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Database development with Delphi. Includes issues with BDE, ADO and InterBase.


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How to set a NULL value through the VCL


I need to set a field in a record back to NULL (not an empty string or 0 for a numeric field).
I know I could run a SQL statement and do something like

'update customers set pid = NULL where cust_id=1234'

How can I do this within a TQuery using .Edit and .Post methods and TField instances to assign values?


To set a field to NULL, you need to use the TField.Clear method. See the code below for an example.

   Query1 : TQuery;
   Query1.FieldByName('FIRST_NAME').AsString = 'noname';
   Query1.FieldByName('P_ID').Clear;  // set this field to NULL
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