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General information about mysql - how to get around the differences between version 3.33 an 4, how to do stuff that you think you need a nested query for etc.


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JDBC error message Illegal hour value for java.sql.Time type in value


I am getting a mysql exception with JDBC:

javax.servlet.ServletException: java.sql.SQLException: java.sql.SQLException: Illegal hour value '94' for java.sql.Time type in value '94:42:06.

The statement runs OK in the mysql shell (see below).
What can I do?


This is a known bug in mysql 5.0

A workaround is to convert this query to return a string. E.g. you can query


Then the returned value will be a string instead of a time field and JDBC will not parse it.

mysql> select timediff(NOW(),from_unixtime(max(t_time))) from [..]
 | timediff(NOW(),from_unixtime(max(t_time))) |
 | 94:41:48                                   | 
 1 row in set (0.09 sec)

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