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How to submit a new scammer profile


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Do you wonder how to submit a new scammer profile?


Until now, this was not possible except for the administrator. A new function has been added. Start out with this URL:

Add a new scammer

I will monitor this how it goes.. I had been reluctant because I worried there will be thousands of new 'threads'. We'll see.
New submissions need to be accepted or rejected by myself; I plan to do this every few hours.


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2007-03-05, 19:23:19
anonymous from Cheney in Washington, United States  
This site has been very helpful, and has tons of pictures, hope this helps!
2007-03-26, 20:16:44
[hidden] from Canada  
I think this feature is necessary, since the administrator and this particular anti-dating/wedding scam website won't receive a photo of every scammer out there, without
submissions from other parties. The reason is some of these scammers' photos are new, or no one who is part of the community of contributors and readers here, will only receive certain photos from certain scammers. It's important to make this database of information as complete as possible, even if the scammer sends no photos, but just emails, that's something. For some reason, many of my scammers are from Yoshkar-Ola in the MariEl Republic in Russia, and they go through a guy called Nikolai Nikolaev, or something like that when I run the IP address through or
2007-04-13, 19:38:14
anonymous from Virginia Beach in Virginia, United States  

An Extremely good idea. I have wondered exactly how to accomplish this. I just finished with scam artist number 10, and have found but one mention of her outside her emails... and it was only a close match, but I bluffed her into taking responsibility for creating the address, just prior to her explaining it wasnt her, but somebody who stole the account. This was immediately after breaking her word to ask me for money, by claiming her 1.3 million dollar inheritance could be had only if she married, and her allowence was in the form of a money order she could not cash, and so could not come to me to marry. So she wanted me to cash the check, and send her the money and then she could come to me and we could find happily ever after million dollar dreams... after knowing me for three days online. A mild spanish prisoner dilema solved with the advance fee fraud. Immediatelly after seeing the link to the site where the email she claimed was stolen was used for the advance fee fraud for language lessons she got furious and wont speak to me any more... my heart broke.
She is currently on a huge list of dating sites, and no mention anyplace exists of her activities. She speaks with me in chat as though is having a million conversations at once, and I am sure she is.
2007-04-18, 09:33:43
anonymous from Canada i think she is a scanner
2007-04-28, 14:30:48
anonymous from United Kingdom  
hi does anyone no this person,im not saying yet she is a scammer as not asked for money,just seems to good to be true' you no what i mean eh fella's goes under name nadira0204

2007-04-28, 23:10:18
drod from United States  
Made several hundred posts to a blank thread, which you appropriately retitled 'Various dating scammers.'

Thread has become quite large, Would like to begin new thread, as 'Part 2.'

Have several hundred more to post.

Thanks in advance for you help in this matter.

good hunting..........drod
2007-04-28, 23:10:48
drod from United States  
2007-04-29, 14:24:05
anonymous from Norway  
Scamers are like desees, like Virus, they have to be killed as early as possible, Anyone have to sen photos, mail adress all infor to this anty scam sites. Maybe we can reduce the demages.
2007-04-30, 08:01:42
anonymous from Spain  

2007-04-30, 08:06:04
anonymous from Spain  

2007-04-30, 08:14:05
anonymous from Spain  
esta es la muchachita de rusia que despues de mandar 5 cartas mensajes me pidio 700 $ para pagar el pasaje intentando camelarme lo cual no lo consoguio si alguien me puede dor informacion de ella , se hace llamar olga krosovizkalla o eso dice ella

2007-08-06, 13:20:41
anonymous from Canada  
Thank you for publishing scammer Evgeniya Kozachuk and I would like to send all e-mail that I received from her.Peter give me how to E-mil to you.I believe it will be helpful to the readers to be aware.
2007-08-31, 10:17:05 from United States  
i would like to know if anybody knows a guy name ramzy darko from accra.ghana he is from a tribe called ashanti please help me
2007-10-02, 07:08:06
Does anyone has been confronted with Vivian Williams? Also known as marriamluv, mamashita2000, faithfullyinlove1, faithfullyinlove2,Ghana_Abby, Jemimalove, Jemima5r, lovely_harriet? E-mail-address is // Also conneced with Samual Amato, Golden Gate Travells ( Accra - Ghana ). I believe this is a professional scammer of the highest quality. 1 Ghanaian passport she had in 1 day ( not correct so she changed it ) and the 2nd passport she got in 2 days. ( Correct ? ). I guess she is a fraud. Never had a birth certificate but suddenly one appeared showing to be born in the US. Everything seems so logic and correct. To good to be through. Sending pictures on her bed. All profiles at show her profile from South-Africa. But she in fact lives in Accra ( Ghana ). She had a wrong ticket to leave with Britisch Airways. When she saw the ticket was wrong she changed it the same day to leave the same evening. She was not allowed (?) on the plane, so the flight for her was cancelled. She asks for money for passport. visa, medical report, flight ticket, transit visa, pocket money, money tp pay all her debts to be freed of these. Her cell number is +233/249/393425. When she socalled left the phone was handdled by Mr. Samual Amato. They say he is an important man at the ECOBANK at Accra-North. ANYONE who can give any info, please do. IF she is a fraud and scammer... she is really good. I never got the impression that she was scamming ( agaian.., if she was scamming ). It all sounded so nice. She wanted to get out of Ghana, away of her terrible uncle, who was keeping her. Picture she sends very easy. All very sexy.... :-)))
2007-11-09, 17:50:24
OJAS from United States  
If you are new to this site, PLEASE READ: http://www.delphifa..?p=0#59896

@allbies, once in a while check these links for information currency [Link Version 2007-11-08, 13:42:36]
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