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Database development with Delphi. Includes issues with BDE, ADO and InterBase.


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Copy the current record of a dataset

I found this routine which copies the current record of the currently selected record. This is useful e.g. to keep a temporary record for display in a form.

 // procedure AppendCurrent
 // Written By: Steve Zimmelman
 // 6/4/96
 // Version: Delphi 2.0
 // Will append an exact copy of the current
 // record of the dataset that is passed into
 // the procedure and will return the dataset
 // in edit state with the record pointer on
 // the currently appended record.
 procedure AppendCurrent(Dataset:Tdataset);
   aField : Variant;
   i      : Integer;
   // Create a variant Array
   aField := VarArrayCreate(
   // read values into the array
   for i := 0 to (DataSet.Fieldcount-1) do
      aField[i] := DataSet.fields[i].Value ;
   DataSet.Append ;
   // Put array values into new the record
   for i := 0 to (DataSet.Fieldcount-1) do
      DataSet.fields[i].Value := aField[i] ;

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