has a larger brain capacity what can be
expected ? Its a shame, He wasn't even able to make a coherent statement.
It is nice to see that scammers are upset by what happens here. It just proves
we are accomplishing something that has a direct impact on them.
Other wise they wouldn't bother to try to say anything.
Thanks so much to everyone that has rallied to help Jenni here on this thread.
OJAS and Steve_Dux you both have helped so much not only Jenni but me also.
I know the scammer that has posted comments here has not stopped making
a fool out of himself yet. So, I don't mind pointing out his / her ? stupidity.
This one appears to be male by the comments made. I know control freaks must
have the last word. I guess that is what drives me to make it so the idiot doesn't. LOL
Kind Regards to the real people who actually understand what it means to stand by other's in a time of need. I'm certain the scammers cue cards don't cover things like
that. Yeah I'm RIGID just enough to break my foot off on the scammers ass if, I get
the chance. LOL
Kind Regards to Jenni and the rest of the people working to make a positive impact.
Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

2009-04-17, 08:55:12
LOL, Whenever i post a comment, you guys went off the hook writing your dirty minds out, what i will do and what i will not do...LOL..Well, never mind, i just want to post another hit for the day, to get you guys off the hook once more, so that you guys will be writing your empty skulls out here. Now get started........OFF THE HOOK!!!! OR DO YOU GUYS NEED A SMACK OR SOMETHING, just start writing and i will be reading and smiling.....
2009-04-17, 14:25:15   (updated: 2009-04-17, 14:25:52)
anonymous from Salem, United States  
Anonymous Brain Dead
I said you would come back and oh look your so FUCKING stupid you came back.
You make me so Happy, I so enjoy exposing you for the scammer you are.
You help everyone see just who you are. Your helping teach other's about
scammer's. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Look at the Monkey everybody be careful
He's not House broke. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Will You come back and play some more ?
In the mean time. Do try to get your head out of your ass. Believe me the enjoyment
is all ours You Fool. I Love the fact you cannot be scamming anyone while your writing
on here. Spend all the time you need. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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